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1-Anyang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Address: Long’an District Anyang City, Henan 455133, P.R.China

    Tel: 0086-372-5400452 Fax: 0086-372-5400127

    http:// Email:

    Anyang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (the former Henan Anyang Chemical Fertilizer Factory) was founded in 1969. It is one of the largest chemical industry enterprises in China. It has 3,500 employees including 900 professional technicians and the production base covers an area of 1.15 million square meters. The main products of the company include “YUZHU” band urea, industrial methanol and edible

    carbon dioxide, nitrogen acetylence, which are exported to the USA, East-South Asia and Hong Kong, etc..

    It has the production capacity of 240,000 ton of synthetic ammonia, 400,000 tons of urea, 40,000 tons of methanol and 20,000 tons of DMF. In the spirit of “Unity, High

    Efficiency, Dedication and Hard-working”, the company has made great

    achievements. It is awarded by the government Excellent Fertilizer Producer in

    China and “Excellent Chemical Industry Enterprise”.

    In 2000, the company was designed by the state to carry out the rehabilitation of Vietnam Hebei Nitrogen Fertilizer Chemical Co. and accomplished this project in 2003. This project was highly appraised by the Vietnam government and people.

    It is expected that the company will generate a profit of US$6 million in the year of 2005.

2-Beijing Arts & Crafts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Address: Bldg. No. 10, Jianwai St. Beijing 100022, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-65686901 Fax: 0086-10-65681284

    http:// Email:

    Beijing Arts & Crats Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1950. With a toal annual import and export value of more than US$100 million, the company has been famous worldwide for its products Chinas traditional arts and crafts. It has implemented a strategy of products diversification, multi-channels, cross-industry and in all-dimensions. Besides the traditional arts and crafts, it exports a large number of commodities including clothes and accessories, textiles, light industry, machinery and equipment, etc..


    3-Beiliang Enginee & Electricity Instrument Co., Ltd. (Beijing)


    Tel: 0086-10-87398985 Fax: 0086-10-87398822

    http:// Email:

    Beijing Enginee & Electricity Instrument Co., Ltd. (or Blue Light Group) is a company with rich experiences in machine & tooling manufacturing. It has developed a research, manufacturing and marketing integrated system with three core products of cutting tooling, etalons and measuring devices and measuring gauges.

    It has nearly 1,000 employees and a total asset of US$25 million. In 2003, its total sales volume reached US$30 million and export value was US$6 million. Its products are exported to Europe, USA and South-East Asia. The company has acquired ISO9001 certificate and all the products have met the technical standards of the U.S., British, Germany, etc., with some of which are superior to the international thchnical standards.

    The company is striving to develop itself into a comprehensive group which deals with light engineering and machinery, electric equipment and etalon manufacturing, combined with machine tool, LCD equipment, laser technology, trade, logistics, environmental protection equipment and real estate.

4-Capital Airport Holdings Company


    Tel: 0086-10-64598850 Fax: 0086-10-64564248

    http:// Email:

    Capital Airport Holding Company (CAH) was established on December 28, 2002. As a large state-owned enterprise it is subordinated to the Ministry of Civil Aviation of China.

    With airport operation and management as its primary business, CAH operates 5 business modules: airport management, airport construction, financing management, tourism and hotel, airport support. Under direct control of CAH, major members of the group are Beijing Capital International Airport Company Ltd, Tianjin Binhai International Airport, Jiangxi Provincial Airports Group Company, Chongqin Provincial Airports Group, China Civil Airport Construction Corporation, China Civil Aviation Engineering Consultation, Jinfei Civil Aviation Economic Development Company Ltd, Jinyuan Security Company, Capital Airport Tourism Company Ltd, Civil Aviation Airport Management Company and Capital Airport Property Company.

CAH has adopted a “2+1”development strategy, namely taking airport and financing business

    as two pillars and Capital Airport City as a growth pole, and determined to follow a sustained, harmonious, rapid and sound growth road. By the year of 2020, Beijing Capital International Airport will be a world-class airport and Capital Airports Holding Company will become a strong group company with competitive edge in international market.

5-China (Xiamen) International Investment

    Promotion Center

    Address: 10/F, The Worker’s Palace, 47 Xinhua Rd. Xiamen, Fujian 361003, P.R.


    Tel: 0086-592-2669886 Fax: 0086-592-2669809

    http:// Email:

    China International Fair for Investment & Trade (CIFIT) is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, co-sponsored by UNCTAD and WAIPA, and organized by Fujian Provincial Government and Xiamen Municipal Government. Held annually during September 8-11 in Xiamen, CIFIT is the sole nation-wide international investment promotion event focusing on FDI. Provincial governments throughout China, some municipalities with independent plan, relevant ministries and commissions from the central government and national business associations attend the Fair as members.

