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Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXXtitle,Title

    8-22-2010 version

    Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXX

    CytoJournal’s automatic Peer-review process is double blind.

    Please DONOT include any author identifiers in this file.

    Only First page file should contain the author identifiers.

    Main manuscript file- for Research etc

    (Please use other template for case report)

    (Max size 400 KB)



The abstract of the manuscript should not exceed 350 words and must be structured

    into separate sections:

Background, the context and purpose of the study;

    Methods, how the study was performed and statistical tests used;

    Results, the main findings;

    Conclusions, brief summary and potential implications. Please minimize the use of abbreviations and do not cite references in the abstract;

    Main manuscript


    The background section should be written from the standpoint of researchers without specialist knowledge in that area and must clearly state - and, if helpful, illustrate - the background to the research and its aims. Reports of clinical research should, where appropriate, include a summary of a search of the literature to indicate why this study was necessary and what it aimed to contribute to the field. The section should end with a very brief statement of what is being reported in the article.


    This should include the design of the study, the setting, the type of participants or materials involved, a clear description of all interventions and comparisons, and the type of analysis used, including a power calculation if appropriate.


    Results of statistical analysis should include, where appropriate, relative and absolute risks or risk reductions, and confidence intervals


    Rev 8-22-2010

    8-22-2010 version

    Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXX


    Discussion may be broken into subsections with short, informative headings.


    This should state clearly the main conclusions of the research and give a clear explanation of their importance and relevance. Summary illustrations may be included.


    All references must be numbered consecutively, in square brackets, in the order in which they are cited in the text, followed by any in tables or legends. Reference citations should not appear in titles or headings. Each reference must have an individual reference number. Please avoid excessive referencing. If automatic numbering systems are used, the reference numbers must be finalized and the bibliography must be fully formatted before submission.

    Only articles and abstracts that have been published or are in press, or are available through public e-print/preprint servers, may be cited; unpublished abstracts, unpublished data and personal communications should not be included in the reference list, but may be included in the text. Notes/footnotes are not allowed. Obtaining permission to quote personal communications and unpublished data from the cited author(s) is the responsibility of the author. Journal abbreviations follow Index Medicus/MEDLINE. Citations in the reference list should contain all named authors, regardless of how many there are.

Examples of the CytoJournal reference style are shown below. Please take care to

    follow the reference style precisely; references not in the correct style may be retyped, necessitating tedious proofreading.


    Web links and URLs should be included in the reference list. They should be provided in full, including both the title of the site and the URL, in the following format: The Mouse

    Tumor Biology Database []

    Some of the links may not be active after a while. For proper referral to these sites for long term, you may archive each site for long term archive at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX And site regular link and long term archival URL-

CytoJournal reference style

    Article within a journal


    Rev 8-22-2010

    8-22-2010 version

    Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXX 1. Shidham VB, Kumar N, Narayan R, Brotzman GL. Should LSIL with ASC-H (LSIL-H) in cervical smears be TMan independent category? A study on SurePath specimens with review of literature. CytoJournal 2007,4:7

    Free full text is available at:

    PDF at:

    Article within a journal supplement

    2. Orengo CA, Bray JE, Hubbard T, LoConte L, Sillitoe I: Analysis and assessment of ab initio three-dimensional prediction, secondary structure, and contacts prediction. Proteins 1999, 43(Suppl


    In press article

3. Kharitonov SA, Barnes PJ: Clinical aspects of exhaled nitric oxide. Eur Respir J, in press.

    Published abstract

     4. D'Amore K, Varsegi G, Goswami M, Dawson G, ShidhamV. Critical evaluation of D2-40 (podoplanin) from two vendors in relation to the differential diagnosis of mesothelial lesions [abstract]. Modern

    Pathology 2008,21:s1A-396A (Abstract no.1657)

    Article within conference proceedings

    5. Jones X: Zeolites and synthetic mechanisms. In Proceedings of the First National Conference on Porous Sieves: 27-30 June 1996; Baltimore. Edited by Smith Y. Stoneham: Butterworth-Heinemann; 1996:16-27.

    Book chapter, or article within a book

    6. Shidham VB. Respiratory Cytology. In Atkinson Atlas of Diagnostic Cytopathology., Second edition. Edited by Atkinson BF. Philadelphia, PA: W. B. Saunders Company; 2004, 273-356. Whole issue of journal

7. Ponder B, Johnston S, Chodosh L (Eds): Innovative oncology. In Breast Cancer Res 1998, 10:1-72.

    Whole conference proceedings

8. Smith Y (Ed): Proceedings of the First National Conference on Porous Sieves: 27-30 June 1996;

    Baltimore. Stoneham: Butterworth-Heinemann; 1996.

    Complete book

    9. Shidham VB and Atkinson BF. Cytopathologic Diagnosis of Serous FluidsMulti-author book with 15 chapters, Elsevier (W. B. Saunders Company) First edition, 2007. Monograph or book in a series

10. Hunninghake GW, Gadek JE: The alveolar macrophage. In Cultured Human Cells and Tissues.


    Rev 8-22-2010

    8-22-2010 version

    Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXX

    Edited by Harris TJR. New York: Academic Press; 1995:54-56. [Stoner G (Series Editor): Methods and

    Perspectives in Cell Biology, vol 1.]

    Book with institutional author

    11. Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology Guidelines for Compliance with Medicare Rules Regarding Ordering of Ancillary Pathologic Tests. Member- Practice Guidelines Task Force’, The Papanicolaou Society of


    12. Shidham V, Cramer H. Elsheikh TM, Layfield LJ. Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology Guidelines for Specimen Adequacy and Quality Indicators in Cytopathology Reports. Member- Practice Guidelines

    Task Force’, The Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology.

    Link / URL

13. The Mouse Tumor Biology Database []


    Each table should be numbered in sequence using Arabic numerals (i.e. Table 1, 2, 3 etc.). Tables should also have a title that summarizes the whole table, maximum 15 words. Detailed legends may then follow, but should be concise.

    Smaller tables considered to be integral to the manuscript can be pasted into the end of the document text file, in portrait format (note that tables on a landscape page must be reformatted onto a portrait page or submitted as additional files). These will be typeset and displayed in the final published form of the article. Such tables should be formatted using the 'Table object' in a word processing program to ensure that columns of data are kept aligned when the file is sent electronically for review; this will not always be the case if columns are generated by simply using tabs to separate text. Columns and rows of data should be made visibly distinct by ensuring the borders of each cell display as black lines. Commas should not be used to indicate numerical values. Color and shading should not be used.

Figure legends

    Figures are to be uploaded as separate files and should not be included in the main

    text of the submitted manuscript.

    Each figure should comprise only a single file. There is no charge for the use of color.

The following file formats can be accepted:

    ; PNG (preferred format for photos or images)

    ; PowerPoint (figures must be a single page)

    ; JPEG

    ; GIF

    The figure legends should be included while submitting the figure files with figure


    Rev 8-22-2010

    8-22-2010 version

    Abbreviated running title- XXXXXXXXX

    numbers (in sequence, using Arabic numerals - i.e. Figure 1, 2, 3 etc) and short title of figure with detailed legend.

    Please note that it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures or tables that have previously been

    published elsewhere.


    Rev 8-22-2010

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