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By Grace Alexander,2014-12-05 03:05
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Business operator


    Add: Room 1904, No. 66 Jianji Road, Haizhu District, 510240, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

    Tel: 020-89307129

    Fax: 020-89307130 ;收件人信息;

Date: Sep. 16, 2008 ;当天日期;

Brand Manager

    blufuze brands

    555 Richmond St., West, Suite #301 Toronto, ON M5V 3B1, Canada

    Tel. : 416.703.9577 x 224 (寄件人信息)

Hi Heidi,

    It is been a long time to hear from you. Thank for your inquiry. (多谢询价)

    Here we would like to give the quotation is USD8.90/pc to your package contents. ;报价;

    We know it is a bit higher than before but it is a really tough year for us suppliers. Reasons we are stating as below:

    (1) Raw material prices are going up day by day. As we know, jeans are made of cloth, button and zipper, these kinds of material is much more expensive than last year with more and more international requirements. (2) Exchange rate of USD to RMB is going down. We can see that the rate last year is 8.00~7.56, but now it becomes 6.80, it really upsets us and lower our interests. (3) quality requirement is more than ever. Since the toy issue happened this year, government required more tests and asked for higher quality security in every products, esp. garment, we have to increase the cost.;分段说原因;

    As a result, we are sorry that this quotation is already the lowest. We already have friendly cooperation in the past, pls trust us and we promise to give a good qualification security and best prices in this order. ;目的;

    If there is any other change or question, pls feel free to contact me. Thank you very much for inquriy! I am sure we will have more good cooperation in the future. ;客气


Best wishes,

    Sincerely yours, (知道对方姓名)

    Nicole Mok

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