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Tiffany Marble Molds

    International, Inc.

     Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc.

     1999 So. Bascom Ave. #470

     Campbell, California 95008

     Tel: (408) 559-4888 or 1 800 654-9093

     Fax: (408) 559-7771


    e mail:

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 2

    Market research concerning:

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc.



    General Facts about the

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    Marble .............................................................................3

    3 International

    awards ........................................................................................................4 4 In Factory

    training............................................................................................................4 5 Training

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    products..................................................................................................6 7 Five advantages of “Tiffany 2000" over


    8 Ten different formulas and types of


    9 Factory

    specifications.......................................................................................................8 10 Tiffany Marble Manufacturing


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    Potential ......................................................................................................10 13 Questions and

    Answers ................................................................................................11

    Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 3

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc.

    International Headquarters - Campbell, California USA

    1. General Facts about the company

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l, Inc. is known and respected internationally for fine quality Tiffany Marble products, and has won international awards for excellence of mold design and new product development. The president and executives of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l, Inc. have extensive experience

    in the marble business and have established over 800 factories in many countries since 1969.

    Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc. sells molds to customers worldwide, and assists purchasers in establishing Tiffany Marble factories in their respective areas. These factories flourish throughout the world providing a vast selection of Tiffany Marble products in a variety of innovative Tiffany Marble formulas.

    The many molds sold by Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l, Inc. are designed to produce a complete line

    of elegant Tiffany marble products for the new construction and remodeling industries. Products include wall paneling, bathtub and shower surrounds, bathtubs, window sills, fireplace mantels and facing, custom durable kitchen counters, and bathroom vanities of various styles and sizes, as well as floor and wall tiles. Our molds also produce many additional elegant marble products such as fine quality marble wastebaskets, three sizes of planters, assorted marble, onyx, or granite tables including conference tables, and desks. To view some of tremendous Tiffany Marble products, please visit our Tiffany gallery at our website

2. “Cultured Marble” vs. Tiffany Marble

    The word “cultured”, as in “cultured pearl” or “cultured marble”, refers to man-made materials.

    Because of our superb quality, Tiffany Marble products, like Dupont Corian (a lovely kitchen countertop material) are not referred to as “cultured marble”.

    In fact, 80% of our marble products is actually ground marble, or limestone which is a form of marble.

    When the president of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. released his original product in 1969, it was often referred to as “cultured marble”. Today, we at Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. believe our tremendous line of products, produced from our ten various formulas, is superior in comparison to ordinary “cultured marble” that you see on the market. Your potential customers, including contractors and architects will agree that your Tiffany Marble products are absolutely the ultimate in building materials.

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. will train you on ten various formulas and types of pours. A “cultured marble” shop usually produces marble and perhaps one or two other types of material.

    Compare Tiffany Marble with any product on the market. Even the underside of a Tiffany Marble sink has a glass-like finish. The underside of an ordinary “cultured marble” sink is often rough with air pockets left during manufacturing - simply not the quality of Tiffany Marble!

    Not only will you be producing the finest product in the world, but several major manufacturing advantages will keep your costs lower than many inferior products on the market:

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 4

Superior Efficiency

    The average “cultured marble” plant often produces one sink from a mold in an eight hour shift. When you visit a Tiffany Marble Training Facility, you will be amazed to see a sink produced from our Tiffany Marble mold in less than one hour. Even if you produce a sink every two hours, or 4 sinks in 8 hours, that is 4 times faster production than much of the competition. You can see the tremendous savings in time, and overhead, as you will often enjoy the same volume of production, needing only a forth of the space required by competition.

Less Labor

    Often, ordinary “cultured marble” shops spend 30 minutes to one hour grinding and polishing each part

    after it is released from the mold. Tiffany Marble products release from the mold just like glass, with very little touch-up required.

Reliable Molds

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. features permanent molds that are guaranteed in writing for a full fifteen

    years. We know of no other mold guaranteed for more than one or two years. Some of the molds used in training have been in use for over twenty years.

Of course, the major reason that the president of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc., P.W. Thompson, has

    been successful in the marble business since 1969 is quality. Quality, research, and the continuing release of new formulas with professional marketing tools are very important to your success.

