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Minutes JPC 20/03/05 (1)


    JOINT PARISH COUNCIL th Meeting held at the Baptist Church Hall, High Street, Henley-in-Arden on Monday 20 March 2006

    Meeting Commenced at 7.15pm, Meeting Ended 9.25pm.

PRESENT: Cllrs: G Atkinson (from 7.50pm), D Bassett, G Bruce, S Doyle, R Hubbocks, C Goodman, J Love, G Matheou, L Marshall,

    K Mitchell and S Roy.

    Also in Attendance: - Mrs H Syratt Clerk, the High Bailiff Mr D Bridgewater and ten members of the public.

In the absence of the Chairman Cllr Roy chaired the meeting.

    ‘Open Forum’

    1. Mrs R Furse, 37 Yew Tree Gardens. Mrs Furse addressed the council in her capacity as a Church Warden to St Johns Parish Church. She

    said that the Church Newsletter, which was delivered monthly to all residents, contained a letter from the rector as well as other general

    notices which rendered it a good community publication. TMI had previously printed the newsletter for ?40 per time but the had now moved

    out of the town, the High School had offered the use of their copier for an interim period at ?50 per time and John Dukes had quoted ?70 per

    time. She wondered if the council could help with funding towards printing costs and she asked the council to discuss the matter at their next

    meeting, she asked for a grant of between ?400 - ?500.

    2. Ms P Geraghty, 5 Birmingham Road addressed the council concerning agenda item 5.5 planning application 06/00209/FUL,

    Redevelopment to provide mixed use offices and dwellings, Land rear of Millfield Court, High Street, Henley-in-Arden. Revelan Estates

    Henley) Ltd. She raised objections to the application on the grounds of its visual impact, it was uniform in its height and provided little

    interest, the space of the development was restricted, Henley already had large vacant office space, dangerous traffic implications on the

    access road. overdevelopment of the site and the total development was too dense. 3. High Bailiff Mr D Bridgewater, Uplands House, Camp Lane. The High Bailiff apologies to Cllr Hubbocks for the misprint in the Henley

    Directory. He spoke about planning application 06/00209/FUL, Redevelopment to provide mixed use offices and dwellings, Land rear of

    Millfield Court, High Street, Henley-in-Arden. Revelan Estates (Henley) Ltd. Stating that he hoped representations could be made which

    would get the design right as the site was in view of the Mount, which was a scheduled Ancient Monument. He also raised objections

    concerning parking, the overdevelopment of the site and the impact on traffic in the town. Mrs Dovey, 19 Chingley Bank, Mrs Dovey spoke about the vandalism to the council‟s allotment site. She stating that residents should have a

    secure site. She asked the council to help combat the vandalism by replacing the low wooden fence with a higher fence or a Hawthorne hedge.

1. Apologies for absence

     Apologies were received from Cllr S Thirlwell and Cllr G Atkinson, who would be late.

2. Declarations of Interest.

     Cllr Marshall declared a personal interest in item 5.4 06/00383/FUL, Garages, conversion of garge together with extension to form

    lounge, bedroom, en-suite and utility. The Stables, Beaudesert Park, Birmingham Road, Henley-in-Arden Mr P Nichills. As the

    applicant site was a neighbour.

     Cllr Marshall declared a prejudicial interest in item 5.5 06/00209/FUL, Redevelopment to provide mixed use offices and dwellings,

    Land rear of Millfield Court, High Street, Henley-in-Arden. Revelan Estates (Henley) Ltd. As he owned property adjacent to the

    applicant site.

     Cllr Matheou declared a personal interest in item VB24 as his garage faces the Croft Car Park, however he withdrew from the

    meeting when the matter was discussed.

     th3. Minutes of the meeting held on 6 March2006 to be confirmed and signed.

     The minutes were amended to read:

     Page 1 Present “K Mitchell”.

     Page 2 (VB5) “Cllrs Roy, Atkinson and Goodman agreed to meet the Housing Enabler…..”

     The minutes were then agreed and signed.

    4. To report matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda: for information only.

     There were no matters arising.

    5. To consider the Councils representation on Planning Proposals received: 5.1 06/00402/FUL, Builth Cottage Conversion of first floor to form two bedrooms and bathroom and provision of porch. Builth Farm,

    Hunger Hill, Henley-in-Arden. Mr K McVeigh

     No representations to make.

5.2 06/00407/FUL, Erection of single storey timber framed glazed conservatory, 153 High Street, Henley-in-Arden Mr Fisher and Mrs


    5.3 06/00411/LBC, Erection of single storey timber framed glazied conservatory, 153 High Street, Henley-in-Arden Mr Fisher and Mrs


     No Objection.

5.4 06/00383/FUL, Garages, conversion of garge together with extension to form lounge, bedroom, en-suite and utility. The Stables,

    Beaudesert Park, Birmingham Road, Henley-in-Arden Mr P Nichills.

