Directions for SWAPS

By Alan Matthews,2014-01-31 04:55
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Directions for SWAPS

    Directions for SWAPS

Mad Scientist/Frazzled Leader

    1 pop can tab

    2 wiggle eyes

    10 4” lengths of yarn

    1 flat-back pin Lark’s Head Knot Tacky glue

    Red permanent marker

    Knot yarn through rounded end of pop can tab using a lark’s head knot. Glue wiggle eyes to base of yarn. Glue pin back to back of pop can tab. Use red marker to color “tongue.”


    2 1” circles of light brown foam (bun)

    1 1?” circle dark brown foam (hamburger)

    1 1?” irregular circle light green foam (lettuce)

    1 scrap red foam (tomato)

    1 1” square orange foam (cheese)

    Embroidery floss

    Tacky glue


    Safety pin

    Once you have cut all pieces, thread the needle with a 6” length of floss and double knot the end. Thread the needle through all the layers of the sandwich in the following order: bun bottom, lettuce, hamburger, cheese, tomato, bun top. Tie the floss to the loop on the safety pin. Use a dot of tacky glue on the knot at the bottom of the burger to hold the floss secure.

Hermie the Worm

    1 pipe cleaner

    2 wiggle eyes

    1 leaf

    1 flat back pin

    Tacky glue


    Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil tapering the end to make the worm’s tail. Glue the wiggle eyes to the other end of the pipe cleaner. Glue the finished worm to a leaf. Glue the pin to the back.


    Girl Scout SWAPS


    2 1” squares light brown or tan felt

    1 1?” square dark brown foam cut to look like melted chocolate

    Small piece of cotton ball

    Tacky glue (optional)

    Safety pin

    Layer all pieces to look like a s’more. Push the safety pin through one corner making sure all pieces are secure. You may glue all pieces together first if you wish.


    2 film canister lids

    1 black pony bead

    8? inches black ribbon

    Tacky glue

    Safety pin

    Glue film canister lids together. Glue ribbon along outside edge of lids to cover seam. Thread safety pin onto ribbon before gluing end of loop that forms canteen strap. Glue black pony bead to top of canteen for lid.

Brownie Smile

    1 small circle any color foam

    1 irregularly cut piece of brown foam

    Small length floral wire

    Safety pin

    Draw a smiley face on the small circle of foam. Thread the floral wire through the smiley face and the piece of brown foam with the brown under the smiley. Loop ends of wire through loop on safety pin.

T Shirt


    Sequins or confetti

    Flat back pin

    Using pattern, trace t-shirt shape on cardstock and cut out. Spread glue over t-shirt and sprinkle with glitter, sequins, or confetti. Spread more glue over the top and let dry. Glue flat-backed pin to back.


    Girl Scout SWAPS

    Frying Pan

    1 bottle cap

    1 pop can tab

    Scraps white and yellow foam

    Safety pin

    Tacky glue

    Black spray paint

Glue pop can tab to bottle cap and set aside to dry. Cut irregular scrap of white foam and small

    dot of yellow foam and glue together to make egg. When glue on bottle cap is dry, spray paint

    black. When dry, glue egg in frying pan. Clip safety pin to handle of frying pan.

Foam Flower

    2 flower shapes of different colors

    1 round flower center

    Flat-back pin

    Tacky glue

    Glitter glue or glitter

Glue all pieces together and decorate with glitter or glitter glue. Attach flat-back pin to back.


    1 paperclip

    8mm round bead

    1 flat spacer bead

    Length of floss, thick thread, or stretchy cord Lark’s Head Knot Safety pin

Using a lark’s head knot, attach stretchy cord to the cross pf the paperclip. Thread the 8mm bead

    and then the flat spacer bead over both loose ends of the stretchy cord. Tie loose ends of stretchy

    cord through the loop of a safety pin.

God’s Eye

    2 toothpicks

    Length of baby yarn

    Safety pin

    Tacky glue

    Glue the two toothpicks together in a cross. Take one color of yarn and wrap it over and around one stick, then over and around the next, over and around the next, and so on. Keep doing that until the color is used up. Tie a different color string onto the old one with a square knot. Continue wrapping until you are finished. Tie a knot around the end of the toothpick and secure with a drop of glue. Attach a safety pin.


