Weekend Art Adventure Course Descriptions

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Weekend Art Adventure Course Descriptions

and 4 along Adventures return pages 3Participants will receive as DVD copy of thwith your fees ASAP. Deadline: May 14 their films. 2010 VCUarts SUMMER ththINTENSIVE WEEKEND ART Materials to bring: WEEKEND #1: JULY 18 and 19 - Assorted scalpels with a variety of ADVENTURES Beginning Screenplay Writing blade sizes and shapes. (These can Instructor: Todd Raviotta, MFA sometimes be found at a dollar store.) The following Art Adventures are designed This workshop will offer students tools and - Water color paints to supplement students’ Summer Intensive formatting tips appropriate for writing a short - Sharpies experiences. Each Adventure brings film or video. (Screenwriting will only be - Highlighters and students from different disciplines together, touched on very lightly during the - A blank DVD-R empowering them to enhance their creative Filmmaking class so this program is thinking and problem solving abilities, recommended to supplement that course, Jewelry Makeover collaborate in groups, and turn their ideas as well as the Theatre class.) Participants Instructor: Younseal Eum into realities. Students do not need prior will watch movie clips about screenplay During this adventure students will recycle skills or knowledge to participate in any of writing and the job of a screenwriter. Rules jewelry they no longer wear into wearable the Adventures. and vocabulary, as well as samples of works of art. Ms. Eum will discuss featured scripts and short film scripts will be Each two-day Adventure will run from 12:15 contemporary materials, technology and reviewed. Students will begin writing 4:15 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please social trends that may influence the creation prompts and completing exercises. review the following Art Adventure of each student’s own workshop creations. Outlines of scripts will be begun by the end descriptions and select one Adventure per They will be shown numerous images of session 1. On day 2 revisions of scripts weekend. The $50 fee per weekend featuring examples of work created by other will continue with work sessions in mini-entitles students to eight hours of art-artists. Students will learn what wearable groups. Rewrites will be finalized. centered instruction. art is, start the design process, learn basic Materials to bring: jewelry making techniques, and then craft - Flash drive memory stick Participant work will be displayed during the unique designs. Each student will leave th- Notebook, pencils and pens final exhibition on July 30. This is a great with finished jewelry pieces, and a - A file folder or binder to hold the way for students to build credentials for sketchbook of ideas for future use. handouts received college applications. Materials to bring: - Sketch book Experimental 16mm Animation Students who do not wish to participate in - Pencil the Art Adventures must go home for the Instructor: Bryant Dameron - Jewelry that can be incorporated into weekend. Students deciding to go home Several examples of Stan Brakhage’s your artwork may have their parents may pick them up at scratch films will be screened. the dorm at 4:45 pm on Friday and may A discussion of abstract and representative Reed and Tissue Paper Sea Shell return on Sunday at 7 pm. forms will lead into the students applying Sculptures experimental techniques of scratching the Instructor: Chris Yarger Please note that space in each emulsion from, and painting unexposed Students will create a three-dimensional Adventure is limited to 20 or fewer 16mm film to create a short film. design from reeds, glue and white tissue participants. Adventure(s) will be filled paper. A brief history of paper lanterns and on a first come first served basis. To Students will be introduced to the 16mm

their historical uses will kick off this assure a spot in your preferred format, as well as the 16mm editing bench,

interactive session. Students will begin by viewer, film splicing and film projector.

    that is as thin as tissue paper) but nothing as sketching several possible designs for these wearing the masks they have made during

    thick as card stock. sea shell inspired sculptures. Once a the workshop. drawing has been selected students will Materials to bring: Inventive Typography Workshop gather reeds and begin constructing the - Scissors Instructor: Brandi Price - Small objects such as paper cups, paper frames which support the form. Tissue Students will learn about graphic design plates, and foam balls and cones which can paper will be applied to the frames, followed through the creation of a picture-based font. be cut up and incorporated into masks. by a glue/water mixture. Emphasis will be - Sturdy wire such as coat hangers They will explore brainstorming techniques, placed on neatness of construction and - Lots of masking tape the basics of text and image relationships, attention to detail. Works will be analyzed - Ribbon elastic to secure the masks to your and methods for designing symbols. This in a constructive summative critique. head. adventure will begin with a visual overview Materials to bring: - Clothes you can readily move in of the history of graphic design, as well as - Sketchbook/blank paper the importance of typography and its - Sharpened pencil Found Footage: Editing, Authorship - Scissors beginnings, from cave dwelling to modern and Appropriated Images - Exacto-knife day. Students will develop a theme for a Instructor: Bryant Dameron collaborative font, set up parameters as a ththIntroduction to the concepts of authorship, WEEKEND #2: JULY 24 - 25 group as to what the marks need to originality and free use of images; followed incorporate to be a working set. A picture Cover to Cover: An Adventure in by a brief history of appropriation. Moving font will be created using sharpie markers. Handmade Books image examples of works by Duchamp, Rauschenberg, Warhol and Richard Pierce Instructor: Meg Rodgers Drawings will be collected, digitized and

