The Mothers Fragrances

By Veronica Powell,2014-06-26 18:41
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The Mothers Fragrances ...

    The Mother’s Fragrances

    An ancient tradition brought back to life

In the beginning

    Man was struck with awe when he discovered fire. It is not difficult to imagine his equal amazement when he dropped bark, leaves, flowers, roots and resins into the flames. Perfumes and scents trapped since time immemorial were released into the atmosphere to be appreciated for the very first time. A new dimension of sensual perception had by accident been brought into being. Tens of thousands of years later the Israelites, Arabs, Egyptians, and Carthaginians all developed and refined the creation of aromatics. During this period the demand for incense grew so much in that its price soared above that of gold. Through the centuries, the technique of creating fragrances moved from the Middle East to the Far East. In India it matured into an art.

A sacred art

    The Indian Vedic rishis (or sages) discovered the power of a fragrance to induce an uplifting state of consciousness. A systematic search of nature was then carried out, and bountiful aromatic treasures were found concealed within the delicate petals of a jasmine blossom, a tiny ambrette seed, a resinous droplet of sap from the spicewood tree, and countless other unsuspected hiding places. These were then processed and carefully blended with water to form dough to which a tree resin was added as a binding agent. The fine mixture was then gently rolled by hand onto a thin sliver of bamboo and allowed to dry in the shade. Incense, as we now know it, had been born. The technique came to be known as the Masala method. By burning these sticks the unique quintessence accompanying each fragrance were liberated. The wind then took care of gently spreading them into the atmosphere, creating an unexpected sense of peace and harmony ideal for meditation and the quest for spiritual enlightenment. The making of incense became a sacred art.

Winds of change

    Like most ancient traditions, this spiritual art gradually faded with the coming of the industrial revolution. Incense became another product to be manufactured as cheaply as possible, and marketed as a commercial commodity. The Masala technique was replaced by the far simpler dipping method, in which unscented sawdust or charcoal sticks were dipped into a solution of scented oil diluted with a chemical solvent and synthetic fixative (only the practice of hand-rolling sticks was able to survive). This trend, sadly enough, continues to the present day. The result is incense rich in chemicals, too smoky, and with a heavy fragrance, devoid of any inner feeling or higher value.

Forgotten but not lost

    By the end of the last century, after a prolonged search and countless

    experiments, The Mother’s Fragrances was able to unlock the forgotten secrets

    behind the ancient Masala method. But instead of just imitating what was done

    of old it has been recast to add to the consciousness of our times. The Mother’s Fragrance’s incense is rolled by hand and uses only the purest floral essences,

    essential oils and a delicate blend of more than 20 scented flowers, herbs and

    wood powders. The result is unique: a light and clean-burning incense, with just

    enough smoke to carry the subtle and delicate natural fragrances, but not cloud

    the room. The manufacturing process, from beginning to end, honors an ancient

    tradition, and takes place in an atmosphere where peace and meditation abide,

    charging each incense stick with a positive and uplifting energy. When burnt,

    emanations of peace, beauty, purity, love and oneness will be released into your

    home and soul.

The same care and attention that is put into the making of our incense is also put

    into each handmade and painted package.

Each fragrance has its own soul

    Fragrances are intimately connected with our feelings and emotions. Each

    fragrance, like every sound and color, carries a unique aura able to affect our

    moods and the energy surrounding us in a positive way. Spicewood for example, will cleanse and purify the atmosphere, creating space and lightness (it is also

    ideal against mosquito’s). Sandalwood stimulates intuition and meditation. Amber,

    like a caring parent, evokes a sense of protection and peace. Lavender will refresh your mind and give you a sense of balance. Hidden in Autumn Leaves you will find the muses of creativity. Jasmine is your one-way ticket back to paradise

    when you’re down or sad. Honeysuckle sweetly relieves nostalgia and makes

    everyone feel welcome. Gardenia will seduce you and make you feel passionate.

    Oriental Rose is the adventurous one and will make you curious. Patchouli, the flower power child, brings calmness and patience, Passion Flower will lovingly soothe your nerves and you can count on Frankincense to strengthen your faith. Still, individual fragrances will affect different people in different ways. Trust

    your intuition. We invite you to try all of our fragrances to discover which suit

    you best.

How to use incense

    Incense sticks must be put in an incense holder and then lit. Blow out the flame

    after a few seconds. Always place the incense holder on a secure and non-

    flammable surface. Be careful with fire and never leave burning incense

    unattended. Children are curious by nature: keep the packaging out of their

    reach and keep an eye on them while burning the incense.

Fair Trade and peace

    A portion of the proceeds from sale of this incense is donated to international

    efforts to promote the economic development of the poor and world peace. By

    buying our incense you are also supporting Fair Trade. This means that the

    makers of the products get a fair deal: good wages and working conditions and

    medical care. No children are employed. It also means that the producers are not

    forced to mortgage their future and that of their children through

    environmentally unsound practices such as the use of health-threatening

    chemicals. The excellent conditions under which our products are made are

    accredited by the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) and the Dutch

    Society of World Shops (Landelijke Vereniging van Wereldwinkels).

Thank you

    In the name of everyone involved in bringing The Mother’s Fragrances to your

    home, from the incense artisans to the shop where you bought our incense, we

    would like to thank you for supporting us in our quest for high quality, nature-

    friendly products, world peace and Fair Trade. In return we would like to offer

    you the opportunity to send a free mini-sample (6 mini-sticks in 3 different

    smells) to someone within Israel whom you think will also appreciate our 100%

    natural incense. Please send us their name and address, and if possible specify

    which fragrance you think they will appreciate. You can also add a personal note

    if you like. In this way you will also be helping us make our products known to

    the people you care for.

You can write to us at: The Mother’s Fragrances, P.O. Box 7063, Haifa, Israel.

For more information please feel free to visit our website (under construction):

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