Greenville One-Stop Workforce Center

By Louis Bell,2014-03-20 15:49
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Greenville One-Stop Workforce Center

    Greenville One-Stop Workforce Center

    D I S A B I L I T Y N E W S

     March Edition

    Volume II Issue 3



     ; Identify yourself before you make physical contact with a person who is

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! blind. Tell him your name and your

    role is it’s appropriate, such as a

    security guard, usher, case worker,

    receptionist or fellow student. Be sure SOCIAL SECURITY’S to introduce him to others who are in DEFINITION OF DISABILITY the group, so that he’s not excluded.

    ; If a new customer or employee is blind The definition of disability under Social

    or visually impaired, offer him a tour Security is different than other programs.

    of your facility. Social Security pays only for total disability.

     No benefits are payable for partial disability

    ; People who are blind need their arms or for short-term disability.

    for balance, so offer your arm don’t

    take his if he needs to be guided. Disability under Social Security is based on

    (However, it is appropriate to guide a your inability to work. We consider you

    blind person’s hand to a banister or disabled under Social Security rules if you

    the back of a chair to help direct him cannot do work that you did before and we

    to a stairway or a seat). decide that you cannot adjust to other work

     because of your medical condition(s). Your

    ; If the person has a guide dog, walk on disability must also last or be expected to last

    the side opposite the dog. As you are for at least one year or to result in death. This

    walking, describe the setting, noting is a strict definition of disability. Social

    any obstacles, such as stairs (“up” or Security program rules assume that working

    “down”) or a big crack in the sidewalk. families have access to other resources to

     provide support during periods of short-term

    ; If you need to leave a person who is disabilities, including worker’s compensation,

    blind, inform him first and let him insurance, savings and investments.

    know where the exit is. Leave him

    near a wall, table or some other

    landmark. The middle of a room will

    seem like the middle of nowhere to him.

    ; A person who is visually impaired may IN HELPING

    need written material in large print. A

    clear font with appropriate spacing is

    just as important as the type size. OTHERS, WE

    Labels and signs should be clearly

    lettered in contrasting colors. It is

    SHALL HELP easiest for most people with vision

    impairments to read bold white letters

    on black background. OURSELVES; FOR





    This site offers easy access to a wide range of

    information, resources, services and products COMES BACK TO of interest to people with disability, their

    families and careers, health professionals and

    service providers in the disability sector. US!

     **If you have any questions about the

    content of this newsletter, please call the

    Disability Program Navigator, Claudia

    McCoy, at (864) 242-3531, ext. 317, funded

     by work Incentive Disability Navigator, Green: (gren) adj. #WI.13375-03-60

    ; Of the color green.

    ; Pleasantly alluring, fresh, new. ; Youthful, vigorous. ; Rejuvenate, revitalize. th“Merriam” – Webmaster’s, 11 Edition.

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