Application for WPS(GF-4)

By Gregory Hall,2014-12-02 11:04
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Application for WPS(GF-4)


    Application for Approval of

    Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)

    Page 1/1 Company Information

    Company name

    Address of company

    Tel. No. Fax. No.

    Content of application for WPS approval

    Project Name

    Test Date Desired

    Approval Date Desired

    Test Location

    Applicable Rule/Code

    ? Application summary of WPS approval (see the attachment) Attachments ? pWPS(Preliminary WPS)

    ? Test Plan

     Applicant Information

    Application date (DD/MM/YY)

    Applicant name & signature (Signature)

    Tel. No. of Person in charge

    Mobile Phone E-mail

The undersigned acknowledges the provisions of relevant Rules of Korean Register of Shipping and requests Korean

    Register of Shipping to carry out the Welding Procedure Qualification Test stated above, and also agrees to pay all

    application fees and expenses which will be incurred in the aforesaid.

    Check List for Review of Request (KR Surveyor’s Use Only)

    Reviewed by (Signature) Person in Charge

    Job Receipt No. Received Date Id.No.

    Necessary Doc. To undertake work ? Satisfactory ? N.A. ( pWPS & Test Plan submission )

    Capacity to undertake work Check Items - Review or confirm the pWPS by head office ? Need ? No need ? Mark for relevant item - Issuing the Cert. of WPS by Head office ? Need ? No need

    Suitability of request against KR Rules and/or ? Satisfactory ? N.A. applicable Codes

    Form GF-4(2010/02)


    Application Summary of WPS Approval

     Page 1 /

    WPS information Welding technique Base metal Welding material

    Plate & Pipe welding Pipe out. No. WPS No. Supporting Joint type Position Grade Brand process Grade diameter Maker Thickness (Rev.No.) PQR No. (Butt or Fillet) (2) (3) name (1) (mm) (mm)


     (1) Welding process : SMAW, FCAW, SAW, TIG, EGW GMAW,

     (2) welding position : Butt for plate :1G, 2G, 3G, 4G,/ Butt for pipe : 1G-P, 2G-P, 5G-P, 6G-P / Fillet :1F, 2F, 3F, 4F

     (3) Society's grade or AWS Class

    Form GF-4(2010/02)

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