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    As the 104th session of China Import and Export Fair, on Nov.6, 2008, Mr. Mu Xinhai, Vice Secretary General & Spokesman of the Canton Fair, expressed his views at the press conference.


     Far: In Summary

    The 104th sessiono f China Import and Export Fair was oncludecd, this sessiono f the fair is being held under the severec onditions that global financial market is experiencing drastic turbulenec, financial crisisis spreading to real economy, growth rate of world economy is obviously slowing down with increasedun cer tainties in international economic environment.C onfronted with complicated external environment, in accordancewit h the arrangemento f the leading party group of the Ministry of Commerce, the Canton Fairtho roughly implements the Scientific Outlook on Development by carrying out the significant reform of splitting the fair into three phasesI. t also achievespositi ve resultsand improves organizingcapabili ty by servingth e transformationo f development mode of foreign trade, optimizing the structure for expor t goods, maintaining the reputation of products made in China, forging Chinesebran d, and promoting balanced developmentof import and export.

    The exhibition scale hasbee n fur ther expanded, which provides Chinese excellenent terprises with a platform to demonstratethei r imagesan d products. It also offers valuabloppoe rtunity for more enterprisest o participate in the fair amid the environment of shrinking global demandan d difficult export

    November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 50

situation, enablintheg m to gain more online transac tion r e ach USD int e rnationa l market has been of

chances to stabilize business soucers 570 million, which was achiev ed strengthened. Bran d ef f e c t i s expanded , ?and explor e new market.F u r ther under the backg r ound that most

and more confidence is gained for optimization of exhibit categorie scountries lower their expec tations enterpriseswith advantage.s and exhibition sec tions follows the of economic growth, global market

This session seea sc onsiderable tr end of int e rnational exhibition shrink , and pr of essionalbu y ers increaseo f brand stands;expansion industry. On the basiso f maintaining fr om E u r ope and America ha v e

of exhibition space and improved the f e atur e of a c o mpr ehensiv e cut their sourcing ac tivities. I t was lev e l of stand c o nstruc tion has exhibition, the C a nt on F air has due t o c o nc er t e d eff o r t s made

pla y ed an impor tant r o le in fur t her impr o v e d its deg r ee of b y all par ties par ticipating in the fully demonstrating the image specializationwhic, h makesbu yersfair, especiallythos e exhibit ors .

of pr oduc ts m ade in China sourcingmo re convenient. Thefull M e an while , it also sho w s that and facilitating negotiation and operation of the complexp rovides China s expor t industr y has

transaction. Tradveolum e achieved exhibitors and buyersa brand new generated a relatively competitive at the Brand Zone reached USD8.86 negotiation environment. Thnew e edge , and China s expor t goods

billion, accounting for 28.1% of the c o mplex is func t ioning v e r y w e ll , still have obvious competitiveness. total. The demonstration ef fec t of and has st ood all the t e sts during Export enterprisesability to handle

brand has beenfu rther improved. the period of stand setting-upand external environment isimp roving. ?High-tech produc ts, new and dismantling . New c o mplex, new Beside , s transac tion v olume

specialp roduc ts with high added phase and new mechanism hanot s achiev ed b y privat e ent e rprises r value emer ge in a lar ge quantit y only createdne w oppor tunities for e ached USD 18.56 billion,

and bec ome an ac tiv e par t f o r ente rprises, but also brought new accounting fo r 58.8% of the to tal. transaction; environmental-friendly vitality for the CantonF air. Among privat e ent e rprises , a

pr oduc ts enjo y g r eat popularit y ; The featureso f this sessiona re considerablep roportion is small and produc ts with independent brand, asf ollows: medium-siz ed ent e rprises, which

design,pa tent and innovation have ?T o c op e wit h th e cur r e n t demonstra tes the C a nt on Fa ir s prominent advantage.s role in ser ving small and medium- unfa v orable situation, exhibit o rs

P r oduc ts that ar e inno vativ e , take some ac tiv e measu res so siz ed ent e rprises t o explor e the as t o transf orm challengesin t o

oppor tunities and achievea result

better than expectation.

