You can place multipoint calls in several ways

By Janet Willis,2014-08-10 07:05
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You can place multipoint calls in several ways

    Manual Dialing

    1. Enter the IP address in the main window. Using Polycom HDX 1. Press Near or

    Far on the remote control.

    2. Press Call on the remote control. Videoconferencing

     If you see this, you can control a Using the Directory near-site camera or video source

     1. Press Directory on the remote control. If you see this, you can control a 2. Find the site you want to call: far-site camera or video source ; Use the arrow buttons to scroll to the desired

    name. ; Use the on-screen alphabet tabs to move 2. Press the red arrow buttons on the remote through the Directory. control to move the camera. ; Press Call on the remote control.

     1. Power Up - Plug power and network cables 3. Press Zoom to zoom in or out. into the base, power on all equipment. 2. Connect - Dial by using the Polycom HDX’s Press Call on the remote control. directory. 3. Meet - Set microphone near participants, but away from the monitor. Begin your meeting. If

    connecting to more than one site, mute 1. Press Camera on the remote control microphone unless speaking. then use red arrow buttons to select a video 1. Press Hang Up on the remote control. source. 2. Confirm that you want to hang up. Scheduling? Questions? Trouble? 1. Set pc screen resolution to 1024x768 Call: 1-866-525-5622

     2. Press Content on the remote Network Ops/Telehealth Bridge 801-585-2426 control to show your pc Utah Telehealth Pager 801-339-1500

    1. Call UTN at least 24 hours prior to the

    meeting and request a recording or live web


     Good video conferencing etiquette is really just common courtesy and respect for the people in your meeting. Read through these tips for successful conferencing.

     ; Introduce all conference participants when the meeting starts.

    ; Introduce yourself when you start speaking. ; Make sure that you can see and hear the far-site participants.

    ; Adjust your camera and microphone so that the far site can see and hear you.

    ; Place the microphone between the monitor and the people closest to the monitor. ; Avoid tapping on the microphone or rustling papers near the microphone.

    ; Mute the microphone before moving it so that the far site doesn’t hear you moving it.

    ; Speak in your normal voice without shouting. ; In a multipoint call, mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

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