3. International awards

    Once again this year, P.W. Thompson, President of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc., has been selected to “Who’s Who” for leading American executives. His thirty years of marketing expertise in the marble industry offer you a tremendous future in a fabulous industry. “Who’s Who” originally recognized

    our beautiful products in 1981.

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. has been chosen to represent the United States two different years at the International Exposition in Geneva, Switzerland, competing against companies from 28 nations. The event featured “The World’s Most Important 1000 New Inventions and New Products” from 28 nations. Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. was awarded medals for its innovative products both years.

    We are proud to report that various U.S. Embassies have distributed Tiffany Marble literature in countries worldwide. Foreign governments are tremendously impressed with the fact that a newly appointed Tiffany Marble manufacturer creates new jobs, using a majority of localized materials. (Eighty percent of our basic product is ground marble or limestone.) The executives of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. have sold molds, or are planning to sell molds to open factories in Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Switzerland, England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Nigeria, Namibia, Algiers, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ecuador, Argentina, Pakistan, China, the Philippines and other countries of the Pacific Rim.

    The executives of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. are often invited to participate in U.S.

    Government trade missions. Included was the historical “African-American Summit” meeting in Gabon,

    Africa. Ambassadors and Heads of many African countries participated. Traveling with Jesse Jackson, P.W. Thompson, President of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc., was invited to speak about the

    tremendous growth of Tiffany Marble factories world-wide.

    P. W. Thompson was invited to speak at Virginia Tech a number of times, the most recent to Ambassadors from the countries of Central and South America. He also participated in the U.S. - China Government Trade Mission to China and just recently, P. W. Thompson was the only President invited from any company, to speak at an African Summit meeting featuring 12 Ambassadors and Prime Ministers from 12 African countries. The Prime Minister of Namibia, invited P. W. Thompson to Namibia, where a Tiffany Marble factory will soon open.

    As mentioned, the governments of many countries are enthused about Tiffany Marble manufacturing because a newly appointed manufacturer creates new jobs and manufactures essential products such as sinks, bathtubs, wall panels, flooring, kitchen countertops, etc. - all building materials needed world-wide!

4. In Factory training

    The executives of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. conduct regularly scheduled training classes at

    international training centers in the U.S., Canada, and China, with a training center planned for Africa. One full week (Monday through Friday) of training is included with all mold packages. Training includes

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 5

    manufacturing, factory set-up, maintenance of your molds, and production. If various languages require translation during training, a second week of training is available at no extra charge. We invite you to bring video cameras for use during the confidential training programs.

    With the many advances that have been made by the executives of Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. since 1969, the Tiffany Marble training program is extremely thorough. The mold customer and foreman should attend our informative training program. The mold customer may send two persons for training. If you wish to send more than two people for training, there is no additional charge for training, but there is an additional $200 per person for additional materials used during the training procedures (2 persons are included, the third is $200, etc.) In addition to the training provided, a complete and concise set of video training tapes (totaling 20 hours) is included along with two very thorough training manuals.

    Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. also makes available to the manufacturer, at the manufacturer’s expense, a training director, whose expertise and assistance may be reserved for on-site overseas training after the manufacturer’s molds and equipment have been received. Airfare, lodging, and food, plus $400 in U.S.

    funds per day must be paid in advance to the training director by the manufacturer. Cost of International Training Directors will vary depending on the International Mold Package purchased.

    If a manufacturer hires a new foreman or manager a year or two from now, he may attend any regular scheduled training class at one of Tiffany Marble training centers at no additional charge. We have offered training classes one or two times each month for almost 30 years! Ordinary unskilled laborers can easily be trained to manufacture Tiffany Marble. Skill is actually acquired by continuous exposure to the job under the direction of a Tiffany Marble trained supervisor or foreman (trained by a Tiffany Marble Training Director during our Training Program). A good employee, male or female, can be producing our elegant product with just a short amount of training. As mentioned above, Tiffany Marble International, Inc. will supply training manuals and 20 hours of video training tapes to aid in training new employees.