Exhibitorsr eflect generally that,

before par ticipating in the Canton

Fa ir, they ha v e alr eady pr epar ed

themselve s f o r the possible

decreaseo f buyer attendance and

trade turno v er. Up t o No v e mber

5, the number of overseasbu yers

ac cumulat e t o 174,562an d the

trade turnover reachest o USD31.55

billion. The visit to the CantonF airs

websites accumulatteo 170 million

times . T h e int e ntioned turno v e r November 2008 ChinaTe xtile November 2008 China Textile 51 51

     arketarket MM

    & I& Innvvestmentestment envir onmental-friendly, uniquely the curr e nt v o latile int e rnationa ldesigned or filling the blank of the ec onomic situation,the y ar e ev en international market are very popular. more optimistic about the Chines eBrand enterprises, enterpriseswith market. They have achievebetd ter- strong transformation capabiliyt, and than- expec te d effec t, and they are ente rprises implementing market full of c o nfidenc e in exploringth e dive rsification ahead of time take Chinesemarket. the initiative in transaction,pricin g, T h e Fair has or ganiz ed about and they demonstra te r e lativ ely 8000 domestic pr of essional

     str ong capaci ty t o w e ather the buy ers . I t adopts a door t o door r e gulations of the fair and those financial storm. purchasing model for the first time r e sour c e - c onsuming pr oduc ts A large number of exhibitors say and achievedgoo d results targeting with high pollution and high cost at that after this sessiono f the Canton overseas advancetdechnolog y, blacklisted by the quality inspection Fair,the y will make everyende avor advancedequipment , key parts and depar tment or the environmental to increaseturn over, while improve components, and scarcep roducts in pr ot ec tion depar tment shall be their competitiveness and capability ChineseM arket. clear ed a w a y fr om C a nt on F air. t o withstand risks b y adjusting M o r e o v er , during this fair , Tr ading delegations and various their expor t strat eg ies , tapping the or ganizing c ommitt ee still departments of the Canton Fairshall emerging markets, transforming the continuously strengthen the effor t stric tly inspec t t o det e r produc ts enterprisesan d making innovations on IP protection. Import and export with inferior qualit y. Th e M i nistr y againstth e background of gloomy industrial associationi s responsible of C o mmer c e of P. RChin. a held ex t e rnal ec onomic situation. f o r IP pr ot ec tion in this session a new s briefing on the qualit y of T h er ef or e , the expor t g r o w th f o r the first time , which is mor e produc ts in the whole commercial can be maintained stable. Sur ve y pr of essiona , l authoritativ e and system of China during the fair time shows that cultivating brands and closer to exhibitors. The complaint on Nov. 4th, requiring us to have a dev eloping no v e l pr oduc ts while r e c eption station has r e c eiv ed sense of e v e r y issue c onc erning a v oiding c o mpetition of same 645 c omplaints , in v olving 911 pr oduc t qualit y is serious and qualit y or same pric e is a v e r y ent e rprises , in which 495 ar e upgrade the product quality. effective way to tackleth e demand det ermined as infring ing others ?I ne rnationa l Pavilio n sh ows tslowdownof overseas market. IPR. Stafffulls y take the advantage the sincerity and effor ts of Chinese of their understanding of enterprises ? Up g rad e quali t y o f th e government in promoting the trade and industries , upg r ading the exhibits. balance. handlement efficiency. T his session of the C a nt on I n this sessionw, e have stri cter Besidesw, e fur ther strengthen Fa ir attachesg reat impor tance to entr y standa rds and v e rification ser vic e func tions and impr o v e upgrading the qualit y of exhibits. systemsf or exhibitorso f International ser vic e lev e l during this fair. T h e Th e M inistr y of Commerceo f P. R . Pavilion, insuring all the exhibiting Canton Fair has receiveadn initial China issueda serieso f documents enterprisesan d exhibits are oerseas vsuc c ess i n the r e f o rm of thr ee before the fair requiring commercial with improving qualiyt. Suchc ountries phases in one session.O n such a depar t ments at all lev els and or regions aTsu rkey, Hong Kong, and basis , w e ar e c o nstantly mak i ng various commerciaanl d industrial India have organized relativellayrge conclusion,imp rove and progress associationst o examine stric tly delegationst o par ticipate. Overseas t o war d s the goal of first- c lass the qualification of exhibit ors . exhibit o rs expr essed that unde r exhibition in the world. T hose exhibit ors br eak ing the November 2008 ChinaTe xtile 52 November 2008 ChinaTe xtile52

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