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Valley Vibrations ...

    People Say: “I had the worse migraine of my life when I Ingredients: stopped at an Angel Oil booth. They put some on “I am a construction worker and I have used all Castor OilProduced from the castor bean, also my hands and a little on my neck, my headache kinds of stuff on my hands and my back. My hands Angel Oil known as the “palm of Christ.” It is a medicinal went away. I have spent hundreds of dollars and are cracked with open places and my back hurts plant of importance to alternative, as well as have been to a bunch of doctors and nothing all the time. I was given a demonstration of angel traditional health practitioners. Some of the worked as good as the Angel Oil. I will never be oil and I could not believe how it made my hands properties of the oil are analgesic (pain reliever), without my Angel Oil.” Plano, TX feel. I bought a 2 oz. bottle, and when I went to and it stimulates the lymphatic, creating work, I showed the guys my hands. They were so “My Mother died a year ago and my Father has cooperation with the organs through the nervous “The Original” Therapeutic Healing Oil amazed. I have been going back every week to been in pain. I have bought all kinds of stuff but system. buy bottles for all of the guys that I work with.” nothing worked. I found Angel Oil and sent him a Grapefruit OilRecognized as an antioxidant. It Grand Prairie, TX bottle. It changed his life. It also helped me How does it work? protects the skin, acts as an antiseptic and healer because I do not feel that I did not fail my Mother “I had a skin rash on my hands for 10 years, and I Aromatherapy is a healing art, which uses to the skin. by not taking care of my Father.” Housekeeper - had been to dermatologists all over the US with essential oils to promote health of body and PatchouliUplifting, sensuous, calming, Denton, TX little results. Mostly I spent lots of money and the serenity of mind. Essential oils are the aromatic regenerative to the skin. Stimulates the nervous skin rash always came back. When I started using “I have Lupus and am in a lot of pain. I take parts of trees, plants, and flowers. The essential system; anti-inflammatory. Angel Oil, I could feel the Oil making my hands hundreds of dollars of pain pills everyday. oils are extracted in different methods that RosemaryPurifies the blood, bringing about feel smoother. I just wanted to let you know how Someone introduced me to Angel Oil. After using enhance the oil. Pure essential oils are necessary warmth. Stimulates the memory. much Angel Oil changed my life. My rash has Angel Oil a few weeks I was able to half my pain to create formulas that will heal, balance the disappeared, and I am not ashamed of letting medication, and I am hoping that after a while, I Clove BudHas an analgesic (pain relieving) and emotion, and bring peace to the mind. people see my hands. Thank You.” will not need it at all. Thank you for Angel Oil.” antiseptic affect. The skin readily absorbs essential oils; they leave School Teacher Tulsa, OK Tempe, AZ NutmegUsed to stimulate digestion. In 1704, a light fragrance or no fragrance behind. Pollini wrote 800 pages on the use of nutmeg, “in Fragrance oils are used in perfume and scented The Story of Angel Oil good health and bad, alive or dead, nobody can do candles and can sometimes cause allergic A long time ago a young girl came to the wild west of America. She came with her parents who were without this nut, [nutmeg] the most salutary reactions. missionaries. They became educated in medicine and with knowledge of the healing arts or what we call medicine”. Essential oils are the essence of plants, trees, or today alternative forms of healing. They knew about the healing power of plants, trees and herbs. They also LemonSaid to be a bactericide, antiseptic flowers. Essential oils have been compared to the believed the greatest power to heal was prayer and the grace of God’s miracles. These wonderful, loving (reduces infection), stimulates and reduces blood of a person. Essential oils are not the whole people were the young girls teachers and God led her to follow in the footsteps they would leave. rheumatic pain, heals skin diseases. Energizing, plant, they are an organic substance all to This amazing girl grew up and became my great-granny, AnnA. She lived to be one hundred years old. She promotes optimism. themselves. Like blood, they will lose their life left behind stories written in a journal and recipes for potions and oils that she used to heal. She always force if not properly preserved. Essential oils may AniseIt produces warmth in the body and gave God the credit for her abilities and prayer was her most powerful tool. Her stories are told at every be applied externally or internally (internal use is stimulates the nervous system, assists the family reunion and her journals are read to all the children as an example of a true Christian person. I heard not recommended or suggested). digestion. her stories when I was a small child and wanted to follow in her footsteps. We are a very close family; we The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is talk often and have family reunions at regular times, and sometimes we get together for Sunday dinner that CedarwoodRelieves anxiety, depression, and assumed that a product applied to an area of the turns into a reunion. We know each other’s stories and someone always talks about Granny AnnA and how stimulates the mind to relieve fatigue. Assists in skin affect the organs. she would love the modern world. We all have an interest in natural things and some of us even followed respiratory conditions and skin diseases (eczema,

    Granny AnnA into medicine. We have never forgotten our roots and the natural way. dermatitis). Essential oils are absorbed and utilized to relieve

    congestion and ease pain within the body. They At our family reunions we always have a family prayer and everyone shares their concerns and concerns for WintergreenContains methyl salilate, which is have been used traditionally to relieve symptoms those who cannot attend. This particular year we were all concerned for our auntie. She had been taken with similar to saliclitate acid (aspirin). Anti-of asthma, injuries, emotional distress, and pain. a strange illness, she had used traditional medicine, and all her friends who used natural (alternative) things inflammatory and reduces pain.

