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    Project Closeout Report Instructions

A. General Information Basic information that identifies the project.

    Project Title The proper name used to identify this project.

    Project Working Title The working name or acronym used to identify the project. If an

    acronym is used, define the specific meaning of each letter.

    Proponent Secretary The Secretary to whom the proponent agency is assigned or the

    Secretary that is sponsoring an enterprise project.

    Proponent Agency The agency that will be responsible for the management of the project.

    Prepared by the person(s) preparing this document.

    Date/Control Number The date the report is finalized and the change or configuration item

    control number assigned.

    B. Project Deliverables - List all product or service deliverables in the first column. In the

    second column record the date that each deliverable listed in the first column was accepted.

    Describe any contingencies or conditions related to the acceptance of the deliverables listed

    in the first column.

C. Performance Baseline - Evaluate how the project performed against each of the

    performance goals established in the Project Performance Plan. Copy the first two columns

    from the Project Performance Plan. In the third column, record the results of the

    measurement of performance prescribed in the Project Performance Plan.

    D. Cost (Budget) Baseline - State the actual cost of the project and compare it to the planned

    cost baseline. In the Variance column, record the difference between planned and actual cost.

    Provide the reason for the variance in the Explanation column. Include in the explanation

    information on any approved changes to the cost baseline and their impact on the project.

    E. Schedule Baseline - Compare the initial approved schedule baseline against the actual

    completion dates. Extract the WBS Elements, Start Dates, and Finish Dates from the

    baseline schedule and record them in the WBS Element, Planned Start Date, and Planned

    Finish Date Columns. Record the Actual Start Date and Actual Finish Date for each WBS

    element in the columns with those headings. In the Explanation for Change column, provide

    a brief reason for any differences and describe the impact on the project.

    F. Scope - Document any changes to the project scope and describe the impact of each change

    on performance, cost, or schedule baselines in the appropriate column.

G. Operations and Maintenance - Describe the plan for operation and maintenance of the

    product, goods, or service delivered by the project. State the estimated annual cost to operate

    and maintain the product, good, or service. If the estimated cost differs from the original cost

    estimate in the project proposal, identify where and why the estimated cost differs. If the

    operation and maintenance plan is not in place, specify when the plan will be completed and

    Project Closeout Report Instructions

    what the impact is of not having a plan for the operations and maintenance of the product,

    goods, or services delivered.

    H. Project Resources - List the resources used by the project in the first column. In the second

    column, identify to whom the resource was transferred. In the next column, indicate when

    the resource was transferred. Account for all project resources specified in the Resource Plan

    and utilized by the project.

    I. Project Documentation - Identify all project documentation materials stored in the project

    library or other repository. Identify the type of media used and the disposition of the project

    documentation (see Communications Plan).

    J. Lessons Learned - Identify lessons learned for feedback to the Commonwealth Project

    Management process. Lessons learned are identified as problems (or issues). Provide a brief

    discussion of the problem that identifies its nature, source, and impact. Site any references

    that provide additional detail. References may include project reports, plans, issue logs,

    change management documents, and general literature or guidance used that comes from

    another source. Record the corrective actions taken and results in the last column.

K. Dates for Post Implementation Review and Report - Identify the date for completing the

    post implementation report and the person responsible for this action.

    L. Approvals - The person(s) making the report authenticate its contents by signing as


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