Yang Ci Lake "Wu meaning of" moral self-cultivation on the proposed fish _12854

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Yang Ci Lake "Wu meaning of" moral self-cultivation on the proposed fish _12854

Yang Ci Lake "Wu meaning of" moral self-cultivation on the

    proposed fish

     Papers Words Yang Ci Wu Italian Italian morality Lake

     Abstract Yangci Lake against the outside of the subjective search for root causes of moral evil, that "people are now being played and then lost consciousness for Italy," morality is the fundamental way by the "Wu Italian" and kicked off the "Wu Bi", "Wu-solid", "Wu I," he advocated the

    recognition of Confucian moral cultivation of the process that is under

    the premise of the theory of adult sanctification proposed a unique realm of ethics, said that "is intended not to consider, Cheng Ran virtual-ming

    "The" forever "in the territory of all moral Jianlv Naishi the highest possible state. Yang Ci Wu Lu Wang ethical thinking in ethical thought in the history of science occupies a unique position.

     Yang Ci Lake (1141 a 1226), were simple, word-Jing Chung, the Bank

    said that Mr. Tzuhu, is Lu Xiangshan's Leg. Yangci Lake in the intellectual history of Chinese traditional ethics, in particular the history of ethical thought in mind the status of science, is inspired by deepening Wang and Lu Xue embodied. Its to "Wu meaning" as the core of morality theory, an embodiment of that feature.

     1, "people are now being played and then lost consciousness for meaning" - the need for morality

     Ancient Chinese self-cultivation theory is based on the established theory of human nature, the only reasonable answer to the question of good and evil of human nature, moral self-cultivation is the possibility and

    necessity of the proper meaning of title. Because of this, since the pre-

    Qin since the beginning of Mencius's theory of human nature is good, Xunzi's evil nature of humans, Han Yu, Song and Ming Neo-Confucian

    temperament Mishina said their fate through the distinction between the nature of temperament in the nature of the explanations made by all from answered the perspective of good and evil and why morality may be, in reality, why there is evil, why should the issue of moral self-

    cultivation. However, Yang Ci lake view, these theories are "split of the" rather than "a's", are more or less the necessity of containing human evil. He pointed out that if the evil nature Xunzi, Han Yu, beneath contempt temperament, Zhu Xi has the temperament of the authentic nature of the case, not only "Everybody can be Yao and Shun" has become an empty phrase, but also some real evil immorality of poor found a priori excuse. Therefore, Yang Ci lake on the one hand believe that "people self-evident,

    that people from his wife, Jie You to Ling Ling ... to Ming Sheng Zhi in the nature of the broad masses, not in demand, not help things too, since the root of this, since God is self-evident." He said: "This Heart of God

    nothing unreasonable, nothing in this heart-ming, not photographs, Zhao

    Ming, such as Kam, not in the police caused the United States and evil is self-evident, Hung-fiber self-identified. this world was never given the

    United States and evil nor have I ever non-US evil, and was never given

    the flood-fiber and nor have I ever non-flood-fiber; my heart was never

    given the non-interest nor have I ever non-interest-free. "That is to say,

    this is the virtual heart of no body, there is no absolute good and evil between the opposition to speak of. On the other hand, Yang Ci Wu proposed the "heart" consistent "meaning" to explain the production of evil, he said: the people speak for themselves, people from the spirit, since I intended to-lap, closed solid obstruct Cyprus before his funeral tomorrow,

    before his funeral Ling. Void might come ... ... if not clear and bright, there are clouds Yan, so phrases like. Go to the clouds, then the Qingming carry on. Fu Qing-ming of the gas, by their own person and do not seek and were not taking derived from, so "mean" Day: "Honesty, self-Masaya, and

    Tao, also from the Road." "Mencius" Day: "compassion heart is in everyone's shame evil heart is in everyone's, respectful heart is in everyone's right and wrong, the heart, in everyone. Renyilizhi non-Shuo

    from the outside, I also inherent. "

