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Hello, ...

    Travel and teach in China

    You Are Needed

    Are you a native English speaker?

    Do you like China?

    Do you want to travel in China?

    Do you want to be an oral English teacher in China?

    Do you want to have a special experience in China?


    NESR Project ( China) welcomes you!

    Please take a moment to learn about our offerings, you will find a surprise!

    About Us:

    The Native English Speaker Recruit Project (China District) is launched by the

    International Education Volunteer Organization (China), which is the only agency

    authorized by the Chinese Education System to recruit foreign English teachers. We aim to

    provide high quality English teachers for primary and secondary schools so as to enhance

    the English communication skills of their students.

    With the aim above, we need to improve their skills in spoken English firstly. Most of

    the Chinese students are good at the speculative knowledge, but there will be various

    problems when they use them in real life, the wrong pronunciation is the most frequent

    problem, so we need a lot of English native speakers. Giving them more opportunities to

    communicate with native English speakers is the best solution now. Meanwhile, teaching

    Oral English is easy and enjoyable, and it is also a unique opportunity to explore various

    Chinese customs and cultures. If you like travelling, or making money during your travel in

    China, this will be a good choice for you.

    In many similar agencies, your information is merely introduced to schools. They ends

    their responsibilities when you arrive, then you must depend on yourself. On the contrary,

    we not only can offer you a satisfied working place, but also can handle all aspects of your

    travel logistics and give you a help whenever you need!(do our best to help you whenever

    you need during your teaching activities, daily life and travel )


    1. No younger than 18.

    2. Need to stay for 3 months or longer than that.

    3. Native English speaker or near native speaker.

    4. Has a spirit of challenge and a sense of humor.

    5. It adds to your experience, and pre-existing Chinese language skill is not required.

    6. Formal teaching certificate is desirable, but not necessary.

    Responsibilities (variable according to different locations): 1. Working from Monday to Friday.

    2. 18~24 classes per week, each class will last 45 minutes.

3. Arrive in Beijing two weeks prior to the term start.

    4. February to June and September to December terms, with possibilities to teach during

    semester breaks.

    Benefits (depending on your workplace): 1. Can provide 3000~8000 RMB/month as allowance for you, connected with the workload,

    workplace and your qualificationsLocal teachers only earn 1,000RMB per month, so

    it also can be regarded as a higher salary in the local area.

    2. Private accommodations.

    3. Registration and enrollment assistance, pre-departure materials, ongoing support.

    4. Assistance of a bilingual teacher.

    5. Airport pick-up and welcome dinner.

    6. Three meals per day at the school.

    7. Orientation upon arrival.

    8. Medical and accident insurances.

    9. Program supervision and emergency service.

    10. Guaranteed school placement.

    11. Airport seeing-off after the completion of the program.

    12. Complete your contract with a smile and we'll provide professional references anytime

    you need.

    13. If you stay with it for multiple terms, travel costs might be reimbursed.

    14. Learn Chinese Kung fu, Chinese Arts, Peking Opera and other cultures.

    15. Low-stress employment, discussing topics are decided by yourself, without disciplinary

    or grading responsibilities.

    Please Send Us:

    1. Your resume;

    2. Copies of the diploma and teaching certificate.

    3. Copy of the first page of your passport;

    4. Date or time-span available for employment and how long do you plan to teach in China.

    Contact Us: Tel: +86 10 67527894

    Fax: +86 10 67576849


    Name: Julia

    Mobile phone+8615201190959

    We are the only agency authorized by the Chinese Education System. We are always

    looking for oral English teachers for the coming term. We can offer various placements.

    Although the locations are different, terms are normally from February to June and from

September to December, with possibilities to teach during semester breaks. You could also

tell your friends who might be interested in our program! We are waiting for you!

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