    made suggestion, but nothing seemed to help the pain. She was in so much pain when she tried to walk and Grapeseed OilEssential oils are blended in What do I use it for? was mostly bound to the bed. We were all quite concerned and the subject of Granny AnnA came up and grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is very light, Amazing Angel Oil is applied to sore muscles, what she would do to help. We took up her journals and began to read, and from the mouth of babes, one of odorless, and absorbs easily through the skin. It injuries, skin rashes, bruises, scrapes, cuts. The the younger children found the recipe for Granny AnnA’s Angel Oil. also acts as a cleanser and toner. properties of the essential oils ease stiffness in We had always heard that Granny AnnA believed that God sent the Angels to guide her hands to help Magnetically charged water, divine intention joints and return flexibility to scar tissue. Massage those in need. We believed this was a sign, and God was answering our prayers. None of us had made the therapists use Angel Oil alone or by placing a few oil so we searched out friends who sold the very best essential oils, processed the water as she described, drops in massage oil. ? 1996-2000 Valley Vibrations Angel Oil and gathered together the colors. We made about two gallons of Angel Oil and set off on our journey. We

    begin by rubbing Angel Oil all over auntie’s body, and the next morning she had less pain. Within two days

    she was able to get up and take a few steps. Over time the pain lessened and auntie was able to walk. Now Granny AnnA Angel Oil • P.O. Box 13805 • Arlington, Texas 76094 • (800) 899-9937 auntie is the manager at Granny AnnA’s Angel Oil overseeing every batch to assure that each person has a bottle as good as the one she received.

At the next family reunion everyone was a buzz about “ how do we begin to make this a business and share

    Angel Oil with the world.” We spent a year finding all the oils, deciding who was going to do what, and, of course, giving it to all our friends and family from coast to coast to see how it worked for other problems and

    decided to call the company Granny AnnA Angel Oil. We named our company after Granny AnnA Valley.

    All the kids liked saying we had “good vibration” like the song so we call our family company Valley Vibration. Every one who hears our story has a million questions to ask. So we will try to share what we know.

    How did she magnetize the water?

     Granny AnnA’s description came from her interest in stones and called them “art by God.” She discovered

    that a stone called Lodestone, had a quality that was like a magnet. When she put her waters and colors in a crock, that had been chiseled out of Lodestone, for twenty-eight days, she noted a difference in the spin of the water. She also noted that the waters were more effective, and the colors brighter. When we began making Angel Oil we also used her directions and noticed that a specialized electrical tool would produce

    magnetic quality to the water. We have some family members who are into magnets and they shared research on the use of magnet to help relieve pain. We decided that this was something we wanted to include because Granny AnnA’s method was too long. A group of computer smart grand- children came up with a design for a chamber that creates a pulsating magnetic field in which we place the Angel Oil. Why Color therapy? For the last fifty years the military has been studying the effects of color on mood, emotional highs and lows. They discovered that red produces a rapid heart beat, and if worn for extended lengths of time or a person is

    left in a room that is red, anger is the result. They painted hospitals green, blue and a variety of shades of purple, and the results are very interesting. They should have talked to Granny AnnA because she knew about color way back when. She writes in her journal “ healing begins when the body is surrounded by the colors of the earth, the dark green of the grass and trees puts life into the cheeks of the sick” To her the very color of Angel Oil had to be green “ to put life into the cheeks” and as we have discovered, all the parts of the body respond to the color green and the rich golden color of the oils. Why divine intention? We are a family business and we follow Granny AnnA’s teachings. She lived and breathed God. She

    believe that God shows our path and if we are true to our faith and our minds are pure then God is in each

    and every bottle of Angel Oil. Each person who purchases a bottle will be blessed with the contents. We do

    not promise anyone that this “magic” liquid called Angel Oil will cure, heal or fix your problem. We do know if

    you will use the contents of this bottle consistently on sore muscles, feet that ache, backs that are stiff and

    rashes that just will not get better, you will notice a difference. We can also promise that each ingredient is

    of the best quality and comes from the earth; fresh water, pure essential oils and carrier oils that are of the Angel Oil best quality. All from nature, no animals or animal products, no animals were hurt or used to test this product.

    Divine intention is prayer, our prayer that God will guide our hands, clear our minds and send the angels to

    reside in each bottle.

    About Us: We are family, we have studied as much of the natural arts as we can, and continue to study and learn. We are many generations, each a part of the Valley family and are intimately involved with every part “The Original” Therapeutic Healing Oil of the production of Granny AnnA Angel Oil. We produce in small batches - each bottle is hand filled, labeled and sealed. We do not keep shelves of back stock because we want each batch to last for you to use however long that may be. How long does it last? To be honest we do not know but suggest one year.

    We recently had a customer who went on a four year journey. She thought she had bought enough bottles Call Deja: to last, and she almost made it. Her last bottle was as good as her first. 817-462-8878 24-hour Order Line We are proud of our roots and the blessing Granny AnnA has been to our lives. We are grateful for her 800-899-9937 Toll Free 24-hour Order Line years of dedication to the healing art of science and nature. Our prayer is to remain true and honest to 817-874-4886 cell Granny AnnA’s mission, to help others with the knowledge she was given through prayer and research.

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