     The people are now being played for the Italian and then the faint, can not afford to not faint. Yangci Lake inherent in the people's inherited heart and mind, likened such as "Void," "Mirror" as clear and

    bright that for this clear and bright in the nature of any increase or decrease, gains and losses, which is "intended." "Meaning" like "clouds", shelter of "Void", makes the loss of nature, and thus the moral of the "evil." He describes the "meaning" in:

     What is Italy? Slightly from Yan are all that meaning, micro-ended

    Yan, all that was intended. And meaning as the shape, can not win the poor, enabling harmful, there is a non-the disadvantages, there is empty

    there is real, how there is scarcity, there are scattered there together,

    there is according to a up to there before later, there is Next, there is body of useful and there is at the end of this, there is such a Peter, there is movement there is static, there is today with the ancient, if

    this and the like, although the power of the poor on the poor years of power, vertical, said Wang said, Kwong said that prepare said Ke Deer do not. For Jakunen not move the "heart" is concerned, all "move", "date" are completely pure and of such a "heart" of the deviation, it is "intended."

    In this way, "meaning" is not only refer to desires, that is, from an individual's "Little Me" starting ideas, but also includes all non-

    instinctive sense of ethical status of activities or intentions. Its form can not be summed up in words, and those who have the image of all, there are differences, there are non-specific knowledge, all with the person's

    feelings, thinking, activities related to the concept, all kinds of owners, passengers were understanding of the content are "intended to

    "will obstruct, block of the kind-hearted people ontological intuition.

    Therefore, Yang Ci Lake words identified, said that the cumbersome, but also "meaning": "Heart do not have words, not to speak of, last resort, while a statement made by Confucius did not mind, but never intended to scholars, while still on: 'I want to speechless' , then the Chikanobu also onset, the words are spur of the moment, Gu Yue Wu Italy. Yuyan not saints, fear has no intention of meaning scholars also was underway.

    Although intended to seek heart, peace is not intended to off. ... ... becomes much clearer support, the more that more to leave, do not say still leave, conditions in the fee speech. "clarity pure and the" hearts and opening up, "there is no need to use words to express, nor can use

    words to describe, hypocritical rhetoric will only cover one's true that people do not yet Shide, words and deeds.

     As for the "Heart" and "meaning" relationship, Yang Ci Lake claim is "yes the two might come vary, shield persons from different. 1, compared with hearts, two, compared with Italy; straight compared with hearts, branches, compared with Italy; General for the heart, resistance was intended. "Therefore," competent "and" meaning "might come different, non-

    divided into two sections," heart "is not" intended ", the" demand from the Italian heart, peace is not de-meaning "," heart "and "meaning" is the

    one and two, two and a relationship. "Meaning" is "heart" of the "meaning", "meaning" in the "heart", such as football in the water,

    "heart" of the action shall be "meaning", "meaning" can not afford to that is the "heart", do not see this emphasis on a "meaning" is with the heart as the two teams instead of straight, rather than pass blocking.

     Yang Ci Lake objection from the "meaning" evil beyond the search for faint heart health reasons, he said: "" Music "is not aware of those who make their reads 'people's movement, and materials to make it natural.' This phrase of course, those who do not know Yong Chung its non-, but know

    that those who refuses to be. cover letter to the people to know the daily Stora Since I do not know, the people who daily use is simply wonderful, but do not know who, so dizzy also. Guyue 'things to make it contingent' is full I think that the non-cleft object, dynamic and static analysis,

    damage trail carry on. "Thus, he ruled out the subjective and beyond the moral evil roots. For this view of the proposed Yangci lake quite proud of, he said: "The human nature of Yang are convinced that good may apply

    to that Yao and Shun, special peace movement is intended to evil. Daily heart nothing more than ordinary Sanenao Avenue, this solid book is not Ke Deer .

