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The critical factor to the attainment of such market dominance is the extensive use of MarketingResearch. To be truly marketing orientated, companies have

    Marketing Research MK 301

Marketing Research MK 301

    - Course Outline -

    “To be successful, a business must direct all its efforts to giving customers what they want, while still earning a profit. The critical factor to the attainment of such market dominance is the extensive use of Marketing Research. To be truly marketing orientated, companies have to be information-orientated. Marketing Research is

    about generating and interpreting information to assist management with decision-Objective

    making.” (Domegan and Fleming, 2007, pp. 2-13).

    The purpose of this course is to critically reflect upon the what, how, where, when and why of Marketing Research.

    Lecturer Name Office Ext E-mail

    nd2730 Dr. Christine Room 334, 2 Floor,

    Domegan Marketing, Cairnes


     Day Time Venue

    Lectures Wednesday 11am-1pm LH1 St Anthonys/CA111

    Class Times Lectures Friday 11am-1pm SC004 Charles McMunn Theatre

Upon completion of this course, students will have achieved the following:

Knowledge based outcomes:

    ; A comprehensive understanding of marketing research theory and practice.

    ; Express the role and function of marketing research in marketing strategies and

    information management.

    ; Discuss the conceptual and methodological issues that

    Overall underlie the various stages of the marketing research process.

    ; Acquire an in-depth knowledge of the tools and Learning

    techniques in Marketing Research. Outcomes

    ; Be able to apply marketing research concepts, tools and skills learnt to various

    business contexts and be capable of analysing a variety of marketing scenarios and

    designing appropriate contextual market research techniques.

    ; Be cognisant of challenges faced, and evaluate techniques employed, in designing

    and conducting market research.

Skills based outcomes:

    ; A full understanding of accessing material through the library databases.

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    Marketing Research MK 301 ; Write up a professional research report.

    ; Undertake desk search.

    ; Present, in written form, your research ideas.

    ; Choose effective and efficient research strategies and

     methods appropriate to a given a certain set of circumstances

    ; Manage teamwork and time schedules.

    ; Be sensitive to the problems and challenges in doing marketing research. ; Experience of working in groups, to specific deadlines.

    ; Greater experience in presentation skills.

B.Comm/ B.Comm International Programmes

    The final grade for this 10ects course will be calculated as follows:-

    ; 15% Secondary Research Assignment

    ; 25% Primary Research Assignment

    ; 60% Final Exam

    Secondary Data Research Project, Assignment 1

    Due: Wednesday, October 13th, 11am in class.

    Value: 15%

    Format: 7-12 page professional, typed, hard & soft copy report.

    In groups of 4 (max; 3 Irish and 1 Visiting Student), submit a full technical

    secondary data search, analysis and report on the Use and Abuse of Disabled

    Car Parking Spaces in Ireland”.

    (a) Give a brief background to the topic.

    (b) Provide an overview of the industry. Assessment

    (c) Document the market sizes, using multiple sources.

    (d) Profile market trends over the past two years.

    (e) Detail the top reasons for, and potential barriers to such behaviour.

    (f) Include a completed group assessment agenda.

    ; You are not to contact any person from any company in question.

    ; All supporting materials, figures, definitions and assumptions etc., must be

    provided in appendices and are not included in the 7-12 page report limit.

    ; All secondary sources to be fully referred to in bibliography.

    Observational Study, Assignment 2

    thDue: Wednesday 24 November, 11am in class.

    Value: 25%

    Format: 15-20 page professional, typed, hard & soft copy report.

    In groups of 4 (max) conduct an Observational Study in an assigned Disabled

    Car Parking Space and present a written report on the The Use and Abuse

    of Disabled Parking Spaces in Galway City to include:

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    Marketing Research MK 301

    (a) A designed observational questionnaire.

    (b) The pre-tested observational questionnaire and changes needed.

    (c) A minimum of 20 hours observation (2 x 10hrs or 4 x 5hrs)

    (d) A discussion of the data gathering process, the fieldwork, time

     schedule and ethical guidelines.

    (e) A completed group assessment agenda.

    ; Your observational questionnaire and schedule must be agreed with

     course lecturer in advance.

    ; All supporting materials, figures etc., must be provided in appendices, not

    included in the 15-20 page limit.

    ; All secondary sources to be fully referred to in bibliography.

    Both assignments are in conjunction with and supported by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland

Supporting materials and details of the requirements of both written research

    assignment are posted on Blackboard.

Written Examination: 60%

    In this final three hour pre-Christmas exam, worth 60%, you will be asked to answer four out of six questions. The questions will be a mixture of conceptual issues and applied matters. Previous exams papers are available from examinations office website. Candidates must pass the written examination to be awarded marks for assignments/class participation.

Note: A minimum of 35% is required in the final written examination before marks

    for continuous assessment can be included in the determination of the overall mark

    for the subject.

Credit weighting: 10 ECTs

Lecture hours: 48 (12wks x 4 hrs) Workload Assignment work and independent study: 200

    Examination: 3 hours

    Total Student Effort: 250 Hours

Required reading in Textbooks :

     “Marketing Research”, by Eric Shui, Joseph Hair, Robert Bush and David Ortinau. ISBN: 978-007711706-1, McGraw-Hill 2009. Available in the University bookshop. Course Readings

    “Marketing Research in Ireland, Theory & Practice” by Christine Domegan & Declan Fleming. (3rd Edition) 2007. ISBN : 978-0-7171-4200-2

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    Marketing Research MK 301 Date Topic Reading

    thSeptember 8 Overview of course and introduction Course Outline

    thChapter 1 September 10 Marketing Research Introduced

    thChapters 2 & 3 September 15 The Marketing Research Process

    Chapters 2 & 3 Problem Definition and Research Design

    thSeptember 17 Guest Speaker:

    Mr. Kenneth Fox, Chief Executive,

    Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland.

    Chapter 4 Secondary Sources of Data September 22nd Guest Speaker “Mintel”.

    September 24th Secondary Sources of Data Chapter 4 & handout

    Chapter 5 Projective Techniques, In-Qualitative datathSeptember 29 depth Interviews

    Chapter 6 Qualitative data Focus Groups

    October 1st Guest Speaker:

    Sinead Duane, Safefood Research Fellow

    Chapter 7 October 6th Quantitative data Surveys

    October 8th Quantitative Research: Observation and Panels Chapter 9 October 13th Quantitative Research: Observation and Panels Chapter 9

    Chapter 10 October 15th Questionnaire Design and Field Work

    Chapter 11 Measurement Construct Development & October 20th Scales of Measurement

    Chapter 12 October 22nd Attitude Measurement

    Chapters 13 & 14 October 27th The Sampling Process

     Chapters 13 & 14 October 29th Sample Size Determination

    Chapter 8 November 3rd Causal Research

    Chapter 8 November 5th Experimentation

    Chapter 15 November 10th Data Preparation and Processing

    Blackboard handout November 12th Qualitative Data Analysis

    Chapters 16 &17 November 17th Quantitative Data Analysis

    Chapters 18 & 19 Quantitative Data Analysis November 19th

    Presentation and Communication of Findings Chapter 20 November 24th

    thNovember 26 Course Review and Exam preparation

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