Alligator SWAP

By Mario Robinson,2014-01-31 04:52
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Alligator SWAP

Alligator SWAP


    ; 1 miniature clothespin

    ; 1 7 mm movable eye

    ; acrylic or poster paint: green, red, white

    ; 2 paint brushes, 1 flat and 1 very fine script point

    ; pin back

    ; hot glue


    Glue pin back on one side of the clothespin , doesn't matter which side (makes for easier handling while painting. Paint inside between the prongs red. You can use the flat brush for this. This is the inside of the "mouth" Paint the rest of it green using the flat brush. Let dry. Take the small script brush and dip into the white paint. Make very short white marks all along the top and bottom of the mouth for the "teeth" Let dry. Glue on the eye.

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Ants on a Log SWAP


    ; 1? inch pieces of twigs about 3/8 inch in diameter

    ; plastic ants

    ; hot glue

    ; safety pins


    I saw a really cute one today. The leader cut 1 ? inch pieces of twigs, that were about 3/8 inch in diameter. The girls glued on small plastic ants, from a party store (KG Marx) that come about 200 to a bag. Voila--ants on a log! (like the celery/peanut butter/raisins snack). Then they hot glued a pin thing on the back.

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    Debbie Marsh

Beaded Round Spiral Stitch Bracelet


    ; gimp, 2 pieces each 36 inches long

    ; barrel beads, 5


    Fold gimp in half and tie simple overhand knot ? inch from loop. Work spiral pattern round braid for 1 inch, slip 1 bead onto 2 center strands and up to finished braid. Repeat 1 inch of braid, then bead 4 times more. Work braid until bracelet is desired length. Tie simple overhand knot and cut ends to ? inch. Use finishing knot as "button" to close bracelet through beginning loop.

Beads and Knots Bracelet


    ; gimp, 1 piece 36' long

    ; barrel beads, 16

    ; snap hook


    Fold gimp in half and tie simple overhand knot ? inch from loop. Slip bead onto strands. Work square knot below bead. Repeat alternating bead and square knot until 16 beads have been placed. Slip snap hook onto one strand of gimp, work square knot to hold hook in place. Slip ends of gimp back through center of last bead. Clip ends close to bead.

Bear Pin SWAP

Materials (per bear):

    ; 1 large (about 1 ?" diameter) pompom in black or brown

    ; 2 smaller (about ?") pompoms to match the large one

    ; 1 even smaller (about ?") beige or tan pompom for snout

    ; 2 googly eyes (I think we used 4 mm size)

    ; 1 pin back

    ; 1 oval of black (or brown) felt to hold pin back to pompom

    ; tiny scrap of black felt for nose, cut into sort of a rounded triangle shape

    ; glue (we used Tacky glue)


    Just glue them together, two ears positioned atop head, then eyes (tweezers really help in applying eyes) then snout, then nose on the tip of snout. (Tip: use a good amount of glue (not so much as to be drippy, but more than you would need for paper of the same size) and really squeeze those pompoms to each other when gluing for a bear that will hold together well.) We recommend that a leader pre-assemble the pin back to the felt oval using a glue gun - then the girls can just glue the felt piece to the back of the bear head after the face is done. No two bears come out exactly alike - it’s fun to

    see all their personalities! We left our bears unadorned, but you could use yarn, ribbon or felt to make hair bows and bow ties to dress them up.

Big Dippers SWAP


    ; film canisters

    ; glue

    ; stars


    Cut down from top to make a handle and cut canister about 1/3 of the way down and cut around to make a dipper. Glue stars on the pot and up the handle like a big or little dipper.

Birdfeeder SWAP


    ; 2 milk caps

    ; tiny craft cup

    ; bird seed

    ; hot glue

    ; chenille bird


    Hot glue milk cap to tiny craft cup (some churches use them for communion; they're available at

    craft stores) fill partway with birdseed, also some seed around base (looks like a spill). Glue another

    milk cap on top. Add a bird made of chenille on edge.

Contributed by:

    Deb Graham



    ; 7" clear tubing (aquarium store) ; seed beads

    ; duct tape


    fill with seed bead, duct tape into a circle

Contributed by:

    Deb Graham

Braided Suede Friendship Bracelet

    What do you admire most about your friend? Is she generous? ... loyal ....kind?

    Make this special gift to let them know how you feel by choosing your bead colors from the list below.

Generous Orange

    Loyal Blue

    Kind Pink

    Responsible Green

    Honest Red

    Cheerful Yellow


    ; 8 feet suede lacing

    ; 3 pony beads


    Cut lacing into three 2' pieces and two 6". Use one 6" piece to tie together the three 2' pieces. Make the knot about 4" from the end.

    Braid together the three 2' pieces for about 1". Slide a pony bead onto the middle lace and continue braiding for another inch. Add another pony bead and continue for another 1" then adding the last pony bead. Finish by braiding for another inch and use the remaining 6" piece of suede to tie off. Trim ends.

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Bright Buddies SWAP


    ; pipe cleaners

    ; yarn

    ; pony bead

    ; glue

    ; safety pin


    Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend one half at the middle. Cut a 1? inch length from the other half to use as arms. Wrap yarn around 2 fingers about 7 times. Stick the bent pipe cleaner between your fingers, around the yarn wraps. Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers and stick the ends of the pipe cleaner through the hole of a ?-inch bead with a small hole. (hole about the size of a pony bead hole.) Pull the pipe cleaner so that the yarn is held tight against the bead. Put the "arm" piece of pipe cleaner between the two ends coming through the bead and twist tightly. Continue twisting until you have about an inch of twisted pipe cleaner. Slip a one inch piece of colored drinking straw over the body. Spread the legs in a "Y" shape to keep the straw from sliding off. Bend about ? inch of the ends to make little feet. Cut the loops of yarn and use a pin or toothpick to separate the strands for hair. Hot glue a pin back to the straw. (Can add googly eyes, if desired.)

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