Checklist For Effective Meetings

By Eddie Griffin,2014-12-07 22:42
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Checklist For Effective Meetings


     Yes No

    1. Was pre-reading material circulated at least 24 hours in advance? ; ; 2. Did everyone arrive on time? ; ; 3. Was there a written agenda? ; ; 4. Were the most relevant people there with something to ; ; contribute?

    5. Did the meeting begin on time? ; ; 6. Did the chairperson say how long the meeting would last? ; ; 7. Did the chairperson seem to keep a watchful eye on the time ; ; throughout the meeting?

    8. Was someone clearly detailed to take notes? ; ; 9. Was everyone told the purpose of the meeting? ; ; 10. Were deadlines and responsibilities for action allocated? ; ; 11. Was the chairperson firm with people who rambled, or wasted ; ; time?

    12. Did the chairperson encourage less assertive people to make a ; ; contribution?

    13. Did he/she take action to deter anyone from dominating the ; ; meeting?

    14. Did the chairperson discourage side conversations? ; ; 15. Did participants seem to be listening carefully to what others ; ; were saying?

    16. Did the chairperson remain courteous and avoid emotional ; ; responses, put-downs or sarcasm?

    17. Did the chairperson deal effectively with any interruptions? ; ; 18. Did the chairperson sometimes top and check his/her ; ; understanding of what someone had said?

    19. Did most of the people present make a significant contribution? ; ; (see Question 4)

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    Asia Pacific Jan 2000

20. Did the chairperson sometimes clarify what someone said by ; ; paraphrasing or summarising?

    21. Had the chairperson done his/her homework? ; ;

    22. Had everyone else done their homework? ; ;

    23. Was the time used effectively/ ; ;

    24. When the meeting ended, were all action points resolved? ; ;

    25. Did the meeting end at the agreed time? ; ;

    26. Were minutes or notes of the meeting circulated afterwards? ; ;


    (# of Yeses)

0-8 Shame. If you were chairing the meeting, many people wasted their time. But

    now you’ll know what to do. If someone else was chairing it, you’ll need a lot of

    tact and diplomacy to stop it happening again.

    8-14 Suprisingly, around 14 isn’t that rate. Now that you know the weak points it

    shouldn’t be too hard to tackle them.

    14-21 This is much better. If the meeting was being run by someone else, tell them how

    good it was.

    21-22 Exceptional! This is the model to strive for.

    Freely adapted from Mike Bird’s

    The Effective Time Manager

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    Asia Pacific Jan 2000

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