Friendship in Hawaii

By Diane Gardner,2014-08-27 22:07
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Friendship in Hawaii

Friendship in Hawaii

    Every culture has its own ways to show friendship. On the

    islands of Hawaii, friendship is part of

    aloha spirit”. In the language of the “

    the Hawaiians who first settled the

    aloha had a very islands long ago,

    special meaning. That is “to be with happiness”.

     Hawaiians believe that once

    somebody loves the land, they are

    ready to love their people or

    community(). This is the second

    most important sign of friendship. It

    lokahi in the Hawaiian is called

    language, which means “oneness

    with all people”. To enjoy the land

    you should not be selfish. The land is

    for everyone who lives on it. Today

    many different peoples call Hawaii

    their home. Indeed, Hawaii is a place

    where people make one big

    community from many smaller

    communities. Each person gives kokua (help) to other people so that all feel stronger. It is believed that the

    islands can be a paradise(天堂) when

    people live in peace. People are told

    that their actions should be as gentle

    as the wind that blows from the sea.

    When problems happen, people are

    asked to solve them with

    understanding. So when the people

    ohana (family),

    of Hawaii talk about

    they are really talking about all those

    who live on the islands.

     Living in peace, Hawaiians have

    developed a third sign of friendship.

    This personal friendship is shown by

    leis to one another. The lei, a


    string of flowers, is put over a friend’s neck. Then the friend is given

    a kiss on the cheek. Visitors to the

    leis. When they islands are also given

    aloha, visitors begin to feel at hear

    Aloha also means “goodbye”, home.

    so visitors will hear it again when they

    leave. It can also mean “our hearts

    singing together”. Perhaps this is

    how most visitors will remember their

    new friendship.

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