     2, it goes without meaning, it goes without will and let us not solid, it goes without me - the fundamental way of moral self-cultivation

     Since the production of evil is that spur of the moment, then through "Wu meaning" method of cultivation can be to maintain the good hearts and opening up so that the "heart" back to Jakunen not move dust of this good

    state of Paradise. "Wu Italy", which was first seen in "The Analects of

    Confucius Zi Han" ?, Zhu Xi in the "Four Books," Lane said: "absolutely, no person shall do. Wu," Historical Records "for nothing, is also." Yangci Lake inherited and played these ideas, "Mencius Ming heart, Confucius Wu Italy, Italian Wu Xin-ming, this carry on!" and that Confucius said, "the Wu" is prohibited, meaning "away" Naizhi never intended: "Wu persons, only never words.

     How can they "do not purport to" mean? Yangci Lake think we should "learn bandit bandit Faso, bandit bandit rough spirit" and "not fake To

    Review", so pure and the "heart" not to be incoherent, without blocking. This process does not involve any psychological changes and the accumulation of knowledge; because he argued that the cumbersome language is Italian, so this process is not using any class of intermediaries, such as verbal objects, between the two there is no artificial ingredients . As long as people follow the inherent moral instinct, "not Mian while, do not think derived," "Heart", "meaning" natural fit. As long as the pure and

    the, ', since the "natural quiet will be compatible, or harm to the" meaning "that can not afford. In this way, ontology and methods have been unified in this, the heart to learn, including on the ontology and cultivation to be a logical way to accomplish this.

     Yang Ci Lake "Wu meaning" means to oppose any activity? Definitely not. Although he thought that the people and solve things, decisions outside the object, it will because things moving, "Heart" Health "meaning" from "meaning" and violation of ethics, but that does not mean isolation and outer objects, while the be determined based on the natural quiet "mind" standard of everything that is material and not stagnate in the matter. This is his "Kam in the elephant" of the so-called metaphor:

    confused thousands of things though, but the "heart" like a mirror itself does not move, so 'old with the social interaction not not affect. "Determined by this natural quiet" Italy can not afford to, "the" heart "is actually when he was mourning experience" grief-stricken when Au is

    also Jakunen not move, "the" heart "; is his so-called" intended not to

    consider, Cheng Yin Ching Ming, such as the Japanese kisaragi without thinking things by doing nothing according to Bi, "the" heart ", and when

    Mianzou Ningzong Huang Di," can not afford to meaning "in" Heart ": Mianzou:" Your Majesty confident that this mind is peaceful road? "Zong Ning Day:" Ran. "Q:" How do daily? "Zong Ning said:" just learning set ears. "Mr. said:" be useless science, but can not afford to Italy, and the

    natural quiet setting, whether it is self-evident non-yin. "Future also

    made:" Your Majesty ideas can not afford to have felt like Void peace? "Zong Ning Day:" the case. "Q:" Yin has no non-distinctly lighting? "Zong

    Ning said:" Skin has been broken photo. "

     (See "Case Studies Song and Yuan Dynasties" Volume 74 "Tzuhu Learning

Plan"), therefore, Yangci lake repeatedly stressed so-called "can not

    afford to Italy", that is, 'All the "natural quiet setting, comply with

    the ethics of ethics naturally think of rather as a is the hearts and opening up the formation of a natural epidemic of the merits of direct-

    Ming Jue, rather than absolute terms is not thinking is not. He said:

     Can not afford to Italy, that is not the non-member; where the work

    as long as a reasonable, if the starting Si Yi will not be allowed. [7] Confucius smile and laugh, joyful, non-moving peace yi; Day: "Ueno

    Toshiya, from people." Anger is also, non-moving peace yi; cry Yen-Yuan As

    for Bo, grief also, non-moving peace views

     Also. Ge Yang and think of the Duke of Zhou, day and night, non-Italian

    also. Confucius temporary thing and fear, good to seek formed, non-Italian


     The Yangci lake view, the person who is not obsessed with "meaning"

    people's "hearts and opening up" would be as good as others, like the physical instinct, naturally germinal out. In this way, all acts are also in line for moral instinct "heart" behavior. Therefore, as the Duke of Zhou sage, Confucius, "Yang and think of them," "temporary thing and

    fear," "smile and laugh," "crying As Au" not "intended", but keeping with the ethical norms of the hair peace instinctive behavior is moral, "hearts and opening up" of the.