    will be screened. Dameron will review legal Students will learn a variety of bookbinding reproduced to scale so they are all relative

    considerations and public domain. techniques to create journals, sketchbooks, size to work as a font. Font will be utilized and photo albums. The instructor will give the second day in designs which can be Students will use non-linear editing skills to an overview of bookmaking, including the used on a variety of usable objects. begin to create a video made from public tools, materials, and a variety of processes. Materials to bring: domain materials. Final Cut Pro Workflow - Prismacolor Blender Marker Day 1 the students will learn Japanese stab-will be utilized during this adventure. No - Black Sharpie binding, how to make a pamphlet book and previous experience with the software is - Sketchbook and other pencils/pens for a notepad. Day 2 they’ll learn a more necessary. Videos will be burned on to sketching intricate stitching method called “Coptic DVDs for each student. Binding”. Emphasis will be placed on Masked Discovery Materials to bring: personalizing and embellishing all books. Instructor: Matthew McKay - A notebook and pen Materials to bring: - Earphones Masks have been utilized in Theatre for - Scissors - A blank DVD-R thousands of years. Students will learn - Ruler

    about Mask Theatre, learn the effects of - 1 or 2 sheets of handmade paper that are

    masks in performance, and then begin about 18"x 24". These may be purchased from an art supply store. (Recommended creating their own masks. Students will

    stores in Richmond include Plaza Art or Main create masks informed by character Art.) Tell art supply store personnel you will research and discovery through personal be using the paper to cover books and they connection. Not only will students learn can help you find the appropriate paper. about the history of masks, they will create Make sure the paper isn't too thin (nothing a physical score, and perform it, while

    ART ADVENTURE WEEKEND OFFERINGS Student Name: ______________________________

    Summer Intensive course of study: _____________

    Please Please Weekend #1: Weekend #2: indicate indicate ththththJuly 17 and 18 July 24 and 25 your your

    choice. choice.

     1. Cover to Cover: An 1. “Beginning Screenplay Writing” Adventure in

    Todd Raviotta Handmade Books”

    Meg Rodgers

     2. Experimental 16mm 2. “Inventive Typography

     Animation” Workshop”

     Bryant Dameron Brandi Price

     3. Jewelry Makeover” 3. Masked Discovery

     Younseal Eum Matthew McKay

    4. Reed and Tissue Paper Sea 4. Found Footage:

     Shell Sculptures” Editing, Authorship and

    Chris Yarger Appropriated Images

    Bryant Dameron

    I will be going home for the I will be going home for the

    weekend.* weekend.*

Please note:

    * Students who are going home may be picked up at Johnson Hall (801 W. Franklin Street) at 4:45 pm on Friday and may

    return to campus at 7 pm on Sunday night. When picking up students please have your ID available for the Counselors to


    Art Adventure Weekend Registration

There is a $50 fee for each Art Adventure Weekend. You may make payments by check or credit


Select payment method:

     ____ Check Enclosed ____ Credit Card (Please make checks payable to Virginia Commonwealth University - School of the Arts. Please pay for deposit and Art Adventures with one check. )

Credit Card Information:

    Step 1: Please circle one: Visa / MasterCard / AMEX

    Step 2: Please circle amount authorized: $50.00 for one weekend or $100 for both weekends Note: (a) you may also charge the $300 deposit. Please charge the $300 deposit as well.

    Yes ____ No ____ or

    (b) Please charge the tuition balance as well as the deposit. ($2,750 - residential or

    $2225 - commuters) Yes ____ No ____

Step 3: Card Number Expiration Date

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