    Girl Scout SWAPS

    Shooting Star

    1 star pony bead

    14 e beads

    Craft floss

    Safety pin Lark’s Head Knot Tacky glue (optional)


Using a lark’s head knot, attach the floss to the loop of the safety pin. Thread both loose ends

    through the star pony bead. Thread 8 e beads onto one loose end of the floss and tie a knot. Thread 6 e beads onto the other loose end and tie a knot. Make sure the beads will not pull past your knots. You may want to secure the last bead next to the knot with a bit of tacky glue. Trim ends of craft floss.

Fuzzy Monster

    1?” pom pom

    3mm pom pom

    2 3” pieces of pipe cleaner

    Toothpick or skewer

    2 wiggle eyes



    Tacky glue

    Flat back pin

    Wrap one piece pipe cleaner around the toothpick in a spiral. Remove from toothpick and repeat with other piece of pipe cleaner. Cut monster feet from piece of foam. Glue feet to bottom of 1?” pom pom. Glue on wiggle eyes and 3mm pom pom nose. Glue the spirals of pipe cleaner

    to the top of the monsters head. Glue the flat back pin to the back.


    4 ?” pom poms

    Small piece of pipe cleaner

    ?” x 2” strip of foam

    2 wiggle eyes

    Tacky glue

    Flat back pin

    Glue the four pom poms to the strip of foam. Glue the wiggle eyes to one of the end pom poms. Use the piece of pipe cleaner to make antennae and glue between the pom pom with the eyes and the next pom pom. Glue the flat-back pin to the bottom.


    Girl Scout SWAPS

    Foam Ladybug

    Foam circle

    Black foam body

    Tacky glue

    Pin back


    2 wiggle eyes

    Permanent marker (optional)

    Glitter glue (optional)

Use scissors to cut foam circle in half for wings. Glue wings to body. Glue wiggle eyes to head.

    Glue pin to back of ladybug. You may decorate wings with spots using permanent marker or glitter glue.


    1” pom pom

    2 small circles of felt for ears

    1 2” long skinny piece of felt for tail

    Thread for whiskers

    Scribbles paint for eyes and nose

    Safety pin

    Tacky glue


Use the scissors to cut the ears and tail from the felt. Wrap the thread two or three times around

    two fingers. Make a knot in the middle and cut the ends to make the whiskers. Glue the ears on the top and the tail on the back of the pom pom. Glue the whiskers where the nose would be. Use the Scribbles paint to add eyes and a nose. Glue the loop of the safety pin to the top of the pom pom.

Marshmallow on Stick

    2?” piece of fat brown pipe cleaner

    White pony bead


    Safety pin

    Bend one end of pipe cleaner to look like a stick with a forked end. Glue white pony bead to one of the forks. Twist other end of pipe cleaner through loop of safety pin.

Friends (One is silver and the other’s gold)

    Silver puzzle piece

    Gold puzzle piece


    Permanent marker

    Pin back

Glue puzzle pieces together and write “Friends” across them. Glue pin on back.


    Girl Scout SWAPS


Safety pin Cut lines 2” square of foam

    3” length of pipe cleaner


    Cut into the square at each corner approximately one inch. Center the pipe cleaner in the square and push through foam. Pull one half of the corner over and push pipe

    cleaner through. Repeat on each corner. Fold over pipe cleaner to anchor foam. Bend pipe

    cleaner down on reverse side. Slide end of pipe cleaner in loop of safety pin and fold over to


Salamander Leg and tail positioning

1 6” length of red pipe cleaner

    2 4” lengths of red pipe cleaner

    1 wooden ice cream spoon

    Tacky glue

    1 flat-back pin

    Black marker

    2 black beads

    Paint (optional)

1. If you wish, paint the wooden ice cream

    spoons before you start. You can also let the girls decorate them with permanent


    2. Glue the two shorter pipe cleaners across the back of the spoon so they stick out on

    each side. Lay the tail along the spoon so that it sticks out the small handle end of

    the spoon. Glue on the flat-backed pin. Let the glue dry. 3. When the glue has dried, turn the salamander over and bend his legs. 4. Glue on two small black beads for eyes.

