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Alarm Monitoring

    ; Alarm handling (only be installed security alarm, it will be pop-upped) When household install the anti-probe to alarm, the management center will pop-up alert box, indicating alarm type, time and place(as shown below); the operators must deal with it according to the specific situation in time.

    ; Click the Disarm Alarm to ring off indoor alarm when pop-upping the alert


    ; If untreated alarm information, other functions need to be operated. Click on the

    button labeled Minimize, you will see interface minimized to the bottom left

    corner. Recover the original interface, please double-click the bottom left corner

    of the blue screen alert box.

    ; Select the alarm information in Alarm Information Bar, click on the Deal, after

    the alarm information processing is completed, it will switch to the previous


    Alarm Records Check

    ; Enter query interface of the alarm records and show all records. ; Select the owner numbers, date, time, alarm type and owner address (Area code,

    Building number, Unit number) to check corresponding alarm information

    records (entering a single condition or multiple conditions to check) ; Select the desired information, click on the Export button to export the

    corresponding excel file information.

    ; Select the desired information, click on the Print to export print file directly.

    ; Click on the Back, the system return to the main interface.

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