     No Objection.

     Cllr Marshall left the room while the following matter was discussed. Cllr Atkinson joined the meeting. 5.5 06/00209/FUL, Redevelopment to provide mixed use offices and dwellings, Land rear of Millfield Court, High Street, Henley-in-


Minutes JPC 20/03/05 (2)

    Arden. Revelan Estates (Henley) Ltd.

     Members raised the following points during discussions:

     We do not want or need more offices. Henley is already awash with surplus vacant office space that agents cannot let e.g.

    Forward House, 17 High Street. Planning permission has already been gained for more offices at land off Bear Lane and 3

    High Street. Offices predominantly create jobs for people travelling into Henley from outside. They do not create work for

    locals. Henley has lost most of its blue collar employments sites including this one. We want this site to offer blue collar

    employment to restore the balance to the local economy.

    This application would seriously aggravate Henley‟s acute traffic and parking problems. Local people and businesses

    already struggle to find parking places. There is not enough parking provision on the site to accommodate cars generated by

    the proposed building.

    The access is narrow and dangerous.

    The site appears to breach the old railway embankment and conservation area to the north, which traditional has contained

    the built up area of Henley.

    The design of the buildings is poor and the density is too intense and inappropriate for a rural market town.

    There is a predominance of high three story buildings. This is particularly inappropriate on the eastern border where the

    site abuts attractive green belt land and is highly visible from the historic Mount and the public footpath.

    Many of the units are large scale blocks the design of which is not appropriate for a rural market town with an important

    conservation area. They are more urban in scale and design.

    There is little articulation of the roof line, particularly along the belt of office buildings.

    The road width between offices and residential building is very narrow being only 13 meters in places. Three storey office

    blocks loom over two storey houses.

    There is not enough amenity space.

     The following proposal was made by Cllr Doyle and seconded by Cllr Atkinson: „This council will amalgamate all the points raised

    during their discussions this evening into a formal response.‟ With eight members in favour the proposal was considered carried.

    Cllrs Doyle and Goodman agreed to meet with the clerk to put the response together.

    5.6 06/00336/FUL, Conversation of dwelling into flats. 24A St Nicholas Road, Henley-in-Arden Mr R Bassie.

     No representation to make.

5.7 06/00466/FUL, Alterations to shop front and relocation of the flue duct on rear wall. 113 High Street, Henley-in-Arden. Mr H


     No Objection.

6. To note the District Councils Planning decisions.

     The following planning decisions were noted:

    6.1 06/00038/ADV, 1 no. projecting sign and 1 no. shopfront sign to advertise restaurant to be used with the addition of 5

     concealed downlight fittings. 71A High Street Henley-in-Arden Mr Tom Li Granted

    6.2 06/00048/LBC Internal refurbishment of existing restaurant and new signage. 71A High Street Henley-in-Arden Mr Tom Li


    6.3 06/00056/LBC This is an application for retrospective approval; A square wooden conservatory with square

     leaded roof, approximately 3.35m x 3.35m. Yew Tree House 154 High Street Henley-in-Arden Mr S Elwell


    6.4 05/03729/FUL, Demolition of a single storey rear utility space and timber outbuilding. Erection of a two storey rear extension and a

    detached garage including storage and wc, 201 High Street, Henley-in-Arden Mr M Levenger Refused

    6.5 06/00146/FUL, Extension at rear to provide conservatory, Bankside, 35D High Street, Henley-in-Arden. Mr G Sweeney


    7. Correspondence and other matters for consideration

    (VB1) To discuss a letter from the Vice Chairman of Tanworth in Arden Parish Council offering advice on matters covered by the

     Standards and Ethics Committee of Stratford District Council.


(VB2) To discuss two letters and an e-mail from the Enforcement Officer at Stratford on Avon District Council concerning enforcement

    queries on Ye Olde Pounde Café, Liveridge Hill and Midlands Stables, The Old Woodyard, Liveridge Hill.


(VB3) To discuss a letter from an allotment holder concerning security at the councils allotment site. Item also requested by Cllr Atkinson.

     Members resolved to defer the matter to the Planning the Environment and the use of Land Committee. They asked the Committee

    to arrange a meeting with the allotment holders. Action: PE&ULC

    (VB4) To discuss a letter from South Warwickshire PPI Forum concerning the proposed merger of ambulance trusts.

     Members resolved to write in objection to the proposed merger. Action: HS

(VB5) To discuss a letter from Guide Dogs asking the council to consider holding a charity event or collection in aid of the Guide Dogs for

    the Blind Association.

     Members resolved to forward the information to the local schools and the Wednesday Club. Action: HS

    (VB6) To discuss correspondence from Warwickshire Police concerning the use of the Police Station while Alcester Police Station is



Minutes JPC 20/03/05 (3)


    (VB7) To discuss correspondence from a resident concerning the parking restrictions in Riverside Gardens.