    With “Introducing FDI and Going Global” as its theme, CIFIT is unique in combining investment and trade, exhibition with project negotiation, project promotion with policy consultation, and policy seminar with information release, thus furnishing participants with comprehensive services and further making CIFIT the premier event for emphasizing bilateral and diversified investment and cooperation. The “International Investment Forum”, “World Investment Report by UNCTAD”, “China FDI Report” and the series of seminars on hot investment issues held during CIFIT provide unparalleled insights into the trends of world capital flow, as well as the latest investment policies and investment environments in and beyond China.

    CIFIT offers a splendid opportunity for overseas business guests to acquire China's investment policies and key construction project information, to choose investment promotion projects, and to make extensive contacts with economic and trade officials at all levels throughout China. In addition, CIFIT offers a valuable platform for countries from all over the world, especially the developing countries, to promote and attract investment.

6-China Building Material Industrial Corporation for

    Foreign Econo-Technical Cooperation

Address: Bai Wan Zhuang, Beijing 100831, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-88382546 Fax: 0086-10-68313945

    http:// Email:

    China Building Material Industrial Corp. for Foreign Econo-Technical Cooperation (abbreviated as CBMC) is a nation-wide enterprise with legal status, approved by the State Council of China. It is the council member of China International Contractors Association, the member of China Chamber of International Commerce and of China International Engineering Consultant Association.

Its main business scope is as following:

    ; contacting overseas plant-construction projects of building material industry on

    turn key basis and civil projects as well as domestic projects with foreign capital; ; providing services of consultation, exploration and design on overseas projects; ; implementing China’s foreign aid projects;

    ; undertaking import and export of complete set of equipment, machinery, spare

    parts and materials necessary to the engineering and plant-construction projects; ; undertaking technical transformation, reconstruction and expansion project to

    existing plant;

    ; assisting and/or contracting day to day plant operation management; ; dispatching abroad personnel involved in engineering and production of the field

    and in service trades;

    ; importing and exporting business.

    CBMC possesses a strong technical capability and professional staff in scientific, geological exploration, design, construction, installation, production, and business management. Over the past 30 years since its setting up, CMBC has developed its business to more than 70 countries of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, and had successfully completed dozens of projects of cement, glass, brick and tile. The accumulated number of technicians and laborers dispatched by CBMC is near to 20,000 man-time. CBMC has gained a stable market and comments from overseas and domestic cooperators with its excellent service and effective work. Since 1994, CBMC has been one of the top 100 enterprises of China for 4 years.

    7-China Iron & Steel Industry & Trade Group Corp.

Address: 17B, Xichangan Jie, Beijing 100031, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-66067733 Fax: 0086-10-66085364

    http:// Email:

    China Iron & Steel Industry & Trade Group Corp. (CSGC) is a central administered enterprise under intendance of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. By the end of year 2003, the total asset is about US$1.4 billion. It has 77 affiliates consisting of 63 domestic subsidiaries and 14 overseas companies or branches registered in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, Hong Kong and so on.

CSGC’s business scope covers imports & exports of the following products:

    ; Ferrous metal products, pig iron, steel billets and ingots, finished steel products

    and scraps;

    ; Coal and its processed products, coke, oil and fuel;

    ; Refractory materials, raw materials and processed products;

    ; Ferro alloys, rare earth and rare earth alloys;

    ; Graphite and its processed products;

    ; Non-ferrous metal products and manufactured products;

    ; Rare metals and manufactured products;

    ; Machinery equipment, instrumentation, automobiles, spare parts, castings,

    forgings, and universal components;

    ; Hardwares and electrical appliances, measuring apparatus, electronics; ; Building materials, timber, chemical and light industry products; ; Rubber and plastic products, farm tools, handicrafts, textiles and garment; ; Household appliances, refrigeration equipment;

CSGC’s other main business includes:

    ; Engineering, consultancy and technical service;

    ; Project contracting of both domestic and overseas;

    ; Service in equipment lease, packing, transportation, storage, port clearance,

    forwarding and etc.

    CSGC has established long-term economic and trade relations with nearly 1,000 companies and trade houses in more than 70 countries and regions.

8-China Minmetals Corporation

Address: 5, Sanlihe Road, Haidian District Beijing 100044, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-68495443 Fax: 0086-10-68495490

    http:// Email:

    China Minmetals Corporation is a large-size international company producing and trading in metals and minerals. Meanwhile it is also engaged in finance, real estate, shipping, bidding and tendering, engineering projects and investment. In 1992, according to a decision by the State Council, Minmetals became one of the first 55 pilot enterprises in the country and was designated as one of the seven groups

    authorized to operate state-owned assets. In 1999, Minmetals was listed among the “key enterprises" under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government. With a globa`l sales network, Minmetals had a sales volume of US $11.68 billion in 2003. It handled 12.25 million tons of steel products and a future trading volume of US$38 billion.

