WPL_P720 Clip Art

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WPL_P720 Clip Art

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP)


     FOCUS In WPL_P720

     Clip Art refers to more than just a series of pictures and drawings; it can include other media files such as photographs, movies and

    sounds, all of which can be easily inserted onto slides in a presentation. In PowerPoint, you can display the Clip Art pane to help you search for files that suit the requirements of your slides.

    You can also access the Clip Art Organizer from this pane where you can add and manage your own image/media files.

    In this session you will:

     learn how to search for Clip Art

     gain an overview of the layout and structure of the Clip


     learn how to add your own photographs to the Clip


     learn how to add, edit and delete clip keywords

     learn how to move clips between different collections and

    folders in Clip Organizer

     gain an overview of how to add Online Clips to the Clip


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    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP) THE CLIP ART PANE

     The Clip Art pane can be used to find images requirements so that only certain collections are

    and media files which can then in turn be inserted searched or certain file types. You can also access into your slides. The Clip Art pane has options the Clip Art Organizer and Clip Art Online from the which allow you to narrow down your search Clip Art pane.

     Turning the Clip Art Pane On You can turn the Clip Art pane on or off using the Clip Art command on the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

The Clip Art Pane

    The Clip Art pane appears on the right side of the PowerPoint screen although you can move it to other screen locations if you wish.

    Add words or phrases in the Search for box to narrow your search so

    that only relevant clips are found in the search results. For example, type office as a search word to find all clips that have been filed with office as a keyword. However, you could narrow down your search

    again by typing office furniture so that only office furniture clips are displayed in the search results.

    The Search in box can be used to specify what collections you want to

    search through. See below for details about the collections that are


    The Results should be box can be used to specify what types of files you are looking for, such as Clip Art (drawings), Photographs, Movies

    or Sounds.

    Clip Art Collections These options can also be By default, PowerPoint includes three main collections of Clip Art: used to organise clips, find

    images online or to look up My Collections this is where you can store your own clips from files tips in the Help window. that are stored on your computer. This collection also includes sub-

    folders for Favourites, Unclassified Clips and Downloaded Clips.

    Office Collections - this provides a series of classified collections, such as Academic, Agriculture, Animals, etc, that are standard within the Microsoft Office suite.

    Web Collections inside this folder, you’ll find the Microsoft Office Online collection. By browsing this collection, or including it in your search, you can find any of the thousands of clips available on the Clip

    Art and Media Home page.

    Shared Collections (not standard) - this collection holds clips shared by

    multiple users for example, corporate clips that are common to your organization. Clips in this collection typically exist on a file server or common workstation. These types of collections only exist if your network administrator has created and exported a collection for use on a shared network device.

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    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP)


     The Clip Art images that are included in your even add or delete keywords to an image too. The

    Microsoft Office suite all have keywords that more specific your search instructions, the more help to identify their content. An image can have likely you are to find the right type of images to suit multiple keywords that identify it and you can the content of your slide.

    Try This Yourself:

     Before starting this exercise

    you should open a suitable Open file... File

    Ensure you are working on ;slide 1

     On the Insert tab, click on Clip ; Art to turn the Clip Art pane on

     In the Search for box type ;office, check that Search in is set to Everywhere (which

     displays All Collections) and

    the Results should be box is set to All media file types

     Click the [Go] button in the ; Clip Art pane to perform the


    The search results may differ from one computer to another

     Now narrow the search down ; by typing office furniture in

    the Search for box click [Go] to perform the search

     Change the Search for box to ;office workers and the

    Results should be box so that

    only Photographs are

    selected click [Go] to search

    Click on one of the photos in (;the search results to insert it

    onto the current slide

    Resize and position the photo ;to fit in the centre of the slide

    For Your Reference… Handy to Know… To search for Clip Art images: To find out some of the properties of an

    image, you can hover your mouse over the 1. On the Insert tab, click on Clip Art to turn image in the search results on the Clip Art the Clip Art pane on task pane. The first few keywords for the 2. In the Search for box type your keywords image will be displayed, plus its dimensions and change either of the other boxes to and file format. narrow down your search

    3. Click [Go] to perform the search

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    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP) MICROSOFT CLIP ORGANIZER

    to add. Clip Organizer doesn't actually copy or You can use Microsoft Clip Organizer to gather move the files on your computer. It leaves the files and store your own photos, sounds and other in their original location and simply creates media files. It can scan your computer to find shortcuts for the files in collection folders. files or you can specify which files you would like

     Accessing the Microsoft Clip Organizer

     Ensure that the Clip Art pane is displayed (if not click Clip Art

    on the Insert tab) and then click the Organize clips... option at the bottom of the pane

    Use the Menu Bar and Toolbar to manage and manipulate

    Clip Art images in the selected collection.

    View existing

    clips by

    selecting the


    collection in

    the Collection

    List pane.

    Expand and

    collapse the

    lists using the

    plus and minus


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    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP)


     You can quickly and easily add your own media create your own folders where you wish the media

    files into the Clip Organizer. By default, the files files to be stored. Once added, you should then will be added to your My Collections folder change the properties of the clips to include under Unclassified Clips. You can, however, appropriate keywords.

    Try This Yourself:

     For this exercise, ensure you

    are working in a new, blank Nonepresentation...

    If the Clip Art pane isn’t turned ;on, click on Clip Art on the

     Insert tab and then click on

    Organize clips...