    Base your employees wages on an hourly rate. Many marble plants work with state or federal programs, which will sometimes pay a portion of salaries for minorities or certain individuals with disabilities. We recommend that you apply to these agencies after you are trained and have your plants ready to start production. This is covered quite thoroughly in your training program.

5. Training schedule

    The following outlines a typical one-week training program held at one of Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc.’s Training Facilities in California, Canada, or China.


    ; Tiffany Training Procedures:

    Trainee and Plant Safety

    Training Guidelines

    Plant Orientation

    Mold Configuration

    ; Technique: Start New Mold Preparation Procedures

    ; Formula: Tiffany Marble

    ; Formula: Pearl Color

    ; Finishes: Basic Gel-Coating

    ; Product: Pour Modular Sink

    ; Product: Pour Combo Soap/Shampoo holder


    ; Technique: Continue New Mold Preparation procedures

    ; Formula: Gel-Coat

    ; Product: Pour Planter/waste basket

    ; Product: Pour Window Sill/Stair

    ; Product: Pour Tiffany Marble Part of 10 Foot Semi-Modular Center Bowl

    ; Product: Pour Side Splash

    ; Technique: Floating Bowls with Suction Cup Assembly

    ; Technique: Install End-Stop Dividers

    ; Technique: Pour Two-Tone

    ; Technique: Spray Gel-Coating

    ; Product: Pour Combo Soap/Shampoo holder

    ; Technique: Tooling Clay Machine

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 6

    ; Technique: Spray Gel-Coating


    ; Formula: Tiff-Onyx

    ; Product: Pour Coffee and End Tables

    ; Technique: Pour Tiffany Inlays

    ; Technique: Pour Florentine/Tortoise Shell

    ; Product: Pour Combination Trim

    ; Finishes: Pour Textured Floor Tiles

    ; Product: Pour Double Soap/Shampoo holder

    ; Instruction on Pouring Bathtubs

    ; Instruction on Tiffany Marble “Glazing”, (Marble over wood, metal and fiberglass)


    ; Tiffany Training Program:

    ; Review Supply Package (group)

    ; Formula: Tiff-Lite/Light Weight

    ; Formula: Tiffany Granite

    ; Formula: Tiff-Flex Marble, Onyx, and Granite

    ; Finishes: Satin Finish

    ; Finishes: Tiffany Exterior Granite and Tiffany Exterior Marble

    ; Product: Flat Stock (panels, flooring, bath & shower surround/table top)

    ; Technique: Training on Mold Repair

    ; Technique: Training on Marble Repair

    ; Technique: Tiffany Spray Granite

    ; Formula: “Tiffany 2000" Densified Solid Surface Material


    ; Tiffany Training Program:

    ; Technique: Creating Various Thicknesses

    ; Technique: Prevention Leakage

    ; Technique: Sand Floaters (parts)

    ; Technique: Training on “Tiff-Brick” Polishing (2 types)

    ; Technique: Training on Sawing, Drilling, Routering

    ; Technique: Finishing and Touch Up

    ; Technique: Finish Mold/Marble Repair

    ; Supply Package Check-Out (private)

    ; Review Mold Package (private)

    ; Mold-Package Check-Out (private) All mold packages can be changed to meet requirements of

    various countries needs, as long as total value remains approximately the same.

6. Tiffany Marble products

    The executives of Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc. have revolutionized the marble industry utilizing such award winning developments as Translucent Tiff-Onyx which allows backlighting for unusual and spectacular effects. Also creative Tiff-Flex material which can be bent like rubber to fit any curved surface or column. Tiffany Marble is respected worldwide for it’s continual ground-breaking innovations

    and quality product line.

    Not only are Tiffany Marble products three to four times the tensile strength of natural marble, Tiffany Marble products have an exquisite, smooth, mirror-like, seamless finish which, unlike natural, ordinary marble, is very resistant to wear, heat and staining by ink and other substances. Unlike competitive marble products which generally require strenuous buffing, waxing, and polishing to achieve a average sheen, Tiffany Marble products come off the molds shiny and brilliant with no extra polishing required. Furthermore, Tiffany Marble products not only meet, but exceed all specifications world-wide.