    Since 1999, Minmetals has been implementing a new strategy that intensifies operations in six major business areas: iron and steel, raw materials for steel-making and industrial minerals, non-ferrous metals, metal products and electrical products, finance and real estate and service. Good results have already been booked in all these six areas. In this new century, Minmetals will further develop its major trading business as well as its diversified operations and expand its marketing network. With the clients foremost in its mind, Minmetals will do its utmost to innovate technically and provide value-added services in a bid to become a global high-quality service provider to its customers.

9-China National Arts & Crafts (Group) Corp.

Address: No.101, Fu Xing Men Nei Street, Beijing 100031, P.R.China

    Tel: 0086-10-66012255 Fax: 0086-10-66053479

    http:// Email:

    Goalmark is a large-scale integrated enterprise group under direct leadership of the central government. The core business of Goalmark includes import and export trade, construction installation and decoration, mining exploitation and refining, non-ferrous & ferrous metal trade & processing, retail commercial service, foreign service trade and stock investment, etc. It is the leading company in national arts and crafts industry. Goalmark has business worldwide with over 2,000 employees. With a fixed asset valued at around US$350 million, the sales volume reached US$350 billion in 2000.

    Major products for exportation: gift, arts & crafts, textile, jewelry and jadeites, apparel, bedding, merchandise, carpet, furniture, lighting product, wool, sports product, metal & mineral, etc..

    Major products for importation: nonferrous, black metals, paper, wool, foods, construction decoration materials, medical instruments, plastics, polyester fibre, polyester slices, etc..


Address: Fl. 11 Ocean Plaza, 158 Fuxingmennei Avenue, Xicheng District, Beijing

    100031, P.R.China

    Tel: 0086-10-66492560 Fax: 0086-10-66083992

    http:// Email:

    Founded on April 27, 1961 as the pioneer of international shipping carrier in China, together with the reconstruction of national transportation resources on February 16, 1993, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) has grown into a US$17 billion corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. It is an international giant, specializing in shipping and modern logistics, serving as a shipping agency and providing services in freight forwarding, shipbuilding, shiprepairing, terminal operation, trade, financing, real estate and IT industry. As far as the fleet capacity is concerned, we now own and operate a variety of merchant fleet of some 600 vessels with total carrying capacity of up to 30 million DWT, which help make a hit with achieving annual traffic volume of more than 200 million tons.

    As a global company with shipping and modern logistics as the core business, COSCO cherishes its abundant resources of hundreds of member units and service networks both in home and abroad. In China, our wholly-owned subsidiaries scattering in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Dalian, Xiamen and Hong Kong own and operate various types of ocean shipping fleets for the shipment of containership, bulk carrier, oil tanker as well as specialized carrier. Abroad, with North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and West Asia as lucrative markets linked by shipping routes, we have formed a transnational operating network capable of reaching all major areas of the world. Ships and containers with the conspicuous "COSCO" logo are shuttling among 1,300 ports in more than 160 countries and regions around the world. Commitment Orientation Seriously Carried Out concentrate the new image of COSCO.

11-East Giant Commerce & Trade Inc. (Beijing)

Address: 3001, Bldg4,Xian Dai City, #88, Jian Guo road, Beijing 100022

    Tel: 0086-10-85800526 Fax: 0086-10-85800527

    http:// Email:

    Beijing East Giant Commerce & Trade Inc. (EG) was founded in 1997 with the main business of importing medical equipment, selling medical treatment appliances and nutrition & health care products around China. From August 1999 onwards, EG started to act as a distributor of CCS International (US) and Gcom Technology (UK), the leader in anti-terrorism security industry. From the beginning of 2001, EG

    expanded its business to the field of optical communication. After years of import & export business, EG has established business relationships with a large number of foreign manufacturers and built distribution channels across China.

12-Glen Tech Co., Ltd. (Beijing)

Address: Room 1307 7#-BLDG BEIJING IMAGE 115 Fucheng Road Beijing

    100037, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-88151198 Fax: 0086-10-88151195

    http:// Email:

    Beijing Glen Tech Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on Chinese and Western medicine's research & development, production, and sales. We believe in "corperation leads to better mutual development", and our mission is caring for life. Taking good advantage of our asset, human resources, network, better planning team, media and qualified aftersale services, we sucessfully become the general agents for more than 100 medical enterprises all over China by better adoptation of the product-oriented expending policy. Meanwhile, we have established a first-class sales and planning platform for ambitious national distributors.

    We treat people and high technology as the life of our company. With the strong support from China Science Institude and Chinese Medical Science Institude, we also take part in high-end research for critical technology projects.

    Our products include the most recently released medicine by China Science Institude called Zhong Yan II (ZY-2) and the research result of Beijing Kang Qiang Chinese Medicine Association called Anti-Virus Nose Drops.