    Take a few moments to look ;through clips in the existing

     collections, such as the Office


    Click on File > Add Clips to ;Organizer > On My Own

     Navigate to your course files ; folder and select Dingle.jpg

    and Tournai 2007.jpg (using the key with the mouse to

     make the multiple selection)

    click [Add] on completion

    In the My Collection folder ;click on Unclassified Clips to view the newly added pictures

     You can use the View menu to

    switch how the clips are viewed (Thumbnails, List or

     Details) or the three view

    buttons on the Toolbar

    For Your Reference… Handy to Know… To add a photograph to the Clip Organizer: If you have a large number of media files that

    you want to add into the Clip Organizer, you 1. Click on Organize Clips on the Clip Art pane can use File > Add Clips to Organizer > 2. Click on File > Add Clips to Organizer > Automatically. On My Own

     When looking for files, there is also an [Add 3. Select the photo(s) and click [Add] to add to] button which allows you to specify the them to the Unclassified Clips collection collection where the images are to be saved. For support call ext 3333

    For free staff training ext 2138 Page 5 Cluster - Clip Art

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP)


     When you add your own media files to the Clip be quite how you want to classify your clips. As

    Organizer, some keywords are automatically well as changing the keywords for your own clips, created for you based on the file and its folder you can also add, edit or delete keywords for other location. However, these suggestions may not clips in other collections.

    Try This Yourself:

     Continue using the previous file with this exercise and ensure the Clip Organizer is None still open..

     Ensure the Unclassified clips ; folder in the My Collections

    list is open and then click on the landscape image

     Click on the arrow on the ; image and then select Edit


    Click on the first keyword in ;the list, hold down , then

     click on the last keyword and

    click [Delete]

    The list of keywords may be different depending on where your course files are stored

     In the Keyword box enter the ;keywords shown, then click [Add] and then change the

     Caption to Dingle Bay

     Click [Apply] to make the ;changes to this clip and then click [Next] to move to the

     next clip

     Change the keywords and ;caption as shown in the

    example and then click [OK]

For Your Reference… Handy to Know…

    To change clip keywords: You can also click on the arrow on a clip and

    select Preview/Properties to see more 1. Click on the arrow on the image in Clip about the media file. In the dialog box that Organizer and then select Edit Keywords appears, there is also an Edit Keywords 2. Add or delete keywords and change the button that will take you to the Keywords caption if necessary dialog box where you can add, edit or delete 3. Click [Apply] or click [OK] keywords for the clip. For support call ext 3333

    For free staff training ext 2138 Page 6 Cluster - Clip Art

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (WIP)


     It is important to remember that clips in the Clip be moved or copied to another collection. You can

    Organizer are only shortcuts to the original files copy, move or delete your own clips but you can that are stored on your computer. Therefore, a only copy and delete ones that are supplied as part clip that is in one collection in the Organizer can of the Microsoft Office suite.

     Try This Yourself:

    Continue using the previous file with this exercise and ensure the Clip Organizer is Nonestill open..

    Click on the My Collection ;item in the Collection Lists pane

     Click on File > New ;Collection

    In the Name box, type ;Training and then click [OK]

    In the Collection List pane, ;click on Unclassified Clips to

    view the clips that you have

    previously added

    Click on the arrow on the ;Dingle Bay clip, select Copy

    to Collection and then choose Training and click [OK] Now repeat the same steps to ;copy the Tournai Church clip

    to the Training folder

    Click on Training in the (;Collection List pane and see that both clips are displayed

     Click back on Unclassified ;Clips you’ve decided you don’t want them in there after


    Click on the arrow for the ;Dingle Bay clip, select Delete

    from “Unclassified Clips”

    Repeat this step for the

    Tournai Church clip

    For Your Reference… Handy to Know… To move/copy a clip from one collection to another: If you click on the arrow for a clip and select

    Delete from Clip Organizer, the clip will be 1. Click on the arrow next to the clip you want removed from any collection in which it has to move or copy been stored. The clip will no longer be 2. Select an appropriate option such as Copy available to you unless you add it back into to Collection and then click [OK] the Clip Organizer. For support call ext 3333

    For free staff training ext 2138 Page 7 Cluster - Clip Art


    Microsoft has a dedicated place on their website view and add comments to a discussion group. If

    for all things Clip Art. You can access an almost there are online clips that you would like to use, unlimited pool of clip art images, photos, sounds, you can either copy them to the clipboard for

    animated effects, etc as well as being able to temporary use or to the Clip Organizer.

     Accessing Online Clip Art

    There are a number of different ways that you can access online clips. You can either click the Clip art on Office Online link on the Clip Art pane, or you can click the Clips Online button on the Toolbar in the Clip Organizer window.

     Use the Search box to enter keywords to help

    you find the types of clips that you want to add to

    the Clip Organizer.

As you tick clips that you want to use on a regular

    basis, they are added to the Selection

    Basket. When

    you’ve added all

    the required clips

    you can click the

    Download x

    items link in the

    Selection Basket

    to download

    them to the Clip


    Follow the


    prompts until you

    see the clips in

    the Organizer


    If you want to add the clip to your Clip Organizer, tick the clips box.

    Otherwise you can use the Copy to clipboard icon to temporarily use

    the clip in the current presentation.

    For support call ext 3333

    For free staff training ext 2138 Page 8 Cluster - Clip Art

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