Global warming

By Joan Webb,2014-03-26 20:32
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Global warming

    Global warming

     As we all know, the environment of our earth is getting worse and worse. However, the problem about global warming is one of the biggest problem among them. Have you ever seen the film named the day after

    tomorrow? If we still destory the environment and dont take some

    measures to protect our earth, maybe you can see the terrible scene in the future. Maybe you think the fact cant be so serious, but believe it or not,

    its absolutly ture.

     CO2 and other green house gas is responsible for the global warming. Whats produce CO2? There can be many reasons, such as the breath of animals, the buring of fossil fuels ( coal, oil, and nature gas), and so on. But the most important reason is the shortage about trees. The human beings have cut donw too many trees without plant new trees, because of this, too many CO2 can not be absorb by the trees. The CO2 get into fresh

    air and causes the density of CO2 getting higher and higher. Too many

    CO2 cover around our earth and the heat couldn’t get out into the space,

    so the temperature of our earth is getting higher and higher. Its just work

    as the greenhouse, so global warming is called greenhouse effect, too.

     Whatever in developed or developing country, all the people are suffer from the problem about global warming, but there also has some little difference between developed country and developing country. For example, in the year of 2004, the first country by carbon dioxide emissions is America, it takes 22.2% of total emissions. And the second is China, it takes18.4% of total emissions(from wikipedia). Whats more,

    the total discharge of CO2 which developed countries do are more than

    developing countries. Doesnt it strange? The developed countries have

    more technology to protect the environment, so it should be less than

developing countries in the area of the discharge CO2, but the ture is on

    the opposite.

     There also has some difference between developing countries. For example, China and Egypt. Both of them are developing countries, but they have many difference about this problem. In the year of 2004, China has produce 5010170 CO2 emissions, and Egypt only has produce 158237 CO2 emissions(in thousands of metric tons), the difference between the two number are huge, isnt it?

     In a word, the air temperature of our earth is getting higher and higher, ice in the north and south pole is melting faster and faster. If we still sitting there and dont take some measures to protect our motherearth, I

    can imagine what the future will be: sea level rise and the seawater covers a huge area of the land, humans, animals, plants cant live in their

    tradition land and died I believe that there will be nobody want to see

    this, so lets keep the balance of our environment together. Saving the earth is saving ourselves


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