Sorry these are kind of late

By Dolores Perkins,2014-01-31 04:36
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Sorry these are kind of late

Sorry these are kind of late..

; Announcements:

    ; T-shirts are in; $15 each

    ; Shakti Rising- refuge home for girls who have been abused...we are raising

    money for one large gift card to give will receive 1 pt for every $5 you

    donate, up to $20. Due by the meeting on Dec 10th

    ; Corvette Diner fundraiser- Tuesday, Dec 9th. Make sure you bring a flyer, and

    bring your receipt in ASAP for proof

    ; Thurs, Dec 11th- The Peer Health Education program will be having a

    recruitment part from 5-6 pm in the Calpulli center (student health center) in

    conference room 3 on the 4th floor

    ; If you have your receipt from ice skating, please bring it to the meeting ; donating blood for 2 points. doesn't have to be on campus, just bring proof by the

    meeting on Dec 10th

    ; Bounce Back program- work with a small group of students as a facilitator for

    resilience-based curriculum to help students get off of academic probation. May

    be worth 1 credit

    ; Meals on wheels- shoebox/container of 10 toiletry items, 3 points per box, up to 2

    boxes. Please look at a flyer for ideas of what to put in the box ; Let Bree Bailey know of anything you would like to see more of in lectures next


    ; Guest Lecturer: Deanna Bellama from ACES (Autistic Comprehensive

    Educational Services)

    ; did undergrad in psychology and masters in development psych at SDSU ; autism is characterized by having social impairment, inability to relate in a

    physical or communicative fashion

    ; ACES has tutoring positions from social and behavioral skills to educational


    ; as an undergrad, she took a lot of research classes and did poster presentations ; after all of the research, she learned she preferred to work directly with people

    instead of doing research

    ; still, research experience really helps

    ; for grad school, she applied to masters programs in developmental psych ; was a TA for Judy Reilly for 2 years which really helped her with her fears of

    public speaking

    ; if she were to go back to school now, she would probably get a PsyD over a PhD

    because she's had a lot of research experience already and know it's not what she's

    interested in

    ; the kids at ACES get monitored at their own homes or at scchool to make sure

    they are making progress, and suggestions are offered to the parents and teachers ; to be an interventionist at ACES you don't necessarily need a degree but you

    would be paid more if you did have one

; to be a supervisor/director you would need a grad degree

    ; Board Certified Behavior Analysis Certificate (BCBAC)- now needed for some

    people to continue to work in their positions. Requires some extra classes and

    more hours of supervised time

    ; 4 ACES offices in California- SD, OC, Central Valley, Bay Area

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