     Yang Ci Wu pointed out that by "meaning" and associated "must",

    "solid", "I", the same will cause the "heart" faint shield Erzhi evil, and therefore must "Wu." (Yangci Lake said, "Wu Italy", the general sense from the overall mean "never four," or "Wu Italy", "Wu will", "Wu solid", "Wu I am.") For "must", He said: "What will? must have intended the will. must be so, certainly not as good as the other, hatred Rubi, certainly do not want this." small 'will "is also a kind of" Italian ", is still bent on Yijizhisi strict adherence to the one end, just frightened for personal

    use, due to stubborn. In fact, "The path of non-parties, Xi can be

    specified! think that this is not in Peru Road in peace? that the Road in Peru is not in this or Down? must Symbicort fruit, no Nai can not, definitely Bip, since from the self-deactivation. "And" Street "intangible

    and invisible elephants, and neither are not help, omnipresent, and they did not dare were from, everyone were in, how can the direction of a certain path. People are stubborn to think that" Road "In this, it will

    certainly do so, or" Road "in Peru, it must do Rubi, are not realized to the" Dao "and" had no rivals for a total of from "features, does not meet the" hearts and opening up the "natural quiet yet determined the characteristics of natural hair, are counter to Road, from a "must."

    Therefore, to "break" "will". "solid" is also a kind of "meaning", "is also intended to the solid-solid. Stick and not pass, the Road must be

    poor, and stick instead, and its Road must be under. "If you rigidly adhere to certain rules of the system were not aware of changes in the profit and loss, the poor incorrigibly stubborn, I wonder if modifications are bound to" Tao "rigid and driven into. Saints is different:" Confucius taste, saying: 'I am different from that, no no can not be " 'chuan, he

Shenwu"无可无不可"the intrinsic and understand that knowledge and

    ignorance of the changes in non-resident. thus be determined by natural

    quiet" heart ", that is material and not stagnate in the objects, with a bias of not do not lean on, to be the way to positive world Jiewu. On the contrary, as has been stubborn, "meaning", sticking to its rules of faith, this will make the "heart" deceived Erzhi evil.

     What is the "I" do? "I also intended to My intention of Health and solid I-li, meaning no life I will not stand." Little 'I "is an individual person obsessed with Yijizhisi arising from Si Yi. There will always be is based on the position to self-awareness and life, it is felt directly what I was doing or not doing anything and I got what or what to lose and

    everything to the individual "mini me" value judgments, the position of point of view of according to quasi-: "childhood and milk, on my breast;

    long, food, Yue-I food, clothing Says I clothing, line I-line, sitting I

    sit, reading my school, my Shi Huan Shi Huan, reputation I have fame, line art I-line Art. "Yangci Lake clear that if the emphasis on a self-blood

    gas Xing Hai, subjective consciousness, it will confine itself to a narrow world, can not be detached modifications, resulting in the hearts of

    erecting a" mini me ", the pursuit of endless self-interest, while the

    departure from the things I one , Jakunen pure realm. He said: if there is a scholar, I think that Italy will solid salt-free, but is too peaceful

    drive with my line, and sit I sit, then heaven and earth How can a range of development of all living things? the scope of the non-saints, scholars

    can not alone be able to also. Saints scored my heart with the natural Seoul, sage Progenitors, scholars felt after the Fall. on the 1st

    conscious-ness, this mind-free body, clear and bright sight, the Heaven and Earth with a wide, non-domestic and foreign, Development Without


     This kind of "mini me" get rid of, that is what he calls the "Road heart without me, in the nothingness body, natural to the body, no oak natural" ( "Yang Yi Chuan" Volume 15), while the so-called "no-me" shall

    be no "little me." From here we can also see the heart of learning is not Cihu solipsism ?, solipsism is the final result of individual "mini me"

    you can decide the universe happened. The Cihu ignore the origins of the universe, a relationship problem, and fundamentally opposed to opinionated while preserving the "mini me" which sit idle. Cihu through the teachings of the first division of Remembrance Xiangshan Lu pointed out that "Wu Italian" in France, an exercise in the first division for self-Confucius

