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    Project Planning Transition Checklist Provide basic information about the project including: Project Title The proper name used to identify this project; Project Working Title The working name or acronym that will be used for the project; Proponent Secretary The Secretary to whom the proponent agency is assigned or the Secretary that is sponsoring

    an enterprise project; Proponent Agency The agency that will be responsible for the management of the project; Prepared by The person(s) preparing this document; Date/Control Number The date the checklist is finalized and the change or configuration item control number assigned.

Project Title: Project Working Title:

Proponent Secretary: Proponent Agency:

    Date / Control Number: Prepared by:

    Complete the Status and Comments columns. In the Status columns indicate: Yes, if the item has been addressed and completed; No, if item has not been addressed, or is incomplete; N/A, if the item is not applicable to this project. Provide comments or plan to resolve in the last column.

     Item Status Comments/

    Plan to Resolve

    1 Are the project objectives, description, and

    scope the same as specified in the project


    1.1 If the answer to 1 is No, has the change been

    approved by the appropriate authority

    specified in the project charter?

    1.2 Have cost or resource changes been reviewed

    and approved as necessary by management


    2 Has the project plan been approved by the

    appropriate authority specified in the project


    3 Does the baseline plan include the following:

    3.1 Project Scope and Objectives

3.2 Project Performance Plan

     Item Status Comments/

    Plan to Resolve

    3.3 Work Breakdown Structure

    3.4 Resource Plan

    3.5 Project Schedule

    3.6 Procurement Plan

    3.7 Project Budget

    3.8 Quality Plan

    3.9 Risk Management Plan

    3.10 Communications Plan

    3.11 Change and Configuration Management Plan

    3.12 Quality and IV&V Plan

    4 Have all business partners who have a role in

    execution of the project plan agreed to and

    signed off on the plan?

    4.1 Has the first management review been

    scheduled with all participants? 4.2 Are all members of the project team

    designated and available to begin project

    execution on the scheduled project start date?

    4.3 Is a project kick off meeting scheduled?

     Item Status Comments/

    Plan to Resolve 4.4 Have all project team leaders been briefed on

    the full project plan and have their individual

    roles and responsibilities been


    5 Are all required resources for initiation of

    project execution assembled?

    5.1 Are all resource required during the project

    scheduled and available to the project team?

    6 Have all contracts or purchases been initiated

    or completed, if required to begin project



    The Signatures of the people below relay an understanding that the key elements within the Planning Phase section are complete and the project team is ready to

    transition to the Execution Phase.

    Position/Title Name Date Phone Number

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