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    Project Execution and Control Transition Checklist Provide basic information about the project including: Project Title The proper name used to identify this project; Project Working Title The working name or acronym that will be used for the project; Proponent Secretary The Secretary to whom the proponent agency is assigned or the Secretary that is sponsoring

    an enterprise project; Proponent Agency The agency that will be responsible for the management of the project; Prepared by The person(s) preparing this document; Date/Control Number The date the checklist is finalized and the change or configuration item control number assigned.

Project Title: Project Working Title:

Proponent Secretary: Proponent Agency:

Prepared by: Date/ Control Number:

    Complete the Status and Comments column. In the Status column indicate: Yes, if the item has been addressed and completed; No, if item has not been addressed, or is incomplete; N/A, if the item is not applicable to this project. Provide comments or describe the plan to resolve the item in the last column.

     Item Status Comments/

    Plan to Resolve

    1 Have all activities, tasks, and subtask been

    completed as specified in the baseline project


    1.1 If the answer to 1 is No, is there a plan to

    complete these tasks?

    1.2 If the answer to 1.1 is No, is there an impact

    on the project delivering the product, good, or

    service for which it was chartered?

    2 Have all issues raised during the course of the

    project been closed?

    2.1 If the answer to 2 is No, is there a plan to

    close out these issues?

    3 Has all documentation supporting the transfer

    of the project deliverables to operations been


    4 Have planning and coordination meetings

    been held with operations to insure a smooth

    transition of responsibility?


     Item Status Comments/

    Plan to Resolve

    5 Has the project met or exceeded performance

    goals established in the project performance


    5.1 If the answer to 5 is No, is there an impact on

    project deliverables? 6 Have all deliverable tests been completed?

    6.1 Did the product deliverables meet the

    acceptance criteria established in the project


    7 Has a user acceptance document been

    completed? 7.1 Has the authorized user authority signed off

    on acceptance of the deliverables? 7.2 Were there any conditions or exceptions

    identified in the user acceptance document? 7.3 If the answer to 7.2 is Yes, is there a plan to

    satisfy the conditions or exceptions? 7.4 If the answer to 7.3 is Yes, is there a need for

    additional resources or time to satisfy the

    users conditions? If so, identify the needs in

    the comment column.

    8 Is a plan in place to conduct the project

    closeout task? 8.1 Have the project closeout tasks been


    8.2 Has a date been established when the Project

    Closeout Report will be completed?

    9 Is there an expectation of administrative or

    logistics issues during project closeout?



    The Signatures of the people below relay an understanding that the key elements within the Planning Phase section are complete and the project team is ready to transition to the Execution Phase.

    Position/Title Name Date Phone Number


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