    Confucianism since the legend of a clock "is to save" the law of inheritance and develop. Therefore, only the "Wu Italy" in France,

    "everywhere is to save", in order to prevent "post-school Italian state

    Ziman, thorns Zi Zhi" in order to enable the door to eternal humanity unimpeded so that scholars have been self-evident heart, self-confidence

    had heart, realized that " hearts and opening up "in essence. Huang Zong-

    xi in the "case study Tzuhu," also said: "The science of self-denial,

    Xiangshan, said Yan Zi, non-grams as ordinary people do want to go all the frustrations of the private interests, build on the ideas and wishes to have played at in the future g go, so as to afford views Cihu standard cases, which is the door of the mass division is also. "However, the

    cultivation theory, although Xiangshan there," Wu meaning "in content, but the real in order to" meaning "to explain the effect of evil, and put

    forward the" Wu meaning "cultivation theory is indeed yes Tzuhu. Not only this, in the Elephant's self-cultivation theory, in order to "desire" to

    explain the "evil" of the causes of the city that "gas has been kept, have somewhere to shield, potential has to move some shift Xi ", (see" Lu Xiangshan Set "Volume 19" Wuling County School Hutchison "), also contribute to the" hearts and opening up, "faint evil reasons, and proposed the" peeling off "approach. This is no basis for "good body from

    the current" line of thinking to solve real world why there is evil, and how the problem of evil. In other words, although he addressed the possibility and necessity of morality issues, but there is no logical way to be included to link up, so from a certain sense, resulting in

    inconsistencies in ontology and methods. Yangci Lake Lu Xiangshan difference is that he not only presented with the "heart" consistent "meaning" to explain the emergence of moral evil, and according to "good body from now," the idea of a "do not purport to" theory of morality, to link up with the method of ontology, ontology and methods to achieve consistent, which is exactly the object mountain Cihu the deepening of the Ethics Office.

     3, "forever" - the realm of morality

     The entire Neo-Confucianism, the moral cultivation first associated with the process of sanctification, moral, Wei Ren Sheng Jian Lv a specific start work, their ultimate goal and expectation is a saint of the habitat; Yangci Lake no exception. Through "Wu meaning" moral self-

    cultivation methods, and "who follow Benedict" moral Jianlv efforts designed to reach hearts and opening up Lake Yangci pure and clear and bright, natural quiet setting, of all things 10000 10000 return one of the things I reasonable one, Jakunen purely a sage of the border. And this moral realm, that is what he called "permanent" in the territory.

     Yangci Lake that "forever" in the territory of all moral Jianlv the highest possible state. What is "forever"? He said: Italy without taking

    into account, Cheng Ran virtual-ming, such as the sun and the moon light,

    without thinking things by doing nothing according to Bi, this never has. Difficulties other words, "forever" can not access the external object recognition, on the contrary, it must reject all external efforts to reject all calibrated and the pursuit of knowledge, instinctive rejection of all non-ethical ideas and behavior, namely " Wu meaning "so that hearts and opening up, such as sun and the moon light shine on the earth like the

    natural revelation of all things a natural, neutral, and not any artificial ingredient admixture. Yang Ci Wu believes that this state is the Confucius said, "Si-Ho consideration" of the territory, but also what he called "ignorance of the knowledge" of the territory. This realm is difficult to achieve, and only always the case, day and night, so, so dynamic and static today future is always the case, it can be said to achieve a "forever" Realm: reposted elsewhere in the paper for free

Download Center http://

     Tao Day: I would like Si-Yong Jue body repair. Beginning of this end is not the case, the non-permanent him; quiet so do not do so, non-

    permanent him; day-night is not such a case, the non-permanent him; today,

    so future is not the case, the non-permanent also. Wing of the

    availability of non-thinking also, but will think of the day, Siv has also those who do not think Ke Deer, Slovakia Eiya. Wing of the availability of non-thinking is also, the vision is sometimes thought, perception of non-

    thinking is also, Sri Lanka never have. Confucius Day: the world consider Si-Ho, Wei Ci him; day goes without Italy, Weici him; Says No Talking to know? Ignorance, Weici also.

