Wearable Art & Sewing Resources

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Wearable Art & Sewing Resources

Wearable Art & Sewing


? 2007-2009 by Lu Peters


    Threads Magazine See their on-line index for past articles:

    click on “Online Magazine Index” at top Fiberarts Magazine Sophisticated wearable art/fiber; index Quilting Arts Magazine Great techniques, supplies Cloth, Paper, Scissors Multi-media

    Belle Armoire Magazine Wearable art

    Ornament Magazine Wearable art in the marketplace Surface Design Association Organization of multi media Fiberarts Selvedge Magazine English textile arts

    Sew Stylish sewing from the Editors of Threads Sew News Basic sewing

    Sew Simple Basic Sewing

    Sewing Today Magazine,

    McCall’s Sewing Magazine

    Clotilde Sewing Savvy Very basic sewing

    Vogue Pattern Magazine Good articles on construction Adorn Craft and sewing

    Craft Crafts, beading, sewing, needlework Interweave Press Knits Magazine, Crochet, Knitscene,

    Handwoven, Spin-off, Knit Gifts, and

    Fiberarts Magazines and books Burda World of Fashion Burda Patterns in magazine format

    Through the Needle Bernina educational publication available

    at Bernina dealers

    Craft Stylish Magazine home and wardrobe sewing Quilting Arts Stitch Magazine Contemporary sewing with a young viewpoint Ready Made Sewing Tips for Every Level, DIY


    Marcy Tilton

    Diane Ericson

    Kayla Kennington

    Workshop on the Web see site for fees

    Material Girl Quilt Fabrics art fabrics

    Pattern Review


On-line: Sandra Betzina’s new online classes Greg Garvin

?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


    Fabrics and Notions

    On-line: (fiberart supplies, fabrics, dyes, trims) (best selection

    of linings, interfacings, notions) (trims) (tracing (retro & vellum)

    contemporary fabrics and ribbons) (exotic yarns) (classes, (Japanese supplies, patterns, duct tape dress

    yarns, threads, fibers, knit patterns) form, instruction videos, fabrics) (ethnic _index.php

    textiles, beads, buttons) (dress (threads, paints, forms available at Hancock’s, Joann’s)

    ribbons, Colorhue silk dyes) (dress forms) (Kimberly

    Packwood, fibers, dyes, inks) (Trish Stuart, (fabrics)

    Japanese inks, foils, embellishments) (fine fabrics) (fibers, (Project

    beads, found art supplies) Runway supplier) (Ginny

    Eckley paints, silkscreen supplies) (yarns) (fiberart supplies) (RTD fabric, (Kumihimo blanks for dyeing)

    braiding, beads, fibers) (trims) (exotic (trims) fabrics, African, beads, trims) (ribbons/trims) (bamboo fabric info and resources) fabrics comprehensive site Kathryn Brenne, Bridal sewing Joanna Lyon, Bridal veil patterns and supplies silks and silk glossary art fabrics and newsletter Berkeley Fabric store Shibori scarves and wraps excellent quality fashion fabrics, int’l swatch

    service/shipping. Asheville, NC couture quality fashion fabrics, swatch service/shipping,

    Dallas, TX; interactive, online sewing forum scissor resource sewing yoga to relieve strain caused by sewing Sew Pro sewing seminars fine fabrics tips and news from Louise Cutting fabric collections sewing supplies Banasch’s Inc. clothing labels clothing labels Fabric store in Dallas area

    ?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit

    2 art fabrics

Brands of Thread

    ; Art Fabrik Threads

    ; Aurifil;

    ; Clover ; Coats and Clark ; Conso ; Floriani ; Gutermann

    ; Isacord ; Kreinick

    ; Londonderry Linen

    ; Madeira ; Marathon ; Masterpiece Egyptian Cotton ; Mettler ; Oliver Twist Hand Dyes

    ; Presencia ; Renaissance

    ; Robison-Anton ; Sew Art International ; Signature ; Spectrum Rayon ; Sulky

    ; Superior ; Tire Silk

    ; Valdani

    ; Victory

    ; Weeks Dye Works ; Wonderfil

    ; YLI

; Specialty

    ; DMC

    ; Chizimi Shrinking thread ; Fire Retardant threads ; Grilon Shrinking thread

    ; Nautical and Outdoor ; Sashiko

Additional Thread Resources: Aurifil thread distributor variety of threads nice selection of well-priced threads sold at quilt shows variety of threads excellent variety of major brands of threads variety of threads

    Solar Protection Fabrics: (FDA approval) Rit Sun Guard fabric wash ?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


Catalog: (has the crotch tape measure for pants fitting)

     Atlanta Thread & Supply Co. 800-847-1001

     Oregon Tailor Supply Co. 800-678-2457 reasonably priced yarns yarns and patterns, knit/crochet variety of supplies supplies and glossary of textile terms textile info and glossary of textile terms University of RI, pattern dating, storage, and vintage collections fiber burn chart supplies


     Pattern tracing paper: True Grid ; Doctor’s Exam Table Paper (, 77yds/$6.95); Do

    Sew Tracing Material (, 5yds/$5.98); Swedish Tracing Paper (10yds/$9.95,

     Silk threads: Tire Brand Kinkame (size 50, 100 meters); YLI Silk (size 100, 200 meters)

    Invisible Thread: Madeira Monofil Clear and Smoke polyamide (size 60, 200 meters at Wonderful for invisibly attaching appliqué and trim.

