United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA)

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United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) ...

     United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International


    (Please Print Clearly & Provide Complete Information) Today‟s Date: 9/4/2009 SSN: or State ID Number:


    First name: Middle: Last name: Marital status: Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms. Br. Sr. Single Mar Div Sep Wid

    If not, what is your legal (Former Is this your legal name? Birth date: Age: Sex: name? name):

     Yes No M F Street address: Email Address: Home phone no.:

     ( ) Apt No: City: State: ZIP Code:

    Occupation or Specialty: Organization or Business Name & Address: Business phone no.:

     ( ) Print Name of Who Referred You: Sirat al Sayf International student UMMAA International member SWAM

     Family Friend Online / Website Yellow Pages Other Martial Arts - Current Title: Martial Arts History and/or Affiliations:


    Name of Person Attending: Birth date: Address (if different): Home phone no.:

     M F ( ) Occupation or Specialty: Organization or Business Name & Address: Business phone no.:

     ( ) Martial Arts Current Title: Martial Arts History and/or Affiliations:

    Person‟s relationship to you: Parent Spouse Child Childcare Needed Other - Please State Relation Here:


    Name of local friend or relative (not living at same address): Relationship to you: Home phone no.: ( ) Work phone no.: ( ) Friend or Relative Address (This must be different from your address): Mobile phone no: ( )

    I hereby agree and attest that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize the United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA), UMMAA International, Sirat al Saif International (SSI), and its subsidiaries to be paid for any cost(s) related to mine and/or my guest(s) listed above who register and/or attend this event. I understand that there is absolutely no refund of any kind and that I am completely financially responsible for any charges, costs, balances, fees, and/or damages incurred. By signing below, I also authorize the use of my card and permit the card company to release any information required to process any and all claims related to this event: .

    I hereby affirm and attest that by signing below I have no known health risks, diseases, injuries, or impairments and I assume any and all risks and/or liabilities associated with my attendance and/or participation and that of all my guests, friends, and/or relatives listed above on this event registration form.

    Registration#: Number of Attendees: XReservation Type: Authorizing SignaturePrimary RegistrantAdults: Children: Childcare Requested: Table Reserved: Payment Authorization# Authorizing signature: ____________________________________________ Date: ____________________ Ticket#: Vendor: Sponsor: Fax Signed Form To: 1-718-487-3536 and Mail The Original Form To: Sirat al Saif International, 153 01 Jamaica Avenue, Suite 501, Jamaica, NY 11432 USA

     United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International


    (The Way of the Sword)

    Muslim Martial Arts System


I, , being of coherent mind and without coercion am registering to participate in the

     seminar/event on . While on the premises of the event/seminar, I will take full

    responsibility of my actions and agree to waive and release any and all claims against all persons

    connected with the aforementioned event/seminar, including its organizers, the United Muslim

    Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International, Mu’allim Najee Hassan, Ustadha Rahma Hassan, Sirat al Sayf International (SSI), and its agents, subsidiaries and affiliates, SSI (The Way of the

    Sword) Muslim Martial Arts System, Sirat al Sayf MMA,UMMAA International all event promoters,

    event staff, event volunteers, seminar/workshop instructors/assistants, event hosts, sponsors,

    owners, and other participants for any injury or loss that I may sustain during the scheduled event

    /seminar. I am fully aware of the nature and risks of any martial arts, in particular, the Filipino

    /Moro martial arts (including Arnis, Kali, Eskrima, Grappling, Silat, Pressure Points, and

    Weaponry) as well as the improvised weaponry of Sirat al Sayf Muslim Martial Arts including its

    Life-Preservation Street-Survival System & SSI Combatives.

