Information and Agenda - Kentucky Department for Energy

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Information and Agenda - Kentucky Department for Energy

    Louisville Energy Alliance to Present Free Energy Efficiency Resource Sessions on Oct. 29

    The Louisville Energy Alliance is sponsoring a series of free Resource Sessions on October 29 at Louisville Memorial Auditorium to promote energy efficiency in the commercial sector in Louisville. Over 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Louisville are generated by the commercial and industrial sector, and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings is the most direct way to reduce these emissions. It’s also

    an effective way to reduce building operating costs.

    The sessions, which are free and open to the public, are particularly intended to support those buildings participating in the current 2009 Kilowatt Crackdown , or buildings which are planning to register for the 2010 Kilowatt Crackdown, which will begin in January. The Kilowatt Crackdown challenges building owners and operators to improve their energy efficiency, thus reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and reducing their operating costs. 241 buildings are participating in the 2009 Crackdown, and the most energy-efficient buildings and those making the greatest improvement during 2009 will be announced in March.

Resource Session Topics will include monitoring building energy use in Portfolio Manager; LG&E’s

    popular audit and rebate program; tools and programs that can help offset the financial aspect of efficiency improvements; tips and techniques to make low cost/no cost improvements; and more helpful topics. The Resource Sessions will be presented by local and national experts. The day will begin with continental breakfast at 8 a.m., and sessions kick off at 8:30. Interested parties may attend any or all sessions. It is not necessary to register for any sessions except the Portfolio Manager Training

    Sessions, because space is limited in the Computer Lab. Registration for the Portfolio Manager Training sessions is through the LEA’s website,

    Anyone who is considering signing up for the 2010 Kilowatt Crackdown should attend the Portfolio Manager training session at 8:30 or 1:00. Portfolio Manager is the keystone of the competition, and Leslie Cook, a Portfolio Manager expert from the US EPA’s ENERGY STAR program will be doing the


    Resource Session topics are listed below, but additional sessions may be added and will be found on the LEA website ( The Louisville Energy Alliance is a non-profit

    association to promote energy efficiency. Members include Louisville Metro Government; Building Managers and Owners Association; International Facility Management Association; International Council of Shopping Centers; Certified Commercial Investment Managers; and the KY Department of Energy Development and Independence.

Introduction to Portfolio Manager

    Leslie Cook, ENERGY STAR Public Sector Manager st8:30 9:25 a.m. Computer Lab, 1 Floor st1:00 1:55 p.m. Computer Lab, 1 Floor

    So you want to get a handle on your building’s energy use, but aren’t sure where to start? Leslie Cook will walk you through Portfolio Manager, ENERGY STAR’s free interactive energy management tool that allows you to

    track and assess energy and water consumption across your entire portfolio of buildings in a secure online environment. Learn how to set up an account, enter your building characteristics and energy use, and generate a baseline statistic and other useful information. Bring past energy bills, if desired. Benchmarking your building in Portfolio Manager is required for participation in the 2010 Kilowatt Crackdown.

LG&E’s Commercial Rebates and Audits Program

    Jennifer Rao, E.ON Energy Efficiency Program Manager nd8:30 9:25 a.m. Ball room, 2 Floor nd1:00 1:55 p.m. Ballroom, 2 Floor

    If you are a commercial rate payer and are contemplating energy improvements in lighting, pumps and motors or refrigeration, come and learn how you can earn up to $50,000 in rebates per facility each year. Also learn more about the Commercial Energy Audit Program, offered to commercial customers at no additional cost.

Green Steps to Achieving Sustainability: Financial Considerations

    Jim G. Oiler, PE; Lenny S. Gant, CPA; Stephen M. Lukinovich, CPA, CVA; Chilton & Medley PLC nd8:30 9:25 a.m. Room 4, 2 Floor

    To get green you have to build green. Energy efficiency improvements can be a significant investment. Learn about important financial considerations and tools, including benefit calculations, real estate tax law changes, bonus depreciation, federal and state tax credits, etc.

Improving Energy Efficiency the Low Cost / No Cost Way

    Leslie Cook, ENERGY STAR Public Sector Manager nd9:30 10:25 a.m. Ballroom, 2 Floor

    Energy savings of up to 10% or more are possible with little capital investment. Learn about strategies to improve your building’s energy efficiency with low cost/no cost measures, including “tuning up” equipment, optimizing building operations, and motivating employees to make smart energy choices.

Commercial Demand Conservation

    Arney Robinson, E.ON Energy Efficiency Program Manager nd9:30 10:25 a.m. Room 4, 2 Floor

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance for Energy Efficiency

    Thembi Tillman, E.ON Energy Efficiency Program Manager nd10:30 11:25 p.m. Room 4, 2 Floor

Tax Savings Opportunities

    Bud Watson, CPA, Managing Member, Concord Energy Strategies, LLC

    Potential tax savings are available to commercial building owners and designers involved with energy efficient construction and design. Topics covered will include tax provisions pertinent to building owners, managers and designers in the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005 as well as applicable Kentucky tax law. nd1:00 1:55 p.m. Room 4, 2 Floor

Best Practices to Improve: EPA's Building Upgrade Recommendations

    Leslie Cook, ENERGY STAR Public Sector Manager nd2:00 2:55 p.m. Ballroom, 2 Floor

    Free up your cost-saving potential by improving the energy efficiency of your buildings. EPA has developed the ENERGY STAR Building Upgrade Manual to assist organizations in planning and implementing profitable upgrades. Learn about best practices for developing a comprehensive energy management strategy, and maximize energy savings by following the five building stages: Retrocommissioning; Lighting; Supplemental Load Reduction; Air Distribution Systems; and Heating and Cooling Upgrades.

Reading Your LG&E Bill and Verifying Rate

    David Daniels, E.ON Manager, Business Service Center nd2:00 2:55 p.m. Room 4, 2 Floor

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