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Goodmorning Teacher and students,

    I am honored to stand here and gyve you a speech But actually, I am not going to persuade you to believe in yourself or in me I will share you with I have leant from the most popular seriesHarry Potter:

    Thats the conversation betneen Harry and professor Dunbledore after Harry had known that he must kill voldemort or be killed which is decreed by fate Hary was enuouaged But how he determined to fight with Voldemort ard, with the help of his friends and supporters, succeed at last are things I have no special desire to tell in detail

     The point I wish to make is thiswhat professor Dumbledore said delineates one

    of the true essences of life

     It means we always have the choice, even if weve got to do something We can

    choose to be initiative or passive, In the real world, we all have our voldemort one, two ors even more, There is nothing we can do but face them. That will end up with one of us being killed. We have to take college entrance examination which will determine our future and fate . we will enter this cutthroat society and are poshed to werk hard for the social position and wealth The condition of the society is such theat Wherever and whenever you are, you face the pressure As a result, we easily get to complain.

     But Jmt imagine for a moment, if you are free from the pressure, will you faces the challeryes ard ovetome the diffycullties, Most of our amsners are Yes why? Becanse you wart to enter Beking university and withat these experience your life wont be a comp lete one Will you study hard and try your best? Yes of course Bnt is not for the pressure form the society and our tanily, its for our goals and dream.

     Perhaps someone say it is the same

     To take me for an example , I am afraid of giving a speech unfront of a group of people, which Maybe you will cau it shyness. But I houe to do so according our teachers order Today, here I stard, howeuer ,the reason to overcome my fearness, That is the different.

     There is an old but useful saying, its you attitude not your aptitude determines

    your altitude.

     Being dragged into an area.


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