    Talent Release By signing this document, I, , understand there is a video/audio tape being recorded of this event and/or photos that may include me; thus, I hereby authorize, assign,

    and release all rights in and to such video/audio tape(s), CD(s), DVD(s), transcript(s), interview(s),

    picture(s), photo(s), recording(s), original(s) or copy (ies), and any other recording(s) or formats of

    this event/seminar to the producers: Mu’allim Najee Hassan, his wife Ustadha Rahma Hassan, Siratal Saif International (aka Sirat al Sayf International or SSI), Sirat al Sayf Muslim Martial Arts,

    Sirat al Sayf MMA, and the United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International. I also

    authorize the aforementioned producers, without limitation, the right to reproduce, copy, exhibit,

    alter/edit, publish or distribute any and all of such video/audio tape(s), CD(s), DVD(s), transcript(s),

    interview(s), picture(s), photo(s), recording(s), original(s) or copy (ies), and any other recording(s)

    or formats of this event/seminar and I waive all rights, claims, entitlements and/or compensation I

    may have against the above stated producers and organizations and/or any of its Founders,

    Owners, Sponsors, Affiliates, Subsidiaries, Assignees, Members, Staff or Volunteers other than as

    stated in this agreement.

I, , (the undersigned), have read, agree, accept, and fully understand the nature, terms

    and conditions set forth by this martial arts events/seminars and sign this waiver/liability

    agreement without coercion or duress. In addition, (if applicable) I also authorize the event

    accounting department to charge my credit /debit card for the total amount due (including all fees

    and purchases) related to this event/seminar and/or products/items purchased.

    Print Participant Full Legal Name: DOB: XAuthorizing SignaturePrimary Registrant

Registrant/Participant’s Signature (If under 18 yrs, legal guardian must sign) Today’s Date




    A) 1) Complete the entire form then 2) Print the completed form.

    B) 3) Authorize the charges to your card or bank account by signing below on this form.

    C) 4) Fax the signed form along with all the required documents stated below:

    1. A) FAX ONE COPY OF THE FRONT AND BACK OF YOUR CARD (Card must be same name as on check if paying by check)




    Fax all required documents and this signed form to:


    (No cover sheet is needed. For Form Help: select the box and press Ctrl F1 to see details) A) Item Description*: B) Item Description*:

    C) Item Description*: D) Item Description*:

    *(Please associate item description above to applicable item quantity below according to each lettered group)

    A) Item Quantity*: Price Per Item: $ USD Total Amount*: $ USD (corresponds to A above) B) Item Quantity*: Price Per Item: $ USD Total Amount*: $ USD (corresponds to B above) C) Item Quantity*: Price Per Item: $ USD Total Amount*: $ USD (corresponds to C above) D) Item Quantity*: Price Per Item: $ USD Total Amount*: $ USD (corresponds to D above) Bank Routing No: Account No: Check No: Check Dated: Check Amt: $ USD Account Type: Checking Savings Other: Account Holder Name: Bank Name: Bank Telephone Number:

    Bank Branch: Bank Address:

    Card Number: Card Type: Debt or Credit

    Card Expiration Date: CVV code (three digit number on back of card) Type of Card (Check one) MasterCard Visa Discover American Express

    By signing, I, , agree to pay the total amount*as entered above according to the account/card issuer agreement. I

    hereby authorize the United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International, Sirat al Sayf International (SSI), or its

    subsidiaries to charge the above card for this amount: plus 5% processing fee: . Sign Here: By signing, I, , agree to be bound by UMMAA International, SSI, or its subsidiaries policy and instructions for this

    transaction and any additional related costs (such as: transfer fees) and all cost related to collections and/or penalties, fees or other charges in the event that funds are insufficient, withheld or non-payable. Sign Here:

    XSignature: Date: Full Address for Account or Card:

    Print Full Name on Account or Cardholder Name:

    *5% processing fee plus any applicable bank funds transfer charges, insufficient funds, return check fees, and/or transmittal fees.

     United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International

On behalf of the United Muslim Martial Artist Association (UMMAA) International, we would

    like to extend an invitation to our Ummah and global community to attend our First Annual

    UMMAA International “Vanguards of the Sunnah” event on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

Our intention is to enjoin the good, forbid the wrong, and establish unity within our

    community. For this event, we request that the attendees to respect the Islamic dress

    code as commanded by ALLAH (Subhana Wa T‟Ala) and our Beloved Prophet Muhammad

    (Salla ALLAHu „Alaiyhi Wa Sallam). Adherence is mandatory for admission.