     Members comment that the Clerk had already given the resident a detailed response, no further action was therefore considered


(VB8) To discuss a letter from the Warwickshire Casualty Reduction Partnership asking the council to help identify popular motorcycle


     Members resolved to respond that the A3400 through the town was a popular motorcycle route. Action: HS

(VB9) To discuss correspondence from a dentist advertising his services.


    (VB10) To note a letter from Warwickshire County Council concerning the councils pension contribution rate for 2006/2007.


    (VB11) To note the Notice of Election in respect of the forthcoming District Council bye-election.


(VB12) To note that the planning application for the extension to existing parking facilities at Johnsons Coach Travel Ltd, Liveridge Hill, th Henley-in-Arden went to the Planning and Regulation Committee on 13 March 2006.

     Cllr Atkinson and Roy reported from the District Council meeting. The application had now been referred to the Secretary of State.

(VB13) To note that the planning application for the demolition of existing property and erection of 9 residential units comprising of 4

     apartments and 5 detached properties with associated access and landscaping proposals. Station Road, Henley-in-Arden by

     Langstone Homes has been withdrawn.


(VB14) To discuss a letter from Warwickshire County Council concerning the introduction of a licence system for all A boards and trade

     displays placed on the highway.

     Members questioned how the system would be regulated, could they make any representations? What was the criteria for

     applications? How would the County Council address the issue of the Lords Waste? They resolved to raise these queries with

     Warwickshire County Council. Action: HS

    (VB15) To discuss correspondence from Warwickshire County Council concerning the fence on the Warwick Road, work to be carried

     out during the Easter school holidays.

     Cllr Hubbocks commented that following his representations concerning the current damage to the fence he had concluded that

     the County Councils view on safety was not very good. Members noted that the fence was scheduled to be renewed.

    (VB16) To discuss a letter concerning a link to the councils web site from the Local Channel web site.

     Cllr Matheou commented that this correspondence was similar to one received earlier. The services on offer were linked to a

     commercial venture. Members agreed not to forward the matter.

(VB17) To discuss a letter from Stratford on Avon District Council concerning the Stratford-on-Avon Local Plan Review Proposed

     further modifications.

     The following proposal was made by Cllr Doyle and seconded by Cllr Bruce: „This council does not want office development at

     this site.‟ With five members in favour and three against the proposal was considered carried. Action: HS

(VB18) To discuss correspondence regarding the domain name „‟, which is due for renewal on 11

     September 2006.

     Members resolved to allow the domain name to lapse. Action: HS

(VB19) To discuss the following proposal: „The Employment, Business, Security and safety Committee believe the powers of

    Community Support Officers are so limited as to make their role ineffective. They ask the council to write to the Chief Constable of

    Warwickshire Police to call on him to consider giving them more authority.‟

     The proposal was made by Cllr Atkinson and seconded by Cllr Matheou and with ten members in favour it was considered carried.

     Action: HS

(VB20) To discuss a Parish Council Newsletter item concerning the Parish Councils web site.

     Cllr Matheou said that a complaint against him and Cllr Thirlwell had been made by Mr Leech to the Standards Board for

     England however the complaint had been dismissed. Members resolved to publish Cllr Matheou‟s article about the councils

     website in the next edition of the councils Newsletter. Action: HS

(VB21) To discuss correspondence concerning the Skateboard park:

    ; Letter from Henley Sk8 Cru detailing the funding of the park.

    ; Letter from the Land Registry concerning the Stamp Duty Certificate.

    ; Two letters from Allianz Cornhill Insurance concerning insurance for the park.

     The Clerk stated that the Stamp Duty Certificate had arrived that morning. Members resolved to write to Mr P Crathorne voicing

     their concerns about recent anti social behaviour at the Skateboard park. Action: HS


Minutes JPC 20/03/05 (4)

    (VB22) To discuss a letter from Vitalise, essential breaks for disabled people, asking the council to support their work.

     Members resolved to write detailing the councils grant policy and asking about the extent of the charitiess work in Warwickshire.

     Action: HS

    (VB23) To discuss the Code of Conduct for the web site support group.

     The following proposal was made by Cllr Matheou and seconded by Cllr Love: „This council adopts the Code of Conduct for the

     web site support group.‟ The proposal was unanimously agreed.

(VB24) To discuss the condition and adoption of the Croft Car Park following representations made by Councillors at recent meetings.

     Members resolved to write to the Chairman of Taylor Woodrow with copy to James Plaskitt MP and to arrange a meeting with

     the District Council concerning the matter. The matter would be highlighted in the council press release.

     Action: HS

     (VB25) To discuss the yard in Back Lane, rear of the Arden Tandoori as requested by Cllr Mitchell.

