The ecological classroom in my option

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    The ecological classroom in my option

     Author: Li Yang Date:2013-12-01

    With the development of FLT, more and more expertises in FLT draw more attention to the Students roles in classroom teaching, that is the

    teacher should be the facilitator not the dominator, so students get more space to weld their rights and learn to ponder over difficult points by themselves own. Recent years, Eco-Linguistics and Eco-language teaching has arisen peoples interest, and actually, whats the

    Eco-language teaching, as far as the researchers said and also my viewpoint is the so called the Eco-language teaching refers to the harmonious teaching condition during classroom and all the harmonious environment concerning teaching.

    In this article ,I mainly talked about mu understanding concerning Eco-language teaching, also the ecological classroom, especially for English teaching.

    As is known to all that the three crucial factors in English teaching are teaches,students, and teaching contents. And whats the relation

    among them. Lets consider about it in detail.

    I. The relationship between teachers and students:

     First bale we should clear that both of them are equal in position, teachers are just the tutor or guiders for students, not the controller predominating over students, not the authorities which should not be

blamed for or challenged.

    Students should be true classroom -owners , they should respect one another and get the very smooth classroom atmosphere. That is very ecological classroom teaching in this aspect.

    II. The relationship among students, teachers and teaching contents

     After discussing the true relationship between students and teachers ,then lets come to the relationship among the three above


     As for students, they should motivated in new knowledge learning, they should get good preparation before new lesson; and being actively participant during class, also the good members of teamwork. Excellent helper to both peers and teachers.

     Teacher is not the authorities anymore, they are guiders and helpers of students. Before new lesson ,good teaching plan and good appearance,also the good management over the whole class. Very suitable degree of tolerance to the slow stents and other students who easily to make mistakes.

     Becoming aware of students anxiety and learn to cope with the

    puzzlings and confusion from students. Just like the friends and parents of students.

    As for teaching contents, both students and teachers should consider more.

    That is to say students should pay more attention to the key points and difficult points in the contents and have the ability to distinguish the must-know knowledge from the unimportant ones. On the other hand, teachers also should modify the teaching appropriately and consider about the present situation of students , omission and adding must be involved.

    So if all the three factors above are ecological, no doubt, the classroom teaching will be ecological and harmonious. Thats it . The last

    thing must be emphasized is that the teaching facilities also should be adjusted to both students and teachers.

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