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Download Spring1adoc - Archbishop Cranmer CofE Primary School

    PSHE ; Our talents make us all heroes ; What is a super hero? are we all heroes? Mathematical ; Super hero of the week ; Co-ordinates ; Risk watch the people who help us are ; Measuring clothes superheroes ; Measuring the distance sound travels ; What can we learn from Jewish bible stories? ; Mathematical Man Creative Samson King David Daniel in the lion’s den ; Data charts for science related tasks on ; Super hero mask making ; Special days and special signs. Epiphany vehicles and boats. ; Make small world island modroc ; Guide dog for the blind rescue animals-

    ; Small world super heroes environments hearing dogs for the deaf.

    to match the book of the week. ; Chinese whispers super hero listening

    ; 3D life size box model super hero with


    K and U ; Collage of super hero

    ; Sounds and hearing ; D&T make frames and glasses for ; Sounds lotto super heroes

     ; Make x-ray specs SUPER HEROES ; Design clothes for heroes (link to

     ; People around us who are superheroes Mr Numeracy measuring). Spring Term 2a Childs / Policemen ;

     ; Compare islands different super hero

     islands contrasts of climate / costume / CCL resources / physical features what would ; Senses Poems the different heroes wear? Why? ; The Incredibles DVD ; Super hero animals guide dogs ; Traction Man ; Look at fabrics that super heroes might Physical ; Super hero sentences wear- what would be a good fabric for a ; Games and Dance ; Traditional tales Little super hero? ; Move like a superhero Red Riding Hood / Puss ; Construct super hero vehicles to test- use ; ‘Superman’ dance in Boots who are the construction kits then use box modelling ; Keeping fit to be a super hero. heroes? items… Can we also make boats? How will ; ; Superhero role play they float? cave / doctors / HQ ; What do super heroes eat? Healthy food. ; Labelling superheroes- ; captions and speech


Medium Term Weekly Planning Term 2a 2009 Class F Foundation F. Scott Super heroes

    Area of Learning Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 ththththndth 5 Jan 2009 12 Jan 2009 19 Jan 2009 26 Jan 2009 2 Feb 2009 9 Feb 2009 ththth Events 13 FS observe AA 20- k and M review Science week 9 FS out Sustainability mentoring am pm perf man rev thth4 am FS out 10 FS out am and

    pm th13 INSET

    Say the number names Order a given set of Order a given set of Use language such as Talk about and Mathematical beyond 10 in order in numbers (e.g.1 to 6 numbers (e.g.1 to 6 Use more or less, longer round, circle, square to recognise and recreate Development familiar contexts e.g. given in random order). given in random order). or shorter, heavier or describe flat shapes. simple patterns including See separate weekly number rhymes, songs, Begin to recognise none Begin to recognise none lighter to make direct Name solids: cube, those in the planning for F and Y1 and stories. and zero in stories and and zero in stories and comparisons of two sphere, cone. environment. Count reliably up to 12 rhymes. rhymes. quantities. (length, Use shapes to make Solve simple problems objectives. objects. mass, time) models, pictures and or puzzles in a practical Recite number names in Count back from 6, 5… Count back from 6, 5… Use words such as patterns. context. order, continuing from 2, bigger and smaller to Use everyday words to Match objects (shapes). 3, or 4. describe size. describe position and direction. Cincerella- The Incredibles- DVD The Incredibles 2 Poetry focus The three Billy Goats Communication, Traction Man A traditional fairy based work- Simple rhyming gruff Language and Literacy tale Letters goulfb and dictionary as a Trad/fairy tale. Letters- : ie z w ng v Who is the hero and Letters- satpin to ai j oa ie ee or to be staring point for oo/OO and y x ch sh See Separate Lit planning saves the day? How do reviseand introduce revised poems on Puppet/role play s- th/th to review and they do it?> What other for weekly w/s/t/level chhrmd with new Look at blending sustainability linked to Digi blues revise heroic qualities can we children and segmenting science week find? Words to Review and assess Review reception Letter sounds to Read - A cat in a tree- recognise- days of the tricky words key words from Lit Sounds lotto introduce- long a who is the hero here? the week strat for reading- alternative vowel Link to everyday heroes Role play- Incredibles who can read these Letters- reteach quo u sounds for ai lane like Mr Childs and policenen etc HQ command and words? oi ue era r from the came Mask work role play communications Christmas time. Words to recognuse- people who help us and centre- Headphones Continue to dev role Ensure that the this that there they writing mat. sets etc… play as children all get lots of communication HQ practise with oral Letters th/th and oo/oo for the super heros blending and to revise and reinforce y segmenting x ch sh th/th Words to recognise .words to recognise colours colours

Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Personal, Social and Training of new Circle discussion- Risk watch activity on Emotional children in appropriate what about people water safety- Why is it Objectives SEAL SEAL behaviour in school. who are blind and can clever to be sensible Objectives Objectives Appreciate the need for Re affirm rules and not see- what would near water? Continue to be Continue to be See separate weekly SEAL hygiene. interested, excited and interested, excited and boundries with old you miss if you Objectives planning Dress and undress motivated to learn. DA4 motivated to learn. DA4 children. couldn’t see? independently and Be confident to try new Be confident to try new Appreciate the need for Objectives manage their own activities, initiate ideas activities, initiate ideas hygiene. Appreciate the need for Objectives personal hygiene. DA4 and speak in a familiar and speak in a familiar Dress and undress hygiene. Have an awareness of group. DA7 group. DA7 independently and Dress and undress Appreciate the need for the boundaries set, and Maintain attention, Maintain attention, manage their own independently and hygiene. of behavioural concentrate, and sit concentrate, and sit personal hygiene. DA4 manage their own Dress and undress expectations in the quietly when quietly when Continue to be personal hygiene. DA4 independently and setting appropriate. DA8 appropriate. DA8 interested, excited and Have an awareness of manage their own motivated to learn. DA4 the boundaries set, and personal hygiene. DA4 Be confident to try new of behavioural Have an awareness of activities, initiate ideas expectations in the the boundaries set, and and speak in a familiar setting of behavioural group. DA7 expectations in the Maintain attention, setting concentrate, and sit quietly when appropriate. DA8

Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Knowledge and Story of epiphany Story of Samson- A David and Goliath- What special things David and Saul- how Daniel in the Lions Understanding of the do we know why we man of super How David became would Mr Incredible David remained a den A story of a world had presents at strength from God- a super hero by need for a special hero by the way he man who special to RE- Stories from the Christmas? Why did God give gaining victory occasion? Park lived his life and the God and was saved Jewish Bible- special What is an island- ccl him the strength? against all odds. visit. Queen’s decision he made. by him. days and special signs. creative Label island What happened? Looking after birthday. What does What sounds can Can we test and features. ourselves- why is the vicar wear in Making and testing we hear in a variety make a vehicle for Discuss how and important to keep fit church? super hero boats of places? Traction man? island is made look at and eat a healthy Can we design test with water. How far does sound Make moving islands on the diet? some island maps? travel and can we internet. What is a healthy vehicles to race and What is our super OBJECTIVES make it go further? Make maps of the diet? ramps. Use wheels hero island called? Recount outlines of Trumpets to shout Incredibles island. What are super hero and construction Who lives on it? religious stories down- nb H & S OBJECTIV ES food? Link to sci kits. Identify aspects of Fact files on islands issues Recount outlines of week. What did traction their own experience religious stories Sounds walk Can we use the and feelings, what man see? What can Identify aspects of tube phone outside they find interesting or we see? What do ; OBJECTIVE their own experience to whisper into? puzzling and the we need our eyes ; Identify aspects of and feelings, what Listening games. value and concern to their own for? they find interesting or OBJECTIVES Discuss deafness themselves. experience and puzzling and the Opticians chart to ; Gain an awareness of and how these feelings, what they value and concern to test super hero Recount outlines of the cultures and people find interesting or themselves. vision and x ray beliefs of others. religious stories puzzling and the communicate. Observe, find out ; Feel a sense of Identify aspects of specs. value and concern about and identify Watch a show belonging to own their own experience OBJECTIVE features in the place to themselves. community and place. where there is an and feelings, what Recount outlines of they live and the ; to make ; Complete a simple interpreter/signer so they find interesting or natural world. religious stories observations using program on a that the children puzzling and the Find out about their Identify aspects of appropriate senses; computer. environment, and talk value and concern to can see how deaf their own experience Observe, find out ; Use ICT to perform about those features themselves. about and identify people hear. and feelings, what simple functions, such they like and dislike. features in the place ; Gain an awareness of they find interesting or as selecting a channel Find out about and they live and the the cultures and on the TV remote puzzling and the OBJECTIVES identify the uses of beliefs of others. natural world. control. value and concern to everyday technology Recount outlines of ; Find out about their ; Feel a sense of Feel a sense of themselves. and use information religious stories belonging to own environment, and belonging to own and communication Identify aspects of community and place. talk about those community and place. technology and ; to make features they like their own experience ; Complete a simple ; to make programmable toys to observations using and dislike. program on a and feelings, what observations using support their learning. appropriate senses; ; Complete a simple computer. they find interesting or appropriate senses; program on a ; Gain an awareness ; Use ICT to perform puzzling and the ; computer. of the cultures and simple functions, such value and concern to ; Use ICT to perform beliefs of others. as selecting a channel themselves. simple functions, such on the TV remote ; Feel a sense of ; Complete a simple as selecting a channel control. belonging to own

