My view of success

By Lauren Ross,2014-03-30 16:37
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My view of success

    My view of success

    As we known, Yu Minhong,is the founder of new oriental school,without him,no new Oriental school.And in his

    eyes,whats the secret of success?

    I can well remember one of his worlds,As long as the snail reaches the top of the mountain,what it sees would be the same as that of the eagle.Yes.On no

    account did he give up easily.I think this is the best explain to success.One is likely to succeed only when one has worked with whole-harted devotion and perseverance.Those who are lazy,sloppy and indifferent to their work,those who never concentrate on work will

    definitely end in failure.

    On the other hand,theres no doubt that

    everyone longs for success,but what

    should we aim at? Rank? honor? Rank and honor,like the clouds of heaven,we cant

    lie in,or well fell down.In my

    opinpion,we should appreciate rank and honor just like the beautiful scenery.So another key point to success is our mentality.

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