13-Guangxi Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Address: 109 Minzu Ave., Guangxi Investment Tower, Nanning, Guangxi 530022,

    P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-771-5533082 Fax: 0086-771-5533308

    http:// Email:

    Guangxi Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. (GIG) was founded on July, 1988. The registration capital of GIG is about US$500 million. It is the main acting investor and fund-raiser for the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as well as a government authorized legal entity to run state-owned assets.

    GIG has a total asset of US$940 million. Holding a consolidated asset of US$1.5 billion, GIG is the most active, effective and foresighted investor in Guangxi.

    GIG has investments in the fields of electric power, non-ferrous metals, railways, chemical fertilizer, paper-making and stock exchanges, etc. Investment in electric power accounts for 58.82% of the total investment of GIG.

    GIG will put its priorities to the extension and expansion in the fields of electric power and non-ferrous metals, etc.. Based on industry investment and using capital operating as its means, GIG is pursuing to be a top company in the trade in management, asset scale and economic interests. GIG strives to realize a net asset of US$10 billion and becomes an economic floating aerodrome of Guangxi.

14-Hainan White Horse Advertising Media

    Investment Co., Ltd

Address: Room 504, Block F, 5th Floor, Fuhua Building, 8 Beida Street,

    Chaoyangmen, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100027, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-10-65544700 Fax: 0086-10-65543192

    http:// Email:

    White Horse is a legendary and dynamic name in Chinese advertising circles. In joint force with Clear Channel Communications, the leading out-of-home media in the world, White Horse launched a unique,national wide media network Adshel Bus-

    shelter Advertising Network in 1998. Through Clear Medias successful IPO in Hong

    Kong on December 19th 2001, we have become the first Mainland-China outdoor advertising company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Through several years effort, we have built a bus shelter advertising network with over 20,000 light boxes throughout 29 key cities in China. By now, we have serviced approximately 600 clients in over 20 industries and over 700 brands.

    OMBC (Other Media Business Center) was established in June 2003 for providing our clients the integrating outdoor meida service, which focusing on not only outdoor advertising meida consulting, media planning and buying, also advertising production and operation management. With excellent outdoor media implementation, OMBC will substantially improve the efficiency on outdoor campaign for our clients.

15-Inner Mongolia Commence & Grain Oil (Group)


Address: 36 Xilin RD. North Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 010020, P.R.China

    Tel: 0086-471-6965634 Fax: 0086-471-6963343

    http:// Email:

    Inner Mongolia Commercial Cereal & Oil (Group) Co., Ltd. is a core enterprise of Inner Mongolia Commercial Cereal & Oil Group, a large conglomerate directly subject to Inner Mongolia Government with operations in multiple industries and regions. It was founded in 1994 with a total asset value of US$180 million.

    In 2003, its sales amounted to more than US$240 million. Its main products include Da Gong brand flour, soy-bean flour, sunflower oil, beef, mutton, and health care food. The company has well-established infrastructure and operation facilities are well established, including large modern shopping malls, hotels, warehousing bases, advanced processing and production lines for cereal & oil. It has more than 100 branches for production and operation as well as buying & selling outlets. The company is a complex but open system of marketing system, integrating commerce, processing, storage, transportation, foreign trade, catering service, real estate development, and futures brokerage.

    In 2003, the company exported more than 1.3 million tons of corn, generating FX revenue of nearly US$ 200 million. Meanwhile, it is seeking more technical cooperation/communication with overseas while exploring international market through various channels so as to have more FX revenue and to increase competing abilities in the world market.

16-Jinchuan Group Ltd.

Address: Jinchuan Road, Jinchuang City, Gansu 737100, P.R. China

    Tel: 0086-935-8825536 Fax: 0086-935-8825306

    http:// Email:

    JNMC (Jinchuan Group Ltd ) is a large integrated enterprise engaged in mining, mineral processing and metallurgy. It is the largest producer of nickel, cobalt and extracting center of PGMs and one of the five largest copper producers in China. The production of nickel and PGMs respectively accounts for 90 and over 90 in China.

    With the world well-known Jinchuan copper and nickel sulfide deposits, JNMC enjoys 86% of the nickel reserves in China. In 2003 its output was up to 60,500 tons nickel, 103,000 tons copper and 1,509 tons cobalt, which increased 16.3%, 46.3% and 25.7% respectively comparing with that in 2002. Its total profit payments and tax turnover have been one of the highest among domestic non-ferrous metals corporations over the past 4 years in succession.

    In this century, JNMC will rely on its advantage of mineral resources and carry out the production operations policy of trans-regional and transnational development to expand its economic strength by doing its best to continuously expand its total mineral resources. So JNMC has begun to concern the exploration and development field of nickel, copper, cobalt and PGMs resources, and would like to cooperate with

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