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     Zong He

    hinas first manned space dock-

    ing mission between Shenzhou

    9 s p a c e s h i p a n d Ti a n g o n g 1 target spacecraft achieved a complete suc- cess when all the three astronauts aboard

    climbed out of the Shenzhou 9 recover- able capsule in good physical condition on June 29. Jing Haipeng, commander of the Shenzhou 9, climbed out of the

     recoverable capsule first, followed by

    Liu Wang, then the countrys first woman astronaut Liu Yang. Jing Haipeng was the first Chinese astronaut to fly more

    than once in space since he was also the astronaut of the Shenzhou 7 mission. Liu

    Wang was mainly responsible for manual

    docking and Liu Yang was assigned to conduct medical experiments in space. Autumn The Shenzhou 9 manned spaceship was launched into space by an upgraded LM - 2 F /G f r o m th e J iu q u an S atellite Launch Center (JSLC) on June 16. It was

    the first manned mission for LM-2F/G, which has flown twice since the Shenzhou 8 mission. “The reliability and safety of the rocket are 0.97 and 0.997 respectively, which are fairly high.Jing Muchun, Chief designer of the rocket said. The rocket was developed by China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC). The Shenzhou 9 spaceship was devel- oped by China Academy of Space Tech-

    nology (CAST) and the Shanghai Acad- the first manual docking and making China Manned Space Program. Accord- emy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST) breakthroughs in manual and automatic ing to Mr. Ma, the technologies are vital together. Two days after entering the pre- rendezvous and docking, the other objec- for China to master the basic capabilities

    set orbit, Shenzhou 9 conducted its first tives of the mission were also attained of building a space station and to achieve automatic rendezvous and docking with including sending the first female astro- t h e n a t i o n s T h r e e - s t e p S t r a t e g y Tiangong 1 on June 18 and all the crew naut into space; transporting cargo and manned space engineering project. CASC

    entered the space lab shortly after. After crew members into space; validating the is responsible for developing spaceships, operating in a complex mode for 6 days, performance of the complex, combined launch vehicles and space lab systems. Shenzhou 9 separated from Tiangong spacecraft; verifying the function and The first step is to launch a manned

     performance of the upgraded LM-2F/ 1 and moved 400m apart on June 24, spaceship, set up primarily integrated

    G rocket and Shenzhou 9 spaceship; and preparing for a manual docking. After a experimental manned spacecraft engi- conducting scientific and medical experi- series of automatic rendezvous, the space- neering, and carry out space application ments by the astronauts in space. It was ship was docked with the target spacecraft experiments.

     concluded by the China Manned Space manually by the three astronauts. The The second step is to make technologi- Engineering Office (CMSEO) that the whole process went quite smooth. cal breakthroughs in EVA as well as space mission features four “firstsfor China: rendezvous and docking of manned space- Main task of the Shenzhou 9 mis-

     first manual docking, first manned visit to sion was to conduct manned rendezvous, ships with target spacecraft, launching of an orbiting spacecraft, first flight of a fe- docking and to transport crew plus cargo a space lab, and to provide a solution for Autumn male astronaut, and first record of manned to the target spacecraft. The breakthrough space applications of a certain scale with

     spaceflight over 10 days. on space rendezvous and docking is an man-tending on a short-term basis. important milestone for China to own an Up until now, CASC has developed The third step is to establish a space

    and launched 9 spaceships and one space independent space station around 2020.station, and provide a solution for space

    laboratory into space, which ensured the CASC President Ma Xingrui also dis- applications of a larger scale with man-

    accomplishment of space-ground trans- closed that average age of the Tiangong 1, tending on a long-term basis.

    portation, extra-vehicular activity (EVA) Shenzhou 8 and Shenzhou 9 teams is only Yuan Jie, Vice President of CASC

    and space rendezvous and docking. A 30. The company has 33 academicians of said, “Manned space program is very im-

    complete space-ground transportation the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the portant for a nation, which represents the

    system has been set up, laying a solid Chinese Academy of Engineering, more highest technical level of a country.” Mr.

    foundation for the development of Chi- than 100 state-level experts, over 3000 Yuan announced that Tiangong 1 target

    nas manned space station and its opera- personnel holding PhD degrees and over spacecraft was designed to be capable of

    tion system. 20,000 holding master degrees. “They docking with Shenzhou 8, Shenzhou 9

    S p a c e r e n d e z v o u s a n d d o c k i n g , are the backbone force of Chinas space and Shenzhou 10 spaceships to maximize

     ground-space transportation and EVA are industry. ” Mr. Ma said. return with less flights and cost. B e s i d e s t h e a t t e m p t t o c o m p l e t e the most important technologies in the

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