February 9 2007 Independence Day UK Part II of Phil Goslings

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February 9 2007 Independence Day UK Part II of Phil Goslings ...

    February 9 2007

    Independence Day UK

    Part II of Phil Gosling's Extraordinary Trilogy See how YOU can create a home business

    that can make profits in 60 days, up to and

    over ?50K in the first twelve months, and

    ?150K-?250K a year thereafter. Forever.

    Following-on from Phil's groundbreaking Copy Writing Revolution

    workshop, this is THE TRUTH about how to REALLY start a home

    information publishing business that not only makes large sums of

    money, but does so quickly and easily.

"... and is now earning very close to the 100,000 a year you said was


    - C.C. (email Oct 2005)

"Quick update: thanks to you I have done something amazing, well by

    my standards anyway, and blown my income through the roof. Just done my books to check if I was getting near the VAT threshold

    and discovered that I turned over ?77,000 in the last 12 months with a net profit of over ?60,000. So I'm on K?60 by selling my system on

    the Internet... I can't believe it!."

    - G.L. (email March 2006)

Dear Fellow Job-Hater,

    Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me this question: "Phil, how can I make money,

    and make it quickly?"

    In the next ten minutes I'm going to answer that question. You're going to see that not

    only CAN you make money remarkably quickly, but you can quite literally make as

    much of it as you like.

    Let me explain to you now how this works, and why I have never revealed this before. Indeed

    my exclusive workshop on February 9 will NOT be audio-taped, video-taped, catalogued,

    transcribed or otherwise recorded in any way. I will not be creating a product out of it, nor will I

    offer this information elsewhere. It's a one-off. You will need to be there. And that won't be

    easy. I have no intention of revealing what I know except to a select group of people - and I'll

    be doing the selecting.

    What I am going to reveal to you at this workshop is the way I work, the way I do things. It's

    the way I can create a project out of thin air, yet know with a very high degree of confidence

    that it will work. I'm going to show you how I spend a little time creating a product and I have it

    making money within 60 days. Actually that's not quite true. It's nearer two weeks. Get this

    system right and you'll be heading for a six-figure or even seven-figure annual income.

It's not worked for you yet, has it?

    The last eight years has seen a mass-migration, a new gold rush of people who quite rightly

    want to change their debt ridden lives to a new life of prosperity, just like I did. So what's

    wrong with that I ask! Nothing. I remember only too well the nights I nursed one drink in the

    pub, refusing to accept any drinks from friends because I couldn't afford to buy one back. The

    days I walked, because I couldn't afford to put petrol in my 15 year old car. The days I ran my

    car illegally, because I couldn't afford to have it fixed. Been there, got the T shirt! I know what

    it's like and I know it doesn't have to be this way. I'm living proof. And I didn't do it buying

    quick-fit solutions. (Don't get me wrong, I did buy quick-fit solutions. I've got a garage full as

    evidence. But they didn't work. I had to find out the real way - the simple way - the hard way,

    if you know what I mean.)

    The problem is there has been a second gold rush too. Sharks, idiots, con men, one-off

    wonders and the frankly deluded have set themselves up as experts, professing to show YOU

    how to make money and encouraging you to buy their 'sure-fire' solutions. What they peddle,

    in some form or other, is 'no-think' solutions like: Instant products 'you can sell tomorrow'; or

    your own 'profit making' website; or some new 'internet paradigm' that will 'revolutionize how

    to sell on the internet'; or new software that 'will drive people to your site'; or rah-rah seminars

    by an 'internet grand master', etc., yeah yeah, yadda yadda.

The question is: Has this worked? Have these quick-fit solutions been any good? I'll let you

    answer that but I will say one thing. During the last 15 years I have seen countless adverts

    and product launches, all telling me that some new system is about to be revealed that will

    take the world by storm. I'm sure you've seen these things too. But here's the thing. To this

    day I cannot remember any one of them. The simple fact is that none of these things have

    stood the test of time. They were all flashes in the pan. The real way

    "Hi Phil,

    I am always amazed at your kindness to offer help. I think your honesty has made

    you a millionaire. I will always recommend you."

    - Kevin.C. (email Sep 2005)

Yes, there IS a way. I've used it for many years. It's straightforward, basic and simple. It

    doesn't involve gadgets, fancy software or new Internet paradigms. It's not even new. It's

    basic commonsense stuff that virtually anyone could understand and do. And it works. Boy,

    does it work!

    More importantly, people I have shown this to have achieved success themselves. Not

    all of them obviously, some people are just not cut-out for this, but a lot by any measure. I can

    go for months just quietly answering emails then, out of the blue, someone casually

    comments that they've made fifty or a hundred grand. Then I'll meet another and he'll say he's

    just made another thirty grand, or twelve grand in twelve weeks, or 120 grand in a year.

    "Fantastic response - 2000 copies sold within hours" (?10 each)

    - Carol W. (Letter)

In order to show you how this works I have to re-set your thinking a little; remove a few myths

    and prejudices. It works most successfully for those who take this new approach, or those

    who just needed a nudge in the right direction. The method I want to reveal to you comes from a unique position I hold in the world of online

    and offline marketing, for what I have done is to combine both types of marketing into a

    system that creates the best results quickly. Very quickly indeed. And it's this:

    Combining on-line and off-line marketing can make you a


    There are two worlds out there both competing for your money, both trying to persuade you

    that their way is best.

    One world is off-line marketing. This means non-Internet stuff. In the UK today the vast

    majority of well-known gurus are still off-line (direct-mail) specialists (whereas in the USA it's

the other way around). This doesn't mean that they are necessarily selling you direct-mail

    solutions, indeed my observation is that they are mainly selling you Internet solutions while

    still doing direct mail; but that's another story. Nevertheless, prior to 1995 most get-rich-quick

    books offered direct mail as the only method of breaking out of the rut and competing with the

    big boys for very little money. And so you still can. You can make a lot of money very quickly.

     Unfortunately, direct mail is a high risk strategy for people who don't know what they're doing.

    Around 1995 another world - Internet marketing - took off. The huge advantage of Internet

    marketing was the cost. It costs very little to create a website. By comparison printing costs

    for direct mail are very high indeed. But Internet marketing has its pitfalls too. The secret of FAST and ongoing success is NOT to concentrate exclusively on internet

    marketing but to cleverly introduce a little off-line marketing. That's because the main pitfall with internet marketing is not a problem with off-line marketing. So while most others

    are spending time and money battering their way through the internet, I've taken a back-road

    short cut.

    A unique perspective

    "You should not take advice from people who have merely succeeded. They may have been

    lucky. You should take advice from people who have failed, and failed repeatedly, yet still


    People who did not need luck to succeed are worth listening to."

    - Roman Abramovich I claim to be one of the few gurus who has been successful at both methods. You could say I made my first fortune in direct mail, then took all the knowledge that I had learned and tried

    my hand at Internet marketing and did it again.

    I need to make a point here. I'm not bragging but you need some proof. Due to family

    circumstances I was unable to do any active marketing of any kind from January 2006 to the

    end of August. In that time I received residual income from Internet sources to the tune of

    ?60,000 a year. That means that if I sat on my backside doing nothing for the next 12 months

    I would earn about 60 grand. That's passive income. By the same token if I actively promote