     However, in the same article, Yang Ci Lake said:

     Intended to consider not do on the 1st, Cheng Ran virtual light as bright as a sun and moon, without thinking things by doing nothing according to Bi, this day forever, is that to; in January intended to consider not to, Cheng Ran virtual-ming, such as the sun and the moon's

    light, without thinking things by doing nothing completed according to this January Zhi-yong, is that the months to; in March intended to consider not to, Cheng Ran virtual-ming, such as the sun and the moon

    light, without thinking things by doing nothing completed according to this March Zhi-yong .

     Here, Yang Ci Wu stressed that to achieve this state there is no consistency in the post, but from the perspective of individual self-

    cultivation emphasis on "forever" is the peak of the territory is not

    unattainable, but everyone can be achieved through the cultivation of all times; so , will have no "day forever," "January's Wing," "March of the Wing" and so on. In this sense, Yangci Lake's "forever" in state there is a hierarchy of points, and this level for man in the street, the trivialization of bad people to provide the possibility of self-

    cultivation. Only in this way, "hearts and opening up" self-evident in

    order to have a good possibility, "everyone can become Yao and Shun," so

    as not to be a false statement. Precisely because of this, Yang Ci Lake "Chun-yong," described as "forever" in the highest state:

     Virtue of King Wen Chun-yong also, Victoria Tian Zhiming Yu Mu

    admiration Eiya; Health It refuses the case, the non-permanent also. Park

    clear to cloudy days are not time-so, after the Park Jesus Christ is not

    the case, the non-permanent also. They are able to scope those of heaven and earth, this never has, so all things are developed, this never has.

     Can be seen as a "forever" is the highest level of "pure forever" is the beyond time and space, life and death, past and present limitations for the "forever." Only up to this "forever" in level, to the scope of

heaven and earth, developmental things. In Yangci lake view, this level is

    indeed far-fetched to most people, and only saints such as the King Wen order to achieve, but it just provides for the Confucian self-cultivation

    of the highest goal. Therefore, such a right "forever" in the realm of respected, and Yang Ci lake on the "hearts and opening up the" natural quiet of the provisions set features coincide in terms of ethos from within, but also fit within the good to meditate on their character traits.

     "Wing" of the territory is the "hearts and opening up," Cheng-ran

    clear and bright, non-thinking inaction, Jakunen immobile state, that is, the deep lake Yangci Mu is "easy to mass communications" in the so-called

    "no-thought is also doing nothing also, Jakunen not move, a sense of and subsequently pass the world's so, "9 of Heaven one of the saints in

    this realm. Because of its so-called "permanent" in the territory have a

    certain level, and thus to make it realistic to enterprises and sexual. At the same time, through the "Chun-yong," The establishment of the

    territory, so that Confucian self-cultivation with the highest goal. In

    this way, Yang Ci Lake realm of theory on the moral cultivation so that the top goals and general objectives combines the one hand, to avoid the realm of Confucian morality become distant peak, it also avoids the moral

    state of the maximum as a general objectives. Therefore, more from the later generations who followed, Jianlv on Yangci Lake great credit, there are some reasons for this.

