the powers of aroma and odor

By Todd Duncan,2014-06-26 18:43
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the powers of aroma and odor ...

    2 Corinthians 2:14-17 Now thanks be unto When I walk through the front door of home an God, which always causeth us to triumph in odour molecule lands on the nerve receptors in my Christ, and maketh manifest the savor of his nose and my brain identifies the odour of my dog, knowledge by us in every place. (15) For we and the aroma of my wife’s cooking!

    are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: Our brain remembers our experience we associate (16) To the one we are the savour of death the smell with there’s a reaction as we connect

    unto death; and to the other the savour of life the fragrance with a familiar food. unto life…

     Smells were a key part of Old Testament acts of Scientists have discovered how the human sense worship. God "smelled" the smoke of animal of smell, our ability to recognise odours, is linked sacrifices as an "odour of sweet smell." to the part of our brain to do with memory and emotion. An aroma can trigger memories of past For example, one the first things Noah did when people and events. he left the ark was to offer many animal sacrifices

     to God (Genesis 8:20,21). The smoke and aroma Places give off a certain smell. When you go to a of those burning sacrifices was "smelled" by God foreign country a big part of the “culture shock” as a "soothing aroma." can be all the new odours you find, and a lack of familiar ones. There was an altar of incense as a key part of the

     worship of God’s people, who used to burn As a younger man I remember going back into an incense in the tabernacle and later the temple old church from my homeland and the smell of (Exodus 30). the building brought back memories of my childhood. Maybe for you it’s the smell of coffee, Aaron had a smell, as he placed incense on the

    altar at morning and evening - Ex. 30:7. He went or potpourri, or some bread baking…

     home with the scent of his time with God on his


    There’s also a certain kind of "smell" produced by To all people who accept Christ's liberation and your faith. That godly aroma or fragrance of salvation, the incense is the aroma of freedom Jesus in you from sin and death. They’ve been freed! The

     smell is the sweet smell of holiness and purity The Corinthians could relate to the picture Paul produced by liberation from the power of evil. paints here, of how a victorious Roman general Jesus Christ is the aroma of life.

    and his troops would return to the city of Rome. To honour him, and celebrate the victory, the city Paul says that Christ always leads us in victory. would turn out for the triumphant march. Christians follow him, spreading, in every place,

     the fragrance that comes from knowing him. Crowds would line the parade route. The Romans would parade their defeated captives He always leads us in continual victory... You can through the streets. It was a way of rubbing their always be led in the procession of victory, no noses in defeat and celebrating victory over their matter what temptation comes your way. He enemies. makes you a sweet fragrance to God and those

     who are being saved. The streets would be filled with burners that

    Eph 5:2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath produced clouds of incense. They carried huge

    loved us, and hath given himself for us an bowls of burning incense so that the fragrance of

    offering and a sacrifice to God for a victory spread throughout the cheering crowds.

    sweetsmelling savour. To those captives, the clouds of incense were the

    horrible smell of death. To the victorious Romans, this was the wonderful smell of victory. This provokes us to think about… When we go to

     various places do we leave the sweet and Christ is the conquering general. Jesus leads us powerful smell of Christ’s love for souls? When in triumphal procession. The triumph of our we leave a room is the air fresh with God’s love victorious Lord Jesus Christ is on our lives.

    and compassion and kindness and generosity of spirit? The fragrance that we carry evokes a reaction

     the message of the Gospel for those who hear

    Our communion with God brings an aroma a and believe, the story of Christ is a sweet, savour of Christ on our lives. welcome aroma. But to those who reject Him, it

     has the repulsive odour of death. The gospel But to all people who love evil, and the unholy, forces them to face the thought of death and the incense is the aroma of certain death. They eternity, which terrifies them. hate truth and purity, Christ, and God. To them, Jesus Christ is the aroma of death. The bouquet of flowers that reminds some people

     of a pleasant spring garden reminds others of a What do you smell like? How is your spiritual funeral home. The message of salvation through scent? What kind of scent does you life give off? Christ is the smell of death to those who do not Is it one that points others to God? If not, isn’t it accept Him. But to those who believe in Jesus, it is time to clean up the corruption of sin so that the the wonderful perfume of life. (Above two paras based on Our

    Daily Bread) wonderful fragrance of Christ is dispersed to

     others through your actions and attitudes?

    Don’t be discouraged. Those who reject you

    because of the fragrance of Christ in your life are The scent of Christ comes on us as we have

    rejecting Him. Just make sure that your life communion with Him. Even when we go through

    continues to give forth His aroma. trouble and difficulty His fragrance can be

     powerfully dispersed from us to others. Keep

    To a dying world that accepts them, the words of faithfully in His presence…

    the Gospel are the sweet fragrance of life.

     Of course there are smells that aren’t so pleasant.

    The persecutors of the Apostles could tell that What we hang around with rubs off on us… Eg,

    “they had been with Jesus” - Acts 4:13. our dog wallows in something smelly… The

     corruption that is in our world… (some copied materials)

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