Blankly Wized

By Judy Weaver,2014-08-27 22:10
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Blankly Wized

Blankly Wized is a kind of sciwnce

    fiction/comedy/cartoon/advemture. Five hundred years ago, Peter Webb and a group of believers Czech castles gambling play poker, because playing the old 1000, and these people have forged liangzi, even by mine hack, but instead the castle's ghost, has been there to linger. Five hundred years after the new successor to Julian King's castle in order to Lin Ouna Baroness to marry him, a special trip to the castle, the intention at this wedding. Did not expect a series of haunted events, even pulled out a period of up to 500 years of hatred ...

    I like the sprite of the film. He is clever and honesty, and also he is a hero. The film is great and exciting. I like it very much, Go and watch it!

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