     Members agreed to advise the District Councils Environmental Health Department about the matter. Action: HS

    (VB26) To discuss the practice of posting Councillors their agendas rather than hand delivering as requested by Cllr Doyle.

     Cllr Doyle said the reason for this item arose as she did not receive her agenda papers for a previous meeting. Members discussed

    monitoring the delivery of minutes and agendas.

8. Committee Reports

     To receive and consider the minutes/draft minutes and notes from the meetings of the undermentioned committees and working

    parties on the dates indicated:

     Committee Date of Meeting th Rights of Way Sub-Committee 9 February 2006

     Cllr Matheou requested a brief description of what the committee did for the council‟s website. th Public Transport, Education, Sports and Leisure Committee 7 March 2006

     The minutes needed some amendments. Cllr Marshall had attended a French-Normandy Market at Abington and he felt the event

    would be great for the town. Cllr Goodman and Atkinson had been invited to the next meeting of the committee.

9. Any Other Business exchange of information only.

    9.1 Cllr Matheou reported that the Station Building contract had been agreed by the buyers and it had now been sent to Network Rail,

    nothing further had been heard. The MP had written in support. In 2007 Central Trains would loose the line franchise, so they were not

    spending any money on the station at the present time. He requested two agenda items for the next meeting: The Council Manifesto for

    2006 and The Council logo. Agenda Item

    9.2 Cllr Atkinson said Henley News on-line had run a survey on the Market Cross issue 94.4% responded in favour of replacing the

     Market Cross, there were 54 people in favour and three against.

    9.3 Cllr Marshall reported on the courses he had recently attended. The one on 11/02/06 had been very worthwhile and interesting

     but the one on 11/03/06 was not so interesting. th9.4 The Clerk said that she had been informed that the skateboard park would be officially opened at an event on 20 May 2006. Mrs thAnderson had arranged a Henley goes green sweep campaign for 10 April 2006 and the Council Window Clearer/Bus Shelter Cleaner had terminated his contract but she had managed to replace him for the same cost.

10. To authorise the signing of orders for payments.

     The following payments were agreed:

    Payments ?

    20/03/2006 300107 Wybone Limited Dog Bin 148.59

     300108 Cash Imprest Account 50.00

     300109 Cash Imprest Account 29.93

     300110 Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc Skateboard park insurance 74.39

     300111 NRG Group Uk Ltd Rental & meter reading photo copier 140.36

     300112 Fairways Ground Maintenance 1010.70

     300113 Fairways Maintenance Works 381.88

     300114 Fairways Ground Maintenance 1010.70

     300115 Fairways Maintenance Works 396.56

     300116 Wicksteed Leisure Ltd Basket Ball Nets 42.42

     300117 Warwickshire Training Partnership Briefing Event 25.00


     Transfer Inland Revenue Tax & N.I 219.38

     300118 Warwickshire County Council Superannuation Jan - March 470.59

     300119 Brian Jackson Clock Winding Services 40.00

     300120 Town Improvement Committee Grant Installment 4 1100.00

    31/03/06 300121 Hayley Syratt March Pay 813.94


     Debit Alliance Leicester Business credit card - tiscali 14.99


Minutes JPC 20/03/05 (5)

11. Publications and other items of interest.

     The following publications were noted:

    11.1 Community Policing Team Crime Newsheet x 2 11.2 WALC Newsletter

    11.3 Wootton Wawen Magazine 11.4 Employer Bulletin

    11.5 PIE Reports 11.6 Local Council Review

    11.7 Clerks & Council Direct 11.8 WCC Stratford Area Committee Agenda & Minutes

    11.9 Fieldwork CPRE newsletter 11.10 The Clerk

    11.11 Countryside Voice CPRE Magazine

12. Exclusion of the public from the meeting.

     The Chairman to move: „That pursuant to Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the public be excluded from the

    remaining business of the meeting in view of the fact that the nature of the proceedings will be such that, if members of the public

    were present during consideration of such business, there would be disclosed to them of exempt information under Paragraphs 7, 8

    and 9 of Schedule 12A to the said Act.‟

     The public withdrew.

    (VB27) To discuss correspondence from Warwickshire and West Midlands Association of Local Councils (WALC) concerning a report

     on the action the council needs to take to avoid the imposition of income tax on a future gratuity payment.


    (VB28) To discuss the terms of the Medical Centre Lease following recent questions raised by Councillors about them.

     A verbal report was given by Cllr Atkinson. The council was reassured by the terms of the lease.

(VB29) To discuss the purchase of a new handset cord for the office telephone.

     Members agreed to purchase the handset cord. Action: HS

13 . Date of next meeting. rdThe date of the next meeting was confirmed for April 3 2006.

    Confirmed and signed as being true record dated this day of 2006

    ………………………… (Chairman)


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