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    Position Paper

    Committee: GA

    Topic: New Anti-Pirate Measures

    Country: Zambia

    Delegate: Wang Congying, Tianjin University

    Eyes across the world recently have been staring at the Gulf of Aden,which is a major route leading to Egypt’s Suez Canal,one of the major waterways linking Europe and Asia. In 2008,more than 120 pirate attacks occurred in the Gulf of Aden,during which Somalia pirates netted a sum of 100 million which was astronomical for a war-racked country whose economy is in tatters.They have become more rampant since that.

    International Maritime Organization(IMO) issue a new anti-piracy action plan,calls for further strengthening of international naval cooperation and civil society efforts to combat piracy.North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) defense ministers agreed to send warships off the coast of Somalia to escort World Food Program(WFP)food shipments to Somalians and NATO will coordinate with the European Union mission,which is already in the area, to ensure that there is no competition.

Zambia,an inland country in Africa, is abundant in natural deposits,especially copper mines.

    Zambia shows great determination to annihilate notorious Somali pirates. Anarchy in Somalia,lack of a coordinated international strategy to fight the kidnapping epidemic and a vicious ransom-weaponry cycle have resulted in rampant piracies in the waters of Somali.So Zambia recommends that the following measures be taken or strengthened, under the United Nations Convention On the Law of the Sea(UNCLOS) and with international cooperation and assistance.

    1. Countries affected by the Somali pirates should agree to join the efforts to fight

    piracy in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden for the reason that international

    coordination among naval powers patrolling the area could deter the pirates’

    rampancy effectively.

    2. Based on less developed economy and an inferior strength in military

    might,Zambia,in line with other African countries should develop comprehensive

    national strength .In that case,Zambia would be able to fight together with other

    African countries against pirates.

    3. The only way to eliminate pirates is to destroy their land bases.Strenghtening the

    sanctions of the pitates,together with international aid and proper peacekeeping in

    war-torn Somalia is the only possible long-term alternative.As piracy is a land-based

    problem , we have to tackle where it comes from and that’s the Somali shores.

    4. Relevent organization’s expert should work together to streamline international

    piracy laws and an international agency to fight piracy should be established

    soon .Besides,piracy could be tried in the countries near countries they were

    apprehended in order to make the situation with the flag-of-convience ships much

    more easier.

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