    Due to a phenomenal manufacturing technique which allows extremely high production rates and little labor, prices are much lower than that of natural, mined marble and easily compete with ordinary porcelain or ceramic products.

    Tiffany Marble technology offers products with complete veining as well as solid colors in any shade. You control the veining, color, and size to fit any requirement. This is the only type of technology that can give two-tone colors to one-piece counter and sink tops while remaining totally seamless. A popular

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 7

    two-tone combination is a solid Tiff-Onyx sink bowl set in a Tiffany Granite countertop. A light mounted under this sink countertop combination results in a beautiful and unique night light by giving the sink a soft glow.

    Latest innovations launched by Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc. include Tiffany Marble Glazing and Tiffany Spray Granite which both allow a layer approximately 1/16 inch thick of material to be applied to wood or other surface giving it the appearance of solid marble or solid granite. These techniques are very new to the marble industry.

    Another fantastic product being introduced by factories utilizing Tiffany Marble molds is the spectacular densified solid surface material called “Tiffany 2000". Virtually impossible to differentiate from Corian, a lovely kitchen countertop material, “Tiffany 2000" countertop material can be produced locally for

    approximately 10% of the selling price of Corian with no shipping costs involved!

7. Five advantages of “Tiffany 2000" over Corian

    1. Corian is shipped in large sheets, long distances, with high freight charges. All Tiffany Marble

    products are produced locally avoiding shipping charges.

    2 Substantial damage of scratching and breakage of Corian can occur as the large ? inch sheets are

    shipped long distances. Producing our “Tiffany 2000" locally in the exact sizes required by the

    customer eliminates waste and avoids chances of breakage and scratching.

    3. The biggest reason why Corian and other large companies, like American Standard, Koehler, or any

    huge plants that might try to produce similar products, simply cannot complete pricewise, is that

    Tiffany Marble Factories produce locally in cities world-wide. This means very little, if any,

    shipping costs and almost totally eliminates the possibility of damage when manufactured locally. 4. Another major factor in “Tiffany 2000's” low selling price is almost no waste during the

    manufacturing process. If a customer purchases competitive products, the product is cut out of a

    large sheet leaving the remainder of the sheet as a tremendous amount of waste. “Tiffany 2000",

    however, is produced in the exact size required therefore eliminating needless waste. 5. As a Tiffany Marble manufacturer, you will be able to produce beautiful “Tiffany 2000" for

    approximately $6 to $7 per square foot - up to 80% less than what competitive products are selling

    for. Example: At a local Home Depot Outlet, Corian is sold for as much as $80.00 to $140.00

    per ft, 26 inches wide.

8. Ten different formulas and types of pours.

    1. Tiffany Marble looks very much like natural marble, but is up to four times the tensile strength of

    natural marble, and unlike natural marble, will not stain easily. Natural marble is very porous and

    is primarily used in only flat installations whereas Tiffany Marble can be formed into virtually any

    shape or size.

    2. Our elegant Tiff-Onyx formula features translucency allowing the light to pass through. Beautiful

    for desks and counters lit from underneath, Tiff-Onyx has been used extensively in churches and

    night-clubs, as well as in bathrooms, hotel lobbies, and even walls illuminated from behind. 3. Tiffany Granite looks like natural granite, but once again, can be formed in any shape and design. 4. Tiffany Flooring can be produced in our beautiful Tiffany Marble, Tiff-Onyx, or Tiffany Granite

    featuring a non-skid surface utilized for entryways, floors, and even beautiful surfacing around

    swimming pools. Flooring is usually sold in various sizes up to a full 1 meter by 1 meter, and also

    can be produced in large volume utilizing Tiffany Marble eight cavity, 12 inch by 12 inch floor tile

    molds. This mold is available in the glass finish, the satin finish, and of course, the textured, slate,

    non-skid finish. Tiffany Marble flooring has been installed in high traffic areas for eight years with

    no sign of wear or scratching.