    Invisifil Threads: polyester threads in soft disappearing colors by Wonderfil Threads, available


Pattern Drafting

    Software reviewed by Threads magazine, April/May 2003: Pattern Master Boutique, Click & Sew Cadterns Lite Dress Shop Fittingly Sew Garment Designer Pattern Maker Home Studio Personal Patterns

Other systems: Lutterloh system Bonfit Patterns new 3-D Patternmaking software from Bernina Threads Fitting DVD Series: torso, arms, bust, waist & hips &

     Threads Industry Insider Techniques DVD (Louise Cutting instructor)

Inspiration & Information

    Lu Peters Fiberart & Wearable Art/Sewing Booklists;

    Resources, and Links Aida Dalati

    Sara Moe Fabric and Quilt designer Asiatica art clothing; some Nuno fabrics Kerr Grabowski hand-dyed garments

    Anna Voog hats

    Yvonne Porcella quilted and dyed clothing and quilts Yaga

    Santa Fe Weaving Gallery wearable art

    Chunghie Lee pojagi style garments

    Thirteen Moons Gallery Wearable art in Santa Fe Artesmia Gallery Wearable art in Taos

    ?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


Kenneth King designer

    Laurie Schafer Wearable art gallery in New York Doshi Shibori garments

    La Jolla Fiberarts Gallery Wearable art gallery Carter and Son Noah/Shibori

    Dream Weaver Collection

    Jane Dunnewold dyed and painted fabrics, newsletter Kaliyana Clothing Canadian artwear

    Animale Clothing Deconstruction style

    Latifa Felted clothing

    Rachel Kincy Clark Quilted clothing

    Kayla Kennington Wearable art and patterns Valerie Guignon garments and fiber art Bellagio Artwear Wearable art gallery in Asheville, NC Bellagio Everyday Wearable art gallery in Asheville, NC Shuka Naruo Kimono collage clothing Texas Fashion Collection Dallas collection of garments/accessories Akihito Izukura Japanese designer Texas Museum of Fiber Arts Texas Museum without walls Translations Gallery Wearable art gallery Starr Hagenbring google her name to see her wonderful wearable art! Winner of the

    Bernina Fashion Show 2007

    Artemisia Gallery Wearable art gallery in Taos, NM Sewing Workshop garments and inspirations Maleanie O’Brien sewing/fabrics/shopping Ocelot Clothing wearable art hand dyes

Pattern Resource List

Adams, Shirley

    Amaden-Crawford, Connie Plus-sized patterns and fitting blocks Betzina, Sandra Bloebaum, Fred La Fred patterns

    Brensan Studios Variety of patterns

    Brunner, Deborah Rag Stock patterns

    Butler, Amy

    Carson, Gale Lois Ericson Patterns supplier Christopher, Donna

    Clark, Rachel Kincy art wear patterns

    CNT Patterns

    Colburn, June Asian styles

    Cutting, Louise Patterns, sewing tips Decades of Style Vintage styles

    D’Leas’ Patterns

    Dos de Tejas Western clothing

    Dunn, Patty patterns and instructional DVDs Eichorn, Rosemary

    Encore Designs Patterns and unique buttons, closures Ericson, Diane Patterns, stencils Ericson, Lois artwear: scarves and Handbags for


    Folkwear Ethnic patterns

    Ghee, Linda Garments, handbags

    Habu Textiles Garments, fibers, yarns, knitting patterns Hinse, Lois Patterns

    Hot Patterns Fitted wearable patterns Jonson, Christine Patterns, fabrics

    Islander Sewing System techniques

    ?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


    Kennington, Kayla contemporary garments Kimura, Stephanie Patterns

    Kubik, Linda Weaver; coat and jacket patterns Messinger, Lyla LJ Designs

    Mary Lou Rankin Patterns

    My ePatternsite

    Pattern Retrospective Vintage patterns

    Pattern Studio Hats and gloves

    Pavelka Designs

    Purrfection Artistic Wearables

    Rag Merchant

    Ross, Betsy

    Saber Designs (Not .com) Japanese style garments Saf-T-Pockets

    Sager, Peggy A, B, C, cup sized patterns Seabrooke, Emma patterns for the hard to fit Sew Grand Plus-sized patterns

    See It, Sew It Patterns huge collection of patterns Sewing Workshop Contemporary art wear patterns Shapes Patterns or new

    contemporary patterns by Linda Lee &

    Louise Cutting

    Steele, Andrea Also order at Stern, Jennifer Order at: Textile Studio

    Tilton, Marcy Order at: Torrance, Lorraine Grainline Gear pattern line Van Horn, Larkin Patterns at: WWWearables

    Specialty Patterns:

    Bones, Jan Lingerie patterns

    Jalie Skating, sports, and outdoors (Canadian) Lanetzliving Vintage Retro patterns, Vogue, Butterick, etc. Lee, Elizabeth Breastfeeding and baby patterns Sensibility Patterns Regency Spencer Patterns So Vintage Patterns Aprons to Gowns vintage styles Suitability Patterns Equestrian patterns

    Budo Bear Martial Arts patterns

    Old Patterns vintage, retro and costume patterns Past Patterns historical costume patterns International Pattern Companies:

    Abacadabra Netherlands: children’s patterns

    Farbenmix Germany: men’s’, women’s’, children’s’ patterns Mamu Design Germany: women’s & children’s patterns Onion Denmark: women, children, accessories Ottobre Design Finland: men’s, women’s, children’s patterns Lingerie European lingerie patterns

Other Resources: vintage patterns vintage patterns and costume jewelry vintage retro sewing patterns vintage patterns vintage and modern patterns 18 & 19 Century patterns

?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


?2007-2009 Lu Peters. All rights reserved. Last updated November 4, 2009, 2009. For the latest list, please visit


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