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By Erica Riley,2014-08-08 11:34
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to be find

    1.A modeling approach for iron concentration in sand filtration effluent using adaptive neuro-fuzzy model

    2.Deep-bed filtration model with multistage deposition kinetics

    3.Flow of suspensions through porous media?ªapplication to deep filtration

    4.Anomalous transport in??classical??soil and sand columns

    5.Non-Fickian description of tracer transport through heterogeneous porous media

    6.Measurement and analysis of non-Fickian dispersion in heterogeneous porous media

    7.Modeling non-Fickian transport and hyperexponential deposition for deep bed filtration

    8.Breakdown of colloid filtration theory:role of the secondary energy minimum and surface charge heterogeneities

    9.A mathematical model for non-monotonic deposition profiles in deep bed filtration systems

    10.A stochastic theory for deep bed filtration accounting for dispersion and size distributions

11.On the transport of emulsions in porous media

    12.A continuous time random walk approach to transient flow in heterogeneous porous media

    13.The role of probabilistic approaches to transport theory in heterogeneous media

    14.Transport behavior of a passive solute in continuous time random walks and multirate mass transfer

    15.Modeling the coupled effects of pore space geometry and velocity on colloid transport and retention

    16.Combined physical and chemical nonequilibrium transport model:analytical solution,moments,and application to colloids

    17.Straining and attachment of colloids in physically heterogeneous porous media

    18.Uncertainty analysis in WWTP model applications:a critical discussion using an example from design

    19.A comparison of three methods for selecting values of input variables in the analysis of output from a computer code

    20.Practical identifiability analysis of large environmental simulation models

    21.Modeling non-Fickian transport in geological formations as a continuous time random walk

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