    5. Tiffany Spray Granite This is a new process where granite can be sprayed 1/16 of an inch thin on

    virtually any type of surface such as wood, fiberglass, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. Offering

    the same dramatic effect as natural granite, Tiffany spray granite covered sheets of plywood or

    particle board can be sold over the counter to lumber companies, hardware stores and

    do-it-yourself outlets. Check any outlet in your area and ask if they have wood coated with

    granite, and they will tell you they have never even heard of such a thing. Very soon their

    customers will be able to purchase granite covered wood, and cutting it with an ordinary saw, may

    create any kind of furniture, wall paneling, or counters.

    6. Tiffany Marble Glazing is another brand new formulation just released. In fact, only a few of our

    800 Tiffany Marble factories have been trained on this process. This is not a spray, but once again,

    can be applied in a special procedure where a completely veined surface 1/16 of an inch thin can

    create any type of marble effect on various materials, including wood, metal, fiberglass, etc. You

    will view on our video, many types of tables and other furniture that can be created, including

    dining room tables, coffee and end-tables, desks, bars, etc. This is another product that can be

    profitably marketed, in addition to the spray granite panels and floor tiles in various types of

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 8

    remodeling and do-it-yourself stores in your area!

    7. “Tiffany 2000". Another fabulous new formula is a product called “Tiffany 2000" “densified solid

    surface material”. You may have heard about a lovely kitchen countertop material called Corian.

    We think it is a gorgeous product that sells at a very high price. Check on Corian prices in your

    area. You will find it is usually selling for $80 dollars to $140 per foot, 26 inches wide (kitchen

    counter width).

    Factories producing our densified “Tiffany 2000" often show samples of Corian to compare the two

    products. You will find it almost impossible to find a contractor or architect that can tell the

    difference. We certainly feel our quality is top of the line and is in every way just as beautiful as

    Corian. The reason densified solid surface material is very popular for countertops, etc. is that it

    is a solid material from top to bottom with no air pockets and can be easily formed just like a piece

    of wood utilizing routers and other woodworking equipment. Should any damage occur to the

    surface, both products are simply buffed off.

    8. Future Formulas and Techniques. As new formulations and types of pours are created, they

    are released to you at no charge. A spectacular type of pour recently released is our Tiffany

    Tortoise Shell veining technique. Tiffany Tortoise Shell marble is similar to exquisite marble from

    Italy which sells for up to $75 per square foot. Your cost will not exceed $1.00 to $1.50 per foot. 9. Another amazing Tiffany Marble Product is Tiff-Flex, an international award-winning product

    which is bendable like rubber and cures to be up to four times the tensile strength of natural marble.

     This can be easily adapted for use as columns, curved bars and wall paneling, and more. 10. Tiffany Inlaid Marble, Onyx or Granite. An exciting new process featuring inlaid pictures,

    flowers, or even metal, creating fantastic effects.

Sculptured Tiff-Onyx (Special edition)

    We have just released entirely new packages called Sculptured Tiff-Onyx which allows you to purchase over 200 types of molds that can produce various gorgeous products which have absolutely nothing to do with construction. This type of operation is ideal for someone wishing to start a business of their own with limited space and a limited investment.

    You are still trained on the various formulas and you will be in a position to produce many products such as end and coffee tables, conference tables, desks, picture frames, wall plaques, pet dishes of assorted sizes, various items for golf courses such as tee markers, granite fairway yardage markers, and granite golf course layout markers. A granite layout marker that sells for a suggested $275 to the golf course will cost you less than $15 in material. We also offer molds for planters and wastebaskets, clocks, desk sets, and even chess sets. We can have custom molds created for you as well.

    If you are interested in the Sculptured Tiff-Onyx program, please contact our International Headquarters to request your copy of our video tape entitled “V4-Sculptured Tiff-Onyx”.

9. Factory Specifications:

    Once you have completed your training in one of the United States, Canada, or China training facilities, Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. will assist you in designing a specific floor plan for your building to help create the most efficient Tiffany Marble operation possible. We feel it very wise that you do not try to

    acquire a building until after you have been trained. Each customer purchasing a mold package will change their mold package after they are familiar with the many mold options available to them. You will not know all the various molds we have available until you have received your training.

