Healthy eating for holidays

By Norman Wilson,2014-12-02 00:23
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Healthy eating for holidays

    Healthy eating for holidays

    MANY people use the holidays as an excuse to forget about their health in favor of binging on food and drink. But according to experts, people should not overdo it. Too much oil and salt is harmful and modest portions are helpful. And don’t ignore the


    To reduce your oil intake, avoid fried and stewed foods. Roasted, steamed, boiled and cold dishes are more healthy and contain fewer calories. They also taste lighter and less oily.

    Take it easy with artificial flavors, too. Nothing beats natural flavoring and pig bones, chicken bones and fish bones are some of nature’s fienest flavorings. Pig bones are good for soup and porridge and fish bone soup is an ideal flavoring for seafood. Chicken bones can be used for either thick or light soups or stock that is suitable for many dishes.

    When several people eat together, it’s easy to overeat without thinking about it. Overeating is especially bad for seniors. So keep an eye on the amount of food you consume, no matter what the occasion.

    Some people don’t like vegetables because they think it’s not as impressive to serve them to guests. But if you care about the health of your guests and yourself, tasty vegetables and fruits are some of the finest dishes you can serve. They contain fewer calories than meat, poultry and fish and help scour your digestive system. (John Woo)

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