On the following page you will see some examples of acceptable Islamic attire. If you

    choose to attend, you may wear your traditional or cultural attire as long as it conforms to

    the dress code requirements stated on the following page and detailed below:

Dress Code For All Males Over 7 years old:

    ? Loose clothing NOT form-fitting nor tight

    ? NO sheer or see-thru clothing

    ? Shirt must NOT be tucked into pants

    ? Top or Jacket must have length down to the thigh area and below the hip area

    ? All Suits must be loose-fitting (with Shirts outside of pants down to the thigh)

Dress Code For All Females Over 7 years old:

    ? Loose clothing NOT form-fitting nor tight

    ? NO sheer or see-thru clothing, head scarves, or face veils

    ? Head and all hair must be covered

    ? Ears and earrings must be covered

    ? Neck and Chest area must NOT be exposed

    ? Head covering must properly have length to cover entire breast area down to below

    the waist or longer if preferred.

    ? Head covering or scarves must extend well below the chest area

    ? Dresses, Suits, Skirts, Pants must be very loose (not form revealing - not see-thru)

    ? All Skirts, Dresses, Pants, Suit Bottoms must be below ankle length

    ? All Tops/Blouses, Jackets, Suit Tops must be long sleeve & length to the waist/knees

    ? Suits: Blouses or Tops down to above knees & must NOT tucked into pants or skirt

    ? If worn, Make-up must be minimal and subtle (not very visible)

    ? If worn, Nail polish should be clear or a color not very visible or bright

    ? Absolutely NO perfumes, oils, scented lotions, or fragrances are to be worn

We thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation in this matter and look

    forward to seeing you at this historical event.

     ** Note: Seating Is Limited ** Please register early to secure your space. All costs are per person as follows: Examples of Required

     Islamic Male Clothing Seminar/Workshop: $45 for ages 9 yrs. & older for children 8 yrs old & under pay only $20 ----------------------------------------------------------------

    Banquet Award Dinner: $55 for ages 12 yrs & older

    for children 11 yrs & under pay only $25


    Purchase both and Save $25 off for ages 9 yrs & older

    Purchase both Save $15 off ages 8 yrs & under


    Vendor space: $60 per table per vendor

    Reserve your space early by 9/30/09 & get over 15%

    off the already low price.

    Step One: Review the registration package. Complete, Sign and Fax all forms to: Sirat al Sayf International, Administrator at:

    (718) 487-3536 or send email to:


    IMPORTANT: All Required Forms Must Be Completed In Their Entirety, Clearly Signed and Submitted. Early Registrations Are Due On or Before September 30, 2009. Late Registrations Are Due On or Before October 15, 2009.

     Step Two: Be sure to send acknowledgment that you have received Examples of Required your confirmation ticket number via fax to: (718) 487-3536 Islamic Female Clothing UMMAA.INTERNATIONAL@GMAIL.COM or email it to: Remember in your acknowledgement you must include the last eight (8) digits of the card number used to register and date forms were submitted.

    IMPORTANT: Proper Islamic Attire Required. Please see

    examples of the acceptable Islamic dress code on this

    page. Any variation can be made to your own style as long

    as it conforms to the example coverings and are not tight

    or form-fitting nor sheer or see-thru. Also, for females all scarves, headwear or head coverings must be able to

    loosely fall over the entire breasts without accentuating

    and it must cover the entire head including all hair, neck,

    ears, breasts, and earrings cannot be visible. Note:

    Sisters if make-up is worn, please be modest in its use so

    that the make-up does not intentionally draw attention to

    your beauty, nail polish (if worn) must be clear and

    absolutely no perfumes, oils or scented lotions are to be

    applied to your body, clothes or hair. Believing men and

    believing women Fear ALLAH (SWT) and please be mindful

    of your Aura at all times and conduct yourselves in the

    best manner of conduct in accordance to the Qur’aan and

    Sunnah in Islam as Muslims. To remind the believer for by

    chance the reminder will benefit the believer. Contact: Ustadha Rahma Hassan at (718) 487-3536 or via email at: or Sina records: "I learned the essence of true love, that love which results in complete obedience." The love of Allaah demands total and unconditional obedience. Allah, the Almighty says: Say [oh, Muhammad!]: "If you love Allah, follow me: Allah will forgive you your sins, for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful" [Surah 3:31] Also visit our websites: or