    The recommended manufacturing space varies per mold package (see bottom of page one of each mold purchase agreement for suggested space requirements.) The in-factory training program, which is included with all mold packages, has been thoroughly developed since 1969 to help you utilize labor and equipment to maximize total production efficiently.

A “high traffic” area or downtown location is simply not required. Utilizing space to fit your mold

    package will help keep your manufacturing operation highly efficient and profitable. Here are a few considerations in reference to the choice of a factory building and site:

    1. The factory building ideally should have a concrete or wooden floor with good ventilation and

    approximately an 8 foot (or higher) ceiling.

    2. Electric outlets (220 - 110 Standard) should be available as the factory will be using a 10hp to 25hp

    air compressor as well as one or two blenders, a mixer, and a miscellaneous assortment of small

    power tools.

    3. A loading door and ramp is nice, but not essential.

    4. An office and planning room, again is nice, but not essential. Most factories call their display

    room a “ planning room”. Your contractor or architect clients will often send their customers to

    your “planning room” to view various colors, samples, & installations they may plan for their home,

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 9

    condominium, or apartment building.

    5. Factory production equipment and raw material storage should be on a single level. Very few

    factories sold Tiffany Marble molds anywhere in the world have two stories unless they have an


    6. No water is required in the manufacturing process of Tiffany Marble/Tiff-Onyx products; however,

    you will need water for bathrooms, coffee rooms, etc.

    Installation of equipment is simple. Layouts included in your in-factory training program and training manuals will detail the placement of equipment, molds, and supplies to assure you of a free-flowing and efficient operation.

Equipment - New or Used

    Equipment used in manufacturing Tiffany Marble is available from Tiffany Marble Molds, Int’l, Inc., but is usually purchased locally to suit your prospective mold package you are considering for your area. Equipment used in most plants is as follows:

    ; Compressor - (new or used) 5 HP for smaller operations, 10 HP to 20 HP for large plants ; Spray Gun

    ; Standard Grinder

    ; Standard Sander/Polisher

    ; Platform Scale (new or used)

    ; 5 ? to 10 Cubic Ft. Cement Mixer - 15 Cubic Ft. utilized in large plant operations. A blender

    with two buckets can be effectively utilized as a mixer in smaller operations.

    ; Marble Blender - designed to create dramatic veining while mixing marble or Tiff-Onyx ; Skill Saw

    ; Jig Saw

    ; Carbide Blades

    ; Squares and Miscellaneous Hand Tools

    ; Miscellaneous Production Tables (Diagrams for vibrating tables, etc. are included in the training

    manual furnished with each mold package.)

(Many manufacturers will take diagrams of tables to be produced from angle iron or wood to a local trade school, high school, etc. Often

    they are not charged for labor, as the items are produced during training classes.)

10. Tiffany Marble Manufacturing Process

    The Tiffany manufacturing process is based on the technology developed by Tiffany Marble Molds International, Inc. T.M.M.I. will obviously not release the confidential details of the process or their formulation for the manufacturing of Tiffany Marble and other formulations until the potential manufacturers have been approved, purchased their mold package, and have completed their training. However, to assist you in understanding this industry, a few of the basic raw materials for our ten basic formulas are as follows:

    ; Polyester Resin (casting)

    ; Ground Calcium Carbonate Filler (marble dust or limestone in aggregate sizes from 20 to 200 mesh

    or grit)

    ; Peroxide Catalyst (MEKP) (a hardener also used in fiberglass manufacturing)

    ; Titanium Dioxide Pigment (a whitening agent)

    ; Assorted Paint Pigments (dry or wet)

    ; Gel Coat (A type of material used in fiberglass manufacturing)

    With Tiffany Marble, seventy to eighty percent of the raw materials used is calcium-based filler (marble powder or ground limestone). Twenty to thirty percent of the materials are resins, coating, pigments and waxes, all of which are produced in the industrially developed countries, and are readily available in most every country worldwide. Factories producing elegant Tiffany Marble in the various countries of China, The Philippines, Europe and Africa actually import less that 5% of their materials from the US.