     4, Yu theory

     As previously stated, in the Yangci Lake "Wu meaning of" moral self-

    cultivation theory, ontology and method to reach a consensus. "Meaning" is not only to communicate the good and the earthly body of evil as an intermediary, and "Wu meaning" nature, are a kind-hearted grasp. The

    "Italian" category proposed for the construction of the "Sex Education" methodology consistent with the ethical foundation. This kind of "meaning" as the default ethical methodology considerable influence on Wang Yang-

    ming. In this regard, later scholars have Syndrome: "I-Ming Wang Wencheng

    school of public conscience, solid advocate Wu spur of the moment also, that opinion has been met with Wushengwuchou Cihu essence. Polish polish, reading a book who could see the potential withdrawal side quietly card

    heart, its Zen Jesus, non-Zen Jesus, there would also be conducted outside the smell will be sound. "(PAN Ru-zhen inscribed" Mr. Tzuhu suicide note

    sequence ") in Wang Yangming view things as a person's intention to structure a pole can not be divorced from the main body, as we see in

    everyday life activities are conscious participation of all the activities in this sense, the departure of the main things is no, that is, "Yi Zhisuo is the object in" is actually a Wang Yangming's "nothing outside the mind," said the main argument and demonstration. In this way, "nothing outside the mind" means that the dignitaries in mind as to nature and work, "investigation of things" would become "grid heart." "Meaning" it will have with the "heart" as important significance. The "meaning" but

    also has "good" and "evil" are two possibilities, moving from the bottom

    of body mind, and shall be benevolent thoughts; A frog in a moving, and shall be evil thoughts. Therefore, the "attitude" of the work is actually "is intended." In this way, Wang Yangming's "intention" in succession based on the ideas Tzuhu deepened further step to make it in and the "conscience" of equal importance. As a result, Lu and Wang Yang Ci Lake in the history of ideas about learning the role of linking ethical position

    is evident.

     Undeniably, however, throughout the ethical ideas of Lu and Wang study the history of science can not demonstrate Yangci Lake has not received due recognition. The reason is roughly two-fold:

     First, many scholars believe that Yangci Lake "meaning" is directly derived from Zen. Liu Zongzhou once made: "Tzuhu word and meaning, is clearly Zen crankshaft." ' "] In fact, on the" meaning "aspect is

    concerned, as previously mentioned, Confucius also this context, non-

    Buddhist unique. Of course, The specific arguments against Italy on Yangci Lake is indeed a Buddhist way of reference, such as the Buddhists put it "no read had no evil thoughts, non-free Mindfulness" ( "enlightenment of

    humanity to the door" theory); Yangci Lake said that "Italy can not afford

    the non - that no director, who Zuoshi as long as a reasonable, if the starting Si Yi will not be allowed. "Meanwhile, Yang Ci Lake that" Wu meaning "do not involve any psychological changes and the accumulation of

    knowledge without the help of any class of intermediaries, such as words, objects can only be inherent in the people along the moral instincts of the good hearts and opening up the views of reply, with the Zen family, "Buddha said," similar. But the Zen reply is the Buddha-nature family,

    Yangci lake responses is the nature of Confucian ethics, goodness. In addition, the so-called hearts and minds of Yang Ci lake is good, evil is the source of "meaning of the "So, advocates of" can not afford to meaning "as its purpose, can not afford that as long as intended, without thinking doing nothing, in my heart the natural quiet setting, a non-yin has also

    distinctly lighting point of view, but also in learning Buddhism without me, inadvertently, without a thought based on the past. However, on the

    "do not purport to" the specific content is concerned, Yang Ci Wu's "Wu meaning" is different from the Buddhism of the "no read." Yang Ci Wu's "Wu intended" mainly refers to the restraint in violation of Confucian ethics the germination of ideas, while the Buddhists of the "no read" requirement is no good and evil thinking of mortal things simply can not miss. Thus, although the specific Yangci Lake demonstration process, more or less borrowed from the Buddhist idea, but In the "meaning" and "Wu meaning" is

    the specific content of the Confucian, Buddhist, accordingly, be the same as the "read", "Buddha nature" and "no read" said reluctantly.

     Second, generally speaking, Yangci Lake cut ethical thinking is too

    simple, which make it the lack of a theoretical doctrine of flexible degrees, and then move forward to the possibility of SDB greatly reduced. Therefore, even the disciples of his "Wu meaning" and the "" On the other there is a lack of adequate grasp, which is difficult to imagine that

    other scholars can know-fine-Yun. The Yangci Lake to learn this

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