FORBESCOM ON GAMES Dating, negotiating, fragging and making money

By Ramon Baker,2014-06-18 01:00
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FORBESCOM ON GAMES Dating, negotiating, fragging and making money ...


    Dating, negotiating, fragging and making money. Play and its


    New York, NY (Thursday, December 14, 2006)’s special

    report on Games, available at, offers 60 articles,

    playable games, interviews and videos, covering mind games, video games, money games, game players, and much more. Some highlights include:

? Dan Savage on why playing games in a relationship isn't a bad thing

    ? An original short film from the makers of cult comedy series "Red vs. Blue"

    ? Fred Waitzkin's confession about his years writing chess books, including

    Searching For Bobby Fischer

    ? A peek into the life of a World of Warcraft addict by writer John Giuffo ? Award-winning science writer Carl Zimmer on why animals play games

    ? Five innovative flash-based video games from designer Ferry


Read what more than 20 gaming luminaries have to say about games,


? Ralph Baer, inventor of the video game console

    ? Hostage negotiator Terry Waite

    ? Legendary video game star Duke Nukem

    ? Reality TV producer Mark Burnett

    ? Sci-Fi author Orson Scott Card

    ? Video game designers John Romero, Sid Meier and Peter Molyneux

    Contact: Debbie Weathers 212-366-8848

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