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    astronaut: 太空人a person who travels beyond the earth's atmosphere cosmonaut zero gravity: 重力, 地球引力

    a strong pull on everything, ..., even on your blood

    ... if you were an astronaut in a spaceship, ... your blood would, ...假設


    The body would read --> to interpret the meaning or significance

    Surplus: 過剩, 過多; 盈餘

    Fluid: 流體

    1 a : having particles that easily move and change their relative position without a separation of the mass and that easily yield to pressure : capable of flowing b : subject to change or movement <boundaries became fluid>2 : characterized by or employing a smooth easy style <the ballerina's fluid movements>

    - flu?id?ly adverb - flu?id?ness noun

     Gas氣體, Liquid液體, Solid固體

    Dense: 密集的; 緊密的 --> Density

    Ex: After a whole night sleep, the pillow gets dense, in other words, the pillow gets flattened. So every morning, your mother will ask you to puff the pillow. get rid of 除去

    excess (n, adj): 過多的; 額外的

    thicken: 變濃,, , , make thick , dense, or viscous in consistency <thicken gravy with flour> b : to make close or compact 2 : to increase the depth or diameter of

    Puffed out : 吹脹起來

    puff (v) intransitive 1 a (1) : to blow in short gusts (2) : to exhale forcibly b : to breathe hard : PANT c : to emit small whiffs or clouds (as of smoke) often as an accompaniment to vigorous action <puff at a pipe>

    2 : to speak or act in a scornful, conceited, or exaggerated manner 3 a : to become distended : SWELL -- usually used with up

    huff (v) intransitive 1 : to emit puffs (as of breath or steam) 2 a : to make empty threats : BLUSTER b : to react or behave indignantly <huffed off in anger> transitive senses 1 : to puff up : INFLATE

    spring chicken (noun): a young person

    lived on a space station

    get less and less --> get more and more 愈來愈...

    Dehydrate --> Dehydration脫水, 變乾燥

    Hypothermia 『醫學』體溫過低

Why do we say get on a plane and actually we do get in a plane?

Thirsty Camel

    Hump: 1 : a rounded protuberance: as a : HUMPBACK 1 b : 駱駝的駝/肉峰a fleshy

    protuberance on the back of an animal (as a camel, bison, or whale) 3 : a difficult, trying, or critical phase or obstacle -- often used in the phrase over the hump (pro?tu?ber?ant 突起的(adj) thrusting out from a surrounding or adjacent surface

often as a rounded mass )

    --> Bump relatively abrupt convexity or protuberance on a surface: as a: a swelling of tissue b: a cranial protuberance

    2 a: a sudden forceful blow, impact, or jolt

    run out of: use up用光, 用盡

    hold on to: 抓住to maintain possession of or adherence to --> hold on (intrans. v) 1a: to maintain a condition or position: PERSIST b: to maintain a grasp on something: HANG ON 2: to await something (as a telephone connection) desired or requested; broadly: WAIT


    huddle 推擠在一起2 四肢縮起; (v)

    transitive senses a : to crowd together b : to draw (oneself) together : CROUCH 3 : to wrap closely in (as clothes) intransitive senses 1 a : to gather in a close-packed group b : to curl up : CROUCH 2 a : to hold a consultation b : to gather in a huddle in football

    -->cuddle擁抱; 依偎transitive senses : to hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection ; intransitive senses : to lie close or snug : NESTLE, SNUGGLE fur軟毛 毛皮

    evaporate 蒸發, 消失, to pass off in vapor or in invisible minute particles b (1) : to pass off or away : DISAPPEAR <my despair evaporated>

    slurp出聲的吃 [] to make a sucking noise while eating or drinking ; transitive senses : to eat or drink noisily or with a sucking sound

     --> slurp up (喝光)


    1.八仙过海--------各显神通 2.不入虎穴--------焉得虎子

    3.蚕豆开花--------黑心 4.车到山前--------必有路

    5.打破砂锅--------问到底 6.和尚打伞--------无法无天

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