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    It is undeniable that the worsening environment has become the biggest concern of the present-day world. The world we live in is getting increasingly bad because of the

    environmental destruction here and there.

    Biological diversity has never been so threatened as it is today.

    It is hard to imagine what

    our world would be like without animals.

    The greenhouse effect is the most serious problem our planet has ever faced. Many people insist that environmental protection should be a top priority. There is plenty of evidence to show that sustainable development can be

    achieved by balancing economic growth with protection of the



     It goes without saying that movies and television play a significant role in people's behavior.

    It is widely believed that television has destroyed communication among

    friends and family, because it dulls the brain and takes up time that a person could otherwise use for interacting with other people.

    Advertisements are filling our life in almost every aspect, ranging from daily necessities to the services with which we never before got acquainted through ads. TV is to blame for the fact that children take longer time to learn to read these days and barely see the point at all of acquiring the skill.

    Television may be a

    splendid medium of

communication, but it

    prevents us from

    communicating with each other.

    It is certain that, along with its benefits, TV brings many a obstacle in the growth and development of the young. 城市与生活

    There are many problems living in metropolis, such as crowded buses, traffic

    congestion and poor housing conditions.

The young generation

    maintains that living in big cities is superior while the elderly prefer to lead a serene life in the country. If I were asked to choose whether to live either in a small town or in a big city, I would not hesitate to choose the small town. I grew up in a delightful one myself. In recent years, rural

    dwellers flock to big cities in pursuit of more job

opportunities, more

    attractions and even better climate.

    Since the world is rapidly changing and modern life has become more and more complicated, some new

    kinds of diseases have developed, created by the complexity of modern life. 家庭与生活

    Children should develop the habit of working and living independently.

    It is no good to keep up with the Joneses.

    It goes without saying that only a relaxed family

    atmosphere can help the physical and the

    psychological growth of children.

    Since parents are the very models of their children, they should first discipline themselves instead of being desciplined by their children later.

The young generation

    should spare no effort to understand the elderly people so that such

    generation gap can be


    The aged are actively

    participating in all form of social activities so that what is deemed as avant-garde in the eyes of the young will be nothing uncommon to the old.


    I treasure traditional culture, for it embodies the very customs and values that sustain our friendship, family and spiritual life. Parents should try to give up their absolute power in family to give a better image to their children.

    Too much praise makes the children proud, which

    further spoils them and renders them liable to

    develop all kinds of bad

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