    5. Use the black marker to add small dots to the salamander’s back.

Pom Pom Fish

1” pom pom

    Scraps of foam

    Tacky glue

    Safety pin

    Wiggle eyes

    1. Cut tails and fins from foam scraps and glue them on the pom pom. 2. Glue on wiggle eyes.

    3. Let glue dry.

    4. Push safety pin through fin.


    Girl Scout SWAPS


craft foam: red, orange, yellow

    wiggle eyes

    tacky glue

    safety pin


1. Cut a wide figure-8 shape out of red foam. I made mine about the size of two


    2. Cut a skinny triangle out of yellow craft foam, and a wide triangle out of orange craft


    3. Glue skinny triangle in between rounded areas of the red foam for a "nose."

    4. Glue the orange foam over the yellow.

    5. Glue on eyes.

    6. Let glue dry.

    7. Push safety pin through one corner of the orange foam.

Noodle Bat

Bow tie noodles

    Black paint

    1 ?” black pipe cleaner

    Safety pin

1. Paint the noodles black.

    2. Thread pipe cleaner through loop in safety pin. Bring to center and fold pipe cleaner

    in half.

    3. Wrap pipe cleaner around center of bow tie noodle and twist ends together.

Puzzle Butterfly

Painted puzzle pieces

    3” pipe cleaner

    Safety pin

    Black permanent marker

    1. Use a black permanent marker to draw a head and body. 2. Decorate wings with markers.

    3. Fold pipe cleaner in half and bend into antennae shapes. Thread

    through loop of safety pin and wrap around butterfly’s “head”.


    Girl Scout SWAPS Pompom Ladybug

1” red pompom

    ?” black pompom

    wiggle eyes

    Scribbles paint or black sequins

    tacky glue

    safety pin

    1. Glue the red and black pom poms together. 2. Glue wiggle eyes on black pom pom.

    3. Add black dots to red pom pom with Scribbles paint. OR glue on black sequins. 4. Glue loop end of safety pin to ladybug.


Plaster of Paris

    Plastic spoons



    Flat-back pin

    Tacky glue

    1. Mix the plaster of Paris and make beetle shapes by

    using the plastic spoons as molds.

    2. Paint the beetle shapes with paints. 2. Let dry and then glue a flat-back pin to the flat side.


Small Clothespins

    Green paint

    6” Green Craft Wire

    3 ?” green craft wire

    Tacky Glue

    5mm Wiggle Eyes

    Flat back pin

    1. Paint clothespins green and let dry. 2. Bend the 6” craft wire into shape for the legs as shown. Glue to the clothespin.

    3. Bend the 3 ?” wire into shape for the antenna. Glue to the clothespin.

    4. Glue on wiggle eyes.

    5. Glue flat-back pin to bottom of grasshopper.


    Girl Scout SWAPS

    Step 3: Form body by working Dragonfly Pin

    square knots around the pin

    back. (If you know how to 1 inch safety pin

    macrame, the pin back is your Body: (2) 8 inch pieces of boondoggle

    filler cord.) Continue making Antenna: 6 inch piece of boondoggle

    square knots until pin back is Wings: 12 inch piece of boondoggle

    almost filled - leave only the

    width of a piece of boondoggle Note: Finished dragonfly will look

    empty. This generally takes 4 better if you keep boondoggle

    square knots on a 1 inch untwisted throughout. safety pin.

    Step 4: Form wings by folding Dragonfly is worked on the back of the safety pin, so when its

    boondoggle back and forth, finished you can just pin it on.

    making 2 wings on each side.

    Step 1: Tie two body pieces

    together, using an overhand knot and leaving about 1" tails. Step 5: Thread the body Thread long ends through pieces through the hole in the round hole at end of pin - one head of the pin, one from each from each direction. Pull tight. direction. Slide wings through

    the loops formed on top of the


Step 2: Fold antenna piece in

    half and place along the pin's

    back, with the fold under the body tails. Step 6: Pull body ends tight, tie

    together at head of the pin,

    under the antennas. Double

    check that your knot is secure

    and then trim body ends close

    to the knot.


    Girl Scout SWAPS

Itty Beadie Reptile Patterns

For Turtle You Need:

    8 Light Green Pony Beads

    10 Dark Green Pony Beads

    2' Satin Cord

    1. Fold your cord in half to find the center and

    thread through loop on safety pin.

    2. Tie a knot 1/2" from center.

    3. Lace beads using pattern at right as a guide. 4. Finish by tying off with a square knot.


1” brown pompom

    ?” brown pompom

    Wiggle eyes

    Scrap yellow felt

    Fall silk leaf

    Red floss

    Safety pin

1. Glue pom poms together.

    2. Glue leaf on larger “body” pom pom for tail.

    3. Cut beak from scrap of felt. Glue on smaller “head” pom pom

    4. Add the wiggle eyes and a scrap of floss for wattle. 5. Glue loop of safety pin to the turkey’s back OR pin safety pin through tail feathers.


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