MDI's Mela-cum-Market Research Event 'Illumina 2010' Concludes

By Andrew Reynolds,2014-03-19 03:30
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1 November 2010 Illumina '10 The 14th edition of the Disguised Market Research Festival of the Management Development Institute MDI, Gurgaon was held

    MDI’s Mela-cum-Market Research Event

    Illumina 2010 Concludes Successfully

     thMore than 10,000 enjoy the fun and festivities at the 14 edition

     th1November 2010: Illumina ’10 The 14 edition of the Disguised Market Research

    Festival of the Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon was held

    successfully on 31 October, with more than 10,000 people from Gurgaon and Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) attending the daylong Diwali Mela. MDI students and corporates (Airtel, Pepsi, ITC, Spencer’s Retail, Kellogg’s, HUL, Aviva, Bank of Baroda,

    Gillette, Dabur, Red FM, and others) participated in large numbers to tap into the spontaneous feedback of the captive audience, who were unaware their responses at the Diwali Mela were being noted and mined for critical, unbiased views.

Said Ms Gita Bajaj, Associate Professor, MDI: “The audience participation and response

    was tremendous. Over the next few days, MDI students, sponsors and associates will mine this data to draw unbiased insights about their products and services that would not be possible through regular undisguised market surveys. Besides being a tremendous learning experience for MDI students, the event provides invaluable insights for our associates, since they receive a first-hand account about the target audience’s perceptions regarding their products or services, which helps in improving offerings.”

    There were 30 stalls at the venue, which included five Market Research (MR) stalls that were innovatively themed. Red FM’s MR stall had names such as Gabbar Ka Chulbul

    Munna, with characters from hit movies like Sholay, Dabangg and Munnabhai MBBS.

    Spencer’s Retail’s MR was themed ‘Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Shopper Thi’. The Bollywood

    and television connection drew shoppers in droves to these stalls.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Neelu Bhullar, Associate Professor, MDI, said: “The

    annual Diwali Mela initiative involves market research designed with inputs from IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau) International. Moreover, this year the event had a green theme, which will help raise carbon consciousness and environment-friendliness among all citizens who visited the mela.”

    Delhi University colleges Shri Ram College of Commerce, Lady Shri Ram College, and IP University, among others performed street plays based on issues such as a secular India and women’s empowerment. With more than 50 schools having been invited to

    participate in a session called ‘Expressions’, there were dozens of school children at the

    venue. The school children excitedly participated in activities like the ‘1-minute talent

    show’, ‘Math Buddy’ (highlighting the fun element in mathematics) and a painting contest based on the theme, ‘Gurgaon of my dreams’.

    Behind the fun and games, though, the serious intent was apparent, with MDI students imparting a “Go Green” theme to Illumina 2010. As part of this initiative, a software

    developed by the NGO NCREF was used to track the carbon footprint of the entire event. To make the event Carbon Neutral, an appropriate number of trees will be planted later to offset the carbon trail.

Said Raghu Poorie, Secretary, Illumina: “The innovative games and perceptive queries

    framed by MDI students helps corporates better understand consumer psyche, thereby improving the chances of easier market access and higher penetration. Given the event’s urban and rural connect, corporates could leverage these insights to test perceptions in other similar markets.

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