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    Corporate Brochure -- V.5 (“E”)




    Guardian Realty Investors


    A secure investment


    Mission Statement:

Guardian Realty Invests in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate that maximizes returns

    and generates increased value through disciplined management.


    Table of Contents:

• Vast Experience

• Opportunistic Investing

• Hands-on Management

• Personal Touch

• Entrepreneurial Team

    • Diversified Investment Strategy

• Continuous Market Research

• Consistent Acquisitions Strategy



    Vast Experience


    Proven Expertise


    For more than 50 years, the professionals at Guardian have been investing in diversified income-producing properties. The Guardian team has three generations of firsthand experience--in virtually every discipline of the industry.

    To handle the complexities of each transaction, we pull together key professionals in acquisitions, marketing, finance, site selection, development, construction, leasing, tenant fit-up, asset management and property management. We collaborate to ensure that each investment will produce the maximum return--with the lowest calculated exposure to risk.

    Our asset management, property management and leasing programs are exceptional. From experience, we know how to anticipate market trends and capture hidden opportunities.


    Opportunistic Investing


    The Vision


    Our experience and market knowledge allows us to obtain real estate opportunities before they become obvious. This enables value investing--which has been the cornerstone of our success for the past 50 years.

    We seamlessly acquire, develop, lease and manage many premier properties in the Mid-Atlantic region. Guardian has acquired, developed and disposed of more than $500 million in commercial, multi-family and residential real estate.

We add value to new opportunities by retrofitting a building’s exterior, lobby or common area;

    bringing rents up to market for existing leases or releasing through our extensive broker network; repositioning a property in the marketplace; and by developing adjacent land.

    The depth of our expertise in the Mid-Atlantic region has positioned Guardian to pursue opportunities in other select geographic markets.



    Hands-on Management


    Taking hold of issues.


    We combine our experience with a hands-on approach to property management. At Guardian, we scrutinize every aspect of the real estate process.

    To enhance our investment and cash flows, Guardian is heavily involved in the oversight of each property, both financially and physically. We are in the fortunate position to have in-house asset managers and property managers.

    Each property is assigned to a team, which constantly monitors its performance. Our property managers direct in-house maintenance engineers, carpenters, electricians and painters to ensure that the asset is producing the maximum income--with the shortest downtime between leases.

    Our asset mangers are responsible for decision making on each property, which includes:

    • Creating the financial plan and budget plus monitoring performance

    • Overseeing detailed operations, particularly capital expenditures, leasing, tenant

    relations, preventive maintenance, code compliance, environmental conditions and

    energy conservation

    • Performing annual analyses to determine the ideal time to sell

    • Designing and executing the best strategy for disposition


    Speed to Occupancy


    Our leasing efforts are detailed and precise. We meet with local brokers 50 weeks a year and require written prospecting reports and market analyses. Guardian’s signature ”speed to occupancy” approach requires that each lease be prepared and negotiated by our own staff, then reviewed by the Director of Leasing and Chief Financial Officer.

    Prior to lease execution, the tenant’s credit is evaluated along with the proposed rental rate and lease concessions. This transaction is then compared to the property budget. In addition, we consistently stagger lease maturities across the portfolio.

    At Guardian, leases are given priority attention. This aggressive policy helps insure high occupancy for each property. Since 1995, Guardian’s annual occupancy level has been above

    95%, which proves that increased accountability improves positive cash flow.



    A Personal Touch


    Building relationships


    We also use the same hands-on approach when it comes to interacting with our investors. Guardian regularly provides detailed written and oral communications to keep investors informed about our assets. We make a conscious effort to eliminate unexpected surprises.

    Each year, we send quarterly financial statements, valuations of each property, information on current investments, plus details on new investments and market trends. Finally, an audited financial statement is prepared, showing the annual performance of the fund and the progress of each asset.

    Subsequent to closing an acquisition, Guardian investors receive a complete transaction report. This includes an MAI appraisal, property description, transaction details, property photos and an area map.

    We hold an annual meeting for investors to discuss major industry trends and the condition of the markets where we have investments. Our staff encourages communication with investors, and senior management is readily available to meet via telephone, e-mail or in person.


    An Entrepreneurial Team


    The heart of a dynamic investment


    The Guardian team is successful due to strong relationships with many experts in real estate. These alliances create better investment opportunities.

    To strengthen our communication, “roundtable discussions” are an everyday event at Guardian. When evaluating a potential acquisition, our entire staff works together to provide input and support.

    In the acquisition phase, our asset managers, property managers and maintenance engineers inspect each property for potential problems. Thus, we are able to foresee opportunities and mitigate risk.



    Diversified Investment Strategy


    An ideal balance


    Experience has taught us that a diversified portfolio in strategic growth markets--combined with high occupancy--is the best way to maximize value and minimize risk. This is especially true in fluctuating real estate cycles.

    As a result, Guardian uses an entrepreneurial approach to seek out properties for long-term investment. This philosophy guides our analysis of all new investments.

    Our disciplined approach enables us to acquire properties below their true market value. Such value-added opportunities are obtained through longstanding relationships with institutional sellers, real estate brokers, investment bankers and lenders.

    As we expand beyond the Mid-Atlantic region, we continue to work with local experts who complement our strategy. This further ensures a consistent management strategy.


    Consistent Goals:

• Invest in strategically located properties

• Maintain a diversified portfolio

• Produce strong, reliable cash flow

• Create value-added opportunities

• Minimize risk through consistent underwriting



    Continuous Market Research


    A step ahead


    We regularly perform integrated research to guide our real estate acquisitions. Guardian’s internal information is combined with data gathered from outside relationships. This allows us to formulate insights into the future of the marketplace.

    We study trends that affect the dynamics of real estate in our specific markets, like interest rates, employment, population growth, zoning and master plans. This scrutiny allows us to make prudent decisions about the long-term outlook of specific properties and product types.

    Guardian analyzes all the nuances of individual markets and their corresponding product types. We study the master plans and understand traffic patterns, growth areas, and preferred locations within a sub-market. Such detailed information helps us make highly educated acquisitions.


    Consistent Acquisitions Strategy


    The Execution


    At Guardian, our acquisition methods never change. We always contract a reputable title company and we issue standard reports. Further, each Guardian professional is guided by an analytical approach in the building and disposing of a balanced portfolio.

    Having a consistent, proven system reduces risk and enhances the reliability of any investment. This ultimately results in enhanced returns for our investors.

    Maintaining such a steadfast approach to acquisitions--and property management--has helped us carve a niche in the industry. With each new acquisition, we continue to build on our expertise and create a stronger competitive advantage for Guardian Realty Investors.


We invest in more than real estate--we invest in relationships.


    (Guardian Realty Investors)



    (Guardian Realty Investors)

    Guardian Realty Investors, Inc. 702 Russell Avenue, Suite 400 Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877


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