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    Client: Motorola (China) Electronics Limited Job #: MTRIxxx

    Prepared by: Matt Jung

Date: 2/28/00


; Introduction

    ; Business/Communication Objectives

; Target Audience

; Website Strategy, Tactics, Drive-to-web Promotions

; Site Audit

; Technical Environment

; Measures of Success

; Client Parameters


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The Challenge

    The Motorola Accompli 6188 combines a mobile phone, a personal digital assistant (PDA), and wireless Internet access into one revolutionary product. Motorola will leverage the upcoming launch of the Accompli in March 2000 to reinforce Motorola leadership in the next generation of mobile phone technology through a dynamic interactive customer website and web promotions.

Website Strategy

    Communicate Accompli’s cutting-edge technology to target audiences throughout all website activities with the theme “Project: e-shidai” – which will reveal the future of e-shidai with its

    most critical technology: the Accompli A6188

    Build awareness and excitement for the Accompli launch with a new website look, exciting website promotion activities, and informative content and interactive functionality that will enable visitors to learn about and experience this new brand

    Link the database with website functionality to learn about Accompli fans and develop customer relationships with personalized emails and newsletters that will keep them coming back


    Early April 2000

    The story:

New website activities will kick-off with a new website design that reflects the high-tech

    feel of the Accompli and introduces some background on “Project: e-shidai”. This will

    include both the complete Flash and html versions of the website.

    This will be supported by strategic placement of banner ads, icons, interstitials, and Flash and dhtml online advertisements.

    Timed with the official SA launch of the Accompli, the campaign will first drive traffic with the one-time only online auction of the Special Edition Accompli.

    Registered participants will also receive the new download of the WAP “Newsflash” demo,

    which will allow users to experience the usefulness of WAP on their computers.

Early May 2000

    The completion of SA launch activities will mark the beginning of the Accompli online Treasure Hunt. Following the new website theme, the Treasure Hunt will introduce the “Project:e-shidai” story, where visitors will find clues to help construct the next generation in mobile wireless technology, the Accompli. The hi-tech tone of intrigue to this promotion will challenge participants to find the technology-related clues while and website activities with the functions to participants, who will be challenged to meet the find the clues to help construct the be further promoted with the Website traffic will be sustained Treasure Hunt format, mechanism, plan and design, implementation

    Treasure Hunt technology, including a Treasure Hunt center page and personalized participant webpage

June 2000

    Technology Discussion Forum, including technology and maintenance

    Article section on product features, WAP related topics, events and promotions Monthly newsletter to database registrants


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Service and Support online section

    E-mail invites to all database registrants

    Archives of all offline communications: print, TV, radio,


Business/Communication Objectives

    ; Establish Internet mindshare for the Tai Chi product niche and elevate Motorola’s

    current high-tech brand positioning with an aggressive launch and web promotion of the

    Accompli 6188

    ; To take leadership of this genre of mobile telecommunications

    ; Reinforce wireless technology leadership position with direct impact on existing

    portfolio leveraging the “e-shidai” concept

    ; Establish a user community and base to develop future 1-to-1 online marketing

Drive-to-web promotions

Dec. 14 1999

    ; Produce a CD-ROM copy of the entire A6188 website that can be mass produced and

    distributed with all promotional materials

Dec. 15 1999

    ; The "Send an e-mail card, win the new A6188" contest

    This contest will organize a giveaway contest for thirty free Accompli 6188s with a twist: participants can send special personalized e-mail cards to friends, and if they return to the website, the sender receives another chance to win a phone. E-mail card recipients can likewise enter the contest and increase their chances by sending more e-mail cards. This provides incentive to spread word of the contest, and the website, with chain-letter effect.

    ; Strategic banner ad placement, sponsorships, website and promotion mentions in related websites or website sections

    Mindshare will place banners at the following websites Sina, Sohu, Netease, Shanghai Online, ChinaByte, ZDNet, Infoweb,, and Soim

    ; Website mentions at the PR event and supporting articles and advertorials

    ; Distribute appropriate press release materials and information to news and related

    product, technology, and industry websites

Dec. 15 1999 Product launch January 2000

    ; Send mass short message mailings to thousands of China SMS users mentioning the

    website and the new Accompli

    ; Register on leading search engines and portal sites worldwide and in China: metadata

    entry, register entries


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    ; Promote website at newsgroups and forums at related product, technology, and industry


    ; Place sponsored linked articles about e-shidai and the product at relevant websites and

    existing locations (i.e., Shanghai Online)

Measures of Success

    ; Achieve a minimum 2% click-through rate from total user impressions

    ; Secure 25,000 user entries in initial contest database

    ; Secure recognition of online brand in follow-up focus group testing

    ; 4000 user sessions average/day, 3:00 minute user session average for the entire Phase I

Client Parameters

    ; $100K interactive budget for Phase I (Dec. 15 Product launch date)

    ; Dec. 15 launch date

    ; Define and express Accompli brand values, but not necessarily integrate with existing

    on-going promotions


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