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Brand & Market

By Wang Ting

    of products. It has a design group in praising its stylish design,it s delicate The enterprisesin JiangsuP rovince, charging of the R&Dan d design of fabric, and its rich and colorfulgrass due to the special geographiclocation,

    garment technically. At the booth of green, bright orange, light yellow, violet, mainly f o cus on trade and OEM

    PASSITOin the international apparel bright red, pink, etc., which express f o r f o r e ig n garment c ompan y in

    exposition, many visitors couldnot help the infinite and brilliant youth absolutely, early times. As the view of branding

     and also bring abundant business strategy becomes one essentialpa rt for

    oppor tunities f o r itself. Rec e ntly, enterprises developmentte, xtile and

    according to the statistics, Jiangsu apparel enterprisesin Jiangsu begant o

    Provincei s still the major market for find the way to establishthei r own brand

    PASSITOan, d there are 18 salespoints independently andte ntatively. Maybe, set

    in cities of Jiangsuin total. a namef or a garment producti s easybut ,

    When askingwha t is important for how to explore market and realizscaled e

    brand establishment, one of thexhibie tors production are difficult for enterprises.

    said: "we are encouragedto take part in For everygarment enterprises, profit is

    every big exposition in China. Givinga the final purpose, so that how to integrate

    chancet o the consumersto have afa ce- garment brandswit h market is oneo f the

    to-face realizationof our products isthe keys to be stronger. PASSITO and Flying

    right way to promote our products into Ocean Fish aretw o representatives:

    the market. Ever y year, our company PASSIOT Being a garment agenc y f o r a Japanesegarment enterprise for years, PASSITOhas masteredthe way on how to promote its brands into the market. As a newly-emerged garment brands, PASSITO decidets o make young girl aged between 16-25 asth e targeted consumption groups, according to the characteristics of consumption market. T h en, the pr oduc tion lines of PA SSI TO ha v e been operat ed systematically. Aiming at the specialized consumption group, PASSITO paymos re attention to the design and innovation October 2007 CHINA TEXTILE42

     Sewing workshop of Flying OceanF ish

    investsf our million Yuan into market 6,360 square men's wear, Flying meters in total and over of the design of promotion, so that we have the abilityto meters in construction. According to Ocean Fishf ound it is hard to compete join in every well-known activitayr ound the statistics, this year, it has invested with the same-like garment brands China.M eanwhile, with the support of over six million Yuan to build a more in market. Ac c o r ding t o the CEO, government, our company emphasizedthe than 8,000 square meters new plant Mr. Yang Zhaoqun, recently, Flying independent improvemenmarkedlt y. We on the 10,000 squareme ter ground in Ocean Fishplans to invite Hong Kong believed that,wit h our superiormarketing the southern industrial development designers to join his design group, experiencean d internet, our PASSITO zone. Its products, which are exported aiming to make their products different will become one famous brandin China". to over ten countries and regions such and competitive among other brands.

    as US, Japan,S outh Korea, Hungary Furthermore, to date, Flying Ocean Flying OceanF ish and France etc., have been greatly Fish seeksthe way to cooperate with Unlike the fashionable PASSITO,

    appreciated by customers. PA SSITO,o f which the marketing the product of Jiangsu Flying Ocean strategy is worthy of learning; besides, F lying Oc ean F ish has been Fish is specializ ed in the field of with strong production ability, Flying established f o r nearly t e n y ears; pr oducing mens w e ar and do wn

    whereas, the enterprises began to Oc ean F ish bec ome one of the garment, of which the output could

    emphasize branding strategy only production bases for PASSITO. Sthat, o re ach 800 thousand piec es (sets)

    fr om last y e ar. Ho w e v e r, F lying both enterprises could be enhanced and annually. Initially founded in 1985,

    improved deeply and Ocean Fishsuf fered its bottleneck mutually. Maybe, nowadays, Flying Ocean Fisho wns

    in exploring market in China, due to this is one way to realize branding a fixed asset of over eight million

    lacking of accurate market orientation strategy in China, as a reference for Yuan as well as over 500 employees,

    and marketing strategy. The limitation other garment enterprises. covering an area of 10,238 square

    October 2007 CHINTAEXTILE 43

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