on the TV remote community and place. program on a Feel a sense of control. Find out about and computer. belonging to own identify the uses of community and place. ; Use ICT to perform everyday technology simple functions, such and use information as selecting a channel and communication on the TV remote technology and control. programmable toys Feel a sense of to support their belonging to own learning. community and place. Feel a sense of belonging to own community and place.

Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Creative Development Music with AP Music with AP Music with AP Music with AP Music with AP Music with AP

Make the incredibles ? Super hero masks Can we make super Design a healthy Can we create island using modroc Make x ray specs. Super hero wrist hero boats to float? meal and a party small world story and boxes. Making box model bands and cloaks to Mask making for meal on plates and boxes for the 3 billy Free painting of super vehicles with wheels. be made with the people who help us collage then- use goats gruff story? heroes Decorating them to children. Can we create pics from OBJECTIVES the super heroe Puppets small world story magazines and Collage the 3 billy Construct with a purpose theme. Collage a giant Mr boxes for drawings. goats gruff and in mind, using a variety Can we create story of resources. Incredible to have Cinderella? display with boxes for the Traction Use simple tools and speech bubble and Splatter painting captions. man story? techniques competently Wet spaghetti tactile OBJECTIVES welcome at our watery pictures and and appropriately. Work creatively on a play in water try to OBJECTIVES door with greetings effects- experiment Build and construct large or small scale. recreate diff textures Create constructions, with a wide range of from around the with colours and Explore colour, collages, painting and in the garden for objects, selecting world. textures. texture, shape, form drawings. appropriate resources traction man with and space in two or Blue corn flour Use ideas involving and adapting their action man toys. three dimensions. OBJECTIVES fitting, overlapping, in, . work where necessary Understand that different Construct with a purpose out, enclosure, grids and OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES media can be combined in mind, using a variety sun-like shapes. . Work creatively on a Work creatively on a to create new effects. of resources. Work creatively on a large or small scale. large or small scale. Experiment to create Create constructions, large or small scale. Explore colour, Explore colour, different textures. collages, painting and Explore colour, texture, shape, form texture, shape, form drawings. texture, shape, form and space in two or and space in two or Use ideas involving and space in two or three dimensions. three dimensions. fitting, overlapping, in, three dimensions. Understand that different out, enclosure, grids and media can be combined sun-like shapes. to create new effects. Experiment to create different textures.

Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Activities Physical Development Reinforce PE rules Val Sabin unit 2- Val Sabin Unit 2 Val Sabin Unit 2 Val Sabin unit 2 Val Sabin unit 2 with new children and Icicles and water Mr Jelly and Mr Mr Jelly and Mr Wriggling William The Angry Elephant establish ground rules Games CS to plan Strong 1 Strong 2 Games CS to plan Games CS to plan for PE Dance- short Games CS to plan Games CS to plan and long movements OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES with tambourine. Show awareness of Show awareness of Show awareness of Show awareness of OBJECTIVES OBJECTIVES space, of themselves space, of themselves space, of themselves space, of themselves Show awareness of Show awareness of and others. and others. and others. and others. space, of themselves space, of themselves Recognise the Recognise the Recognise the Recognise the and others. and others. changes that happen changes that happen changes that happen changes that happen Recognise the Recognise the to their body when to their body when to their body when to their body when changes that happen changes that happen they are active and they are active and they are active and they are active and to their body when to their body when moving. moving. moving. moving. they are active and they are active and Explore and Explore and Explore and Explore and moving. moving. communicate their communicate their communicate their communicate their Explore and Explore and ideas, thoughts and ideas, thoughts and ideas, thoughts and ideas, thoughts and communicate their communicate their feelings using feelings using feelings using feelings using ideas, thoughts and ideas, thoughts and movement. movement. movement. movement. feelings using feelings using movement. movement.

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