The Mothers Fragrances Incense About our incense The Mothers

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The Mothers Fragrances Incense About our incense The Mothers ...

     The Mother's Fragrances Incense

? About our incense.

    The Mother's Fragrances Incense is handmade in Pondicherry, India by the age-old masala method and is a light, natural and clean burning incense. The masala method uses a variety of scented flowers, herbs, leaves, essential oils, resins and wood powders which are blended with water to form a dough. A tree resin which has adhesive properties is added to the mixture as a binding agent. The dough is then rolled onto a thin sliver of bamboo and allowed to dry in the shade. The masala method avoids the use of any chemicals and The Mother’s Fragrances is a 100% natural incense.

    Flowers generally have a subtle and delicate scent. Charcoal burns almost without any scent of its own and is therefore used as a base for the floral fragrances. These sticks are black. The brown sticks contain a variety of wood powders and herbs, which are used to create a more woody fragrance, like amber and sandalwood.

    Incense sticks can be put in an incense holder and then lit, after which the flame must be blown out. The heat of the smouldering stick evaporates the oils and burns the powders, releasing a pleasant fragrance. Always place the incense holder on a non-flammable and secure surface. Always be careful with fire and never leave incense to burn unattended.

? Where does incense come from?

    Incense has been used for thousands of years and was common to many ancient cultures - usually as a part of religious worship or as a luxury for the rich. Incense was transported around the world by caravans, its price higher than that of gold. Originally, incense came from the Middle East but these days incense usually comes from India, Nepal and Japan, where it is used every day.

? What is incense used for?

    Individual fragrances can have a positive effect on your emotions. Use Roses & Violets to make you smile

    and feel happy. Lotus and Vanilla are other joyful fragrances. If you want to work or study, try Musk, which

    encourages activity. Amber helps you to relax, whereas Sandalwood stimulates intuition and meditation.

    Oriental Rose and Passion Flower are fragrances which inspire creativity. Incense purifies the air and the

    atmosphere and can also be used after smoking or cooking or to keep insects at a distance.

    Fragrances are often associated with memories, emotions and feelings and can be used to bring them back to you. Individual fragrances will affect different people in different ways. It is exciting to experiment and find out which one is best for you to burn at various times of the day, which fragrance contributes to your health, your learning abilities, your intuition and your emotional development and which one is best to give to a friend. You could start experimenting using one of our mini-stick gift boxes containing 21 different fragrances.

? How does the Mother's Fragrances Incense differ from other incense?

    The Mother's Fragrances have been specially developed for use in western homes and are comparable to the scents of flowers and perfumes with which we are familiar. Mild and delicate, The Mother's Fragrances subtly scent the atmosphere. They are made with high quality one hundred percent natural ingredients and are hand rolled in the old traditional way. The masala method of production avoids dipping and dilution in chemical solvents, a common feature of almost all hand and machine made incense.

? The Mother's Fragrances and Fair Trade

    The Mother's Fragrances incense is produced in a model project, where the aim is to show that it is possible to make high quality products under good working conditions. The Mother's Fragrances currently employs more than 600 people, mainly women. Wages paid are above the minimum wage and far above the

    industry's average. The work is done in well ventilated and spacious areas. Workers also benefit from medical insurance and a savings scheme and can take part in a bicycle project. The excellent working conditions under which The Mother's Fragrances Incense is produced have led to our accreditation as a Fair Trade importer by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS).

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    For more information, see our website or contact: Greater Goods, 44 Rock Road, Midsomer Norton BA3 2AQ, tel/fax: 01761-417040 e-mail:


    Delightfully soft and sweet. A dreamy fragrance which is calming and pleasant upon your emotions.

     Autumn Leaves

    A rich and inspiring fragrance that will make you feel closer to nature.

Cinnamon and Spice

    The warm and happy fragrance of cinnamon with a variety of spices. The richness of the ingredients makes it seem different every time you burn it.

Evening Rose

    Clear, strong, warm and a little sweet. The fragrance of tuberose, pleasant and exotic.


    A pleasantly sweet and slightly herbal fragrance. Olibanum resin is the basis of this fragrance.


    The rich fragrance of the gardenia flower. A special scent with an abundance of interesting characteristics.


    An especially sweet scent, a little stronger than our other floral fragrances. An active fragrance.


    Soft and mild. This fragrance is a little dry and green. Jasmine is a scent of purity, it is pleasant and soothing.


    One of our mildest fragrances, dry and fresh with a calming effect. Use lavender to have a restful sleep.


    A wonderfully pleasant and sweet fragrance. Lotus is inspiring and makes you feel happy. Lotus is much appreciated by children.


    A very fine floral musk with an adventurous note. A happy surprise. This fragrance initiates activity, which can help you study and work. A personal favourite of many people.


    A very remarkable scent. Active, happy and adventurous. A mild, but unique fragrance which you will never forget.

     Orange Blossom

    A special, slightly heavier flower fragrance. A dreamy scent for the evening.

Oriental Rose

    A very special rose fragrance with a hint of sandalwood, which inspires creativity. A fragrance for adventurous people.

Passion Flower

    A mild, but remarkable fragrance, which will fascinate you and inspires creativity. Very well suited as a special gift.


    The strong and unmistakable fragrance of patchouli leaves, softened with a hint of rose and enriched with a variety of herbs.


    The fragrance of red roses with a touch of mint. Delightful, clear and friendly.

     Roses and Violets

    A fragrance with a smile, wonderfully sweet with the presence of violets. Our most happy fragrance and the favourite of children.


    The king of fragrances. One hundred per cent sandalwood enriched with sandalwood oil. Our most popular fragrance. Very well suited for meditation and yoga. Sandalwood has a calming effect, clears the mind and stimulates your intuition.


    Clears the atmosphere and has a disinfecting effect. It also keeps mosquitoes and other insects at a distance. Spicewood is ideal for outside use and on holidays.


    The sweetness of vanilla and heliotrope makes this our sweetest fragrance. Complete, full and happy.

Wild Flower

    The woodiest of our floral fragrances. Warm, rich and relaxing.

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