After you have completed training, Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l, Inc. will provide the name and nearest

    source of the supplier for these materials in your area or country. Limestone or marble fillers have an infinite shelf life and can be purchased from rock quarries and companies that grind gravel and other stones for roads and cement. Actually, the filler you need is their waste material. In Florida, limestone costs $150 per ton. In California, about $100 per ton or 5 cents per pound. Yet in some countries overseas we have seen it as low as $40 per ton or 2 cents per pound. It really does not matter, as a ton of limestone will produce a tremendous amount of Tiffany Marble.

    Important! Color of limestone or rock filler can vary from medium gray or brown to almost white. We will train you how to whiten any color. However, your filler must be dry, not wet. Size of ground rock or limestone can vary from 20 mesh (or grit) to 200 mesh or grit.

Market research concerning: “Tiffany Marble” 10

11. Choice of Operation

    It is interesting to note that for over twenty years factories purchasing molds from Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. produced only sinks that were simply sold through stores . Sinks are still a very popular part of our business, but are less than twenty percent of our total sales. Today, when a homeowner purchases a sink he usually desires a shower or bathtub surround to match. Each of the 3 panels for a shower surround costs about the same as a sink to manufacture. A shower surround of 3 panels, plus the sink equals 4 times the marble than installing a single sink! That’s also 4 times the profit!!

    There are various directions a Tiffany Marble factory can take. It is one of personal preference by the owner. You can wholesale your products through the following:

    ; Building Contractors

    ; Remodeling Contractors

    ; Architects

    ; Interior Designers

    ; Building Material Centers

    ; “Factory Outlet” Direct to the Consumer

    ; Wholesaling to Remodeling and “Do-It-Yourself” Stores

    ; Plumbing Supply Houses

    ; Combination of any or all the above and others

    If you want an alternative to the construction market, you may wish to look into our Sculptured Tiff-Onyx, package which produces beautiful gift-ware items.

    Many of the customers that purchase a mold package expand through profits and earnings. If you wish to add to, or change your original mold package, you certainly may do so. However, we suggest you do this only after you have worked with our molds during your in factory training program, and have seen just how flexible the various molds really are. You can then sit down with one of our executives and interchange any molds with other molds of a similar value to keep the final mold package within your budget.

12. Marketing Potential

    A dramatic article stated the marble industry exploded from $25 million dollars to over $500 million in sales within a 7 year period. A 20 times increase in seven years! And now the marble industry is enjoying sales in the Billions of $!!

    Hundreds of contractors and architects designing, building, and remodeling thousands of homes, apartments, condominiums and office buildings in your area and its surrounding communities provide a strong market for Tiffany Marble Products. And remember, your customer the contractor does all the installation so you simply produce the elegant Tiffany Marble line and wholesale your needed products to the ultimate user.

    Sinks and vanities featuring one to six integral bowls, whirlpool bathtubs and other construction products are sold wholesale through contractors, architects, plumbing supply houses, lumber companies, hardware stores, building supply outlets do-it-yourself and remodeling stores, cabinet manufacturers, etc. Marble planters, tables, wastebaskets, and specialty items are usually wholesaled through nurseries, furniture stores, and numerous retail outlets. Various marketing procedures include:

; Construction Bulletins

    Local governments in most countries worldwide offer information regarding permits issued for new construction and remodeling. This information is often available through building associations and the government agencies. Many factories which purchase molds from Tiffany Marble Molds Int’l., Inc. in the U.S. subscribe by county to the “Dodge Report”. In Canada, a similar publication is available, named the “Southam (CDN) Bulletin”. These weekly bulletins list every start, pre-bid, and plan, and furnish you the name of the contractor, the architect, and the owner’s name and address, even before ground is broken! This is a fabulous source of potential customers who need Tiffany Marble. Remember, you will manufacture the finest quality products in the industry. Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, and others will recognize the quality immediately.

; Trade Shows & Exhibitions

    Trade Shows are another great source of prospective customers. Many factories participate in Home Shows, Fairs, Shopping Centers, Bath/Kitchen Shows, and similar exhibitions.

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