In money slang, how much is a `Pavarotti`

By Debbie Lane,2014-03-20 16:03
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In money slang, how much is a `Pavarotti`

40 TRIVIA QUESTIONS answer sheet available from Pauline

    (all disputes will be entered into from a standpoint of complete ignorance)

1. In money slang, how much is a `Pavarotti`? ?10 (a tenor)

    2. Which two words is the company name Intel Integrated tecnology

    abbreviated from?

    3. What is the original of the word Nylon? From the initials of New York and the

    first part of the London

    4. Which company brews Harp lager? Guiness

    5. Which famous fictional character lives at 4 Harry Potter

    Privet Drive, Little Whinging?

    6. What type of vehicle would you expect to find A Bobsleigh

    on the Cresta Run?

    7. What happened in 1961 that won`t happen The year 1961 read the same upside

    again for another four thousand years? down, and the same thing wont

    happen again until the year 6009 8. Miracle, Kelvedon Wonder, and Meteor are all Pea

    types of which vegetable?

    9. What is the connection between Ruby, Teddy, Ruby, Teddy, Offa, Lucy and Sadie

    Offa, Lucy, Sadie and a famous politician? are the names of David Blunkett`s

    guide dogs

    10. What name is given to the cabin below an Gondola


    11. In 2004, Fathers 4 Justice campaigner Jason Batman

    Hatch caused an embarrassing security breach

    at Buckingham Palace dressed as who?

    12. Which product`s 1987 TV adverts were backed Levis 501 Jeans

    by the songs `Stand by me` and `When a man

    loves a woman`?

    13. Approximately how many rivets were used in 7 million

    the Forth Rail Bridge? 1 million, 4 million or 7


    14. As at November 2005, what were Eugene Walk on the moon

    Cernan and Harrison Schmitt the last men to


    15. If a dish is cooked Florentine, what is it cooked Spinach


    16. Which annual event took place at Alexandria Miss World

    Palace in London in 2002 after rioting forced it

    to be moved from Nigeria?

    17. Which brewer was the first to introduce the Guinness

    `widget` into cans?

    18. Since its inception during World War II, the Pigeons

    Dicken Medal, which is the animal equivalent

    of the Victoria Cross has been worn by which

    creature the most times?

    19. What would be your hobby if you were Stamp Collecting

    interested in a Stanley Gibbons album?

    20. How old does a road vehicle need to be to be 25 years old

    described as a classic?

    21. Which society has its headquarters at The RSPB

    Lodge, Sandy in Bedfordshire

    22. What is Anginaphobia a fear of? Thickness, Narrowness

    Narrowness or Darkness?

    23. `Share Moments. Share Life` has been the Kodak

    slogan to which worldwide brand?

    24. Which island was actor Errol Flynn born on? Tasmania 25. In computer networking what does LAN stand Local Area Network


    26. Americans call them Bell Hops, but what do we Porters

    call them in Britain?

    27. Which religion celebrates the festival of Vesak? Buddhism 28. Which word can mean a parasitic worm, the Fluke

    hook of an anchor or a lucky chance?

    29. In Britain, what were classified as either A or B Roads

    in 1920?

    30. In what year were dog licenses abolished in 1987

    the UK?

    31. How many loaves and how many fish did 2 fish and 5 loaves

    Jesus use to feed 5,000?

    32. Flemish bond and English bond are methods of Laying bricks

    doing what?

    33. Lord David Sutch was the founder of which UK Official Monster Raving Loony Party

    political party?

    34. What game starts with a squidge off? Tiddlywinks 35. Who are the three male suspects in a game of Colonel Mustard, Reverend Green

    Cluedo? and Professor Plum 36. What is the one place in all of Great Britain that House of Commons

    the Queen cannot visit?

    37. To the nearest 25 miles, how far would a 0 (a London bus runs on diesel)

    London bus travel on a full tank of petrol while

    driving around the city at an average of 30

    miles per hour?

    38. What is the name of the holiday company that Saga

    caters for the over 50s?

    39. What is correct name given to the dot on top of Tittle

    the letter `i`?

    40. What does the word Cenotaph mean? Empty Tomb

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