February 9 2007 Independence Day UK Part II of Phil Goslings

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February 9 2007 Independence Day UK Part II of Phil Goslings ...

    February 9 2007

    Independence Day UK

    Part II of Phil Gosling's Extraordinary Trilogy See how YOU can create a home business

    that can make profits in 60 days, up to and

    over ?50K in the first twelve months, and

    ?150K-?250K a year thereafter. Forever.

    Following-on from Phil's groundbreaking Copy Writing Revolution

    workshop, this is THE TRUTH about how to REALLY start a home

    information publishing business that not only makes large sums of

    money, but does so quickly and easily.

"... and is now earning very close to the 100,000 a year you said was


    - C.C. (email Oct 2005)

"Quick update: thanks to you I have done something amazing, well by

    my standards anyway, and blown my income through the roof. Just done my books to check if I was getting near the VAT threshold

    and discovered that I turned over ?77,000 in the last 12 months with a net profit of over ?60,000. So I'm on K?60 by selling my system on

    the Internet... I can't believe it!."

    - G.L. (email March 2006)

Dear Fellow Job-Hater,

    Hardly a day goes by without someone asking me this question: "Phil, how can I make money,

    and make it quickly?"

    In the next ten minutes I'm going to answer that question. You're going to see that not

    only CAN you make money remarkably quickly, but you can quite literally make as

    much of it as you like.

    Let me explain to you now how this works, and why I have never revealed this before. Indeed

    my exclusive workshop on February 9 will NOT be audio-taped, video-taped, catalogued,

    transcribed or otherwise recorded in any way. I will not be creating a product out of it, nor will I

    offer this information elsewhere. It's a one-off. You will need to be there. And that won't be

    easy. I have no intention of revealing what I know except to a select group of people - and I'll

    be doing the selecting.

    What I am going to reveal to you at this workshop is the way I work, the way I do things. It's

    the way I can create a project out of thin air, yet know with a very high degree of confidence

    that it will work. I'm going to show you how I spend a little time creating a product and I have it

    making money within 60 days. Actually that's not quite true. It's nearer two weeks. Get this

    system right and you'll be heading for a six-figure or even seven-figure annual income.

It's not worked for you yet, has it?

    The last eight years has seen a mass-migration, a new gold rush of people who quite rightly

    want to change their debt ridden lives to a new life of prosperity, just like I did. So what's

    wrong with that I ask! Nothing. I remember only too well the nights I nursed one drink in the

    pub, refusing to accept any drinks from friends because I couldn't afford to buy one back. The

    days I walked, because I couldn't afford to put petrol in my 15 year old car. The days I ran my

    car illegally, because I couldn't afford to have it fixed. Been there, got the T shirt! I know what

    it's like and I know it doesn't have to be this way. I'm living proof. And I didn't do it buying

    quick-fit solutions. (Don't get me wrong, I did buy quick-fit solutions. I've got a garage full as

    evidence. But they didn't work. I had to find out the real way - the simple way - the hard way,

    if you know what I mean.)

    The problem is there has been a second gold rush too. Sharks, idiots, con men, one-off

    wonders and the frankly deluded have set themselves up as experts, professing to show YOU

    how to make money and encouraging you to buy their 'sure-fire' solutions. What they peddle,

    in some form or other, is 'no-think' solutions like: Instant products 'you can sell tomorrow'; or

    your own 'profit making' website; or some new 'internet paradigm' that will 'revolutionize how

    to sell on the internet'; or new software that 'will drive people to your site'; or rah-rah seminars

    by an 'internet grand master', etc., yeah yeah, yadda yadda.

The question is: Has this worked? Have these quick-fit solutions been any good? I'll let you

    answer that but I will say one thing. During the last 15 years I have seen countless adverts

    and product launches, all telling me that some new system is about to be revealed that will

    take the world by storm. I'm sure you've seen these things too. But here's the thing. To this

    day I cannot remember any one of them. The simple fact is that none of these things have

    stood the test of time. They were all flashes in the pan. The real way

    "Hi Phil,

    I am always amazed at your kindness to offer help. I think your honesty has made

    you a millionaire. I will always recommend you."

    - Kevin.C. (email Sep 2005)

Yes, there IS a way. I've used it for many years. It's straightforward, basic and simple. It

    doesn't involve gadgets, fancy software or new Internet paradigms. It's not even new. It's

    basic commonsense stuff that virtually anyone could understand and do. And it works. Boy,

    does it work!

    More importantly, people I have shown this to have achieved success themselves. Not

    all of them obviously, some people are just not cut-out for this, but a lot by any measure. I can

    go for months just quietly answering emails then, out of the blue, someone casually

    comments that they've made fifty or a hundred grand. Then I'll meet another and he'll say he's

    just made another thirty grand, or twelve grand in twelve weeks, or 120 grand in a year.

    "Fantastic response - 2000 copies sold within hours" (?10 each)

    - Carol W. (Letter)

In order to show you how this works I have to re-set your thinking a little; remove a few myths

    and prejudices. It works most successfully for those who take this new approach, or those

    who just needed a nudge in the right direction. The method I want to reveal to you comes from a unique position I hold in the world of online

    and offline marketing, for what I have done is to combine both types of marketing into a

    system that creates the best results quickly. Very quickly indeed. And it's this:

    Combining on-line and off-line marketing can make you a


    There are two worlds out there both competing for your money, both trying to persuade you

    that their way is best.

    One world is off-line marketing. This means non-Internet stuff. In the UK today the vast

    majority of well-known gurus are still off-line (direct-mail) specialists (whereas in the USA it's

the other way around). This doesn't mean that they are necessarily selling you direct-mail

    solutions, indeed my observation is that they are mainly selling you Internet solutions while

    still doing direct mail; but that's another story. Nevertheless, prior to 1995 most get-rich-quick

    books offered direct mail as the only method of breaking out of the rut and competing with the

    big boys for very little money. And so you still can. You can make a lot of money very quickly.

     Unfortunately, direct mail is a high risk strategy for people who don't know what they're doing.

    Around 1995 another world - Internet marketing - took off. The huge advantage of Internet

    marketing was the cost. It costs very little to create a website. By comparison printing costs

    for direct mail are very high indeed. But Internet marketing has its pitfalls too. The secret of FAST and ongoing success is NOT to concentrate exclusively on internet

    marketing but to cleverly introduce a little off-line marketing. That's because the main pitfall with internet marketing is not a problem with off-line marketing. So while most others

    are spending time and money battering their way through the internet, I've taken a back-road

    short cut.

    A unique perspective

    "You should not take advice from people who have merely succeeded. They may have been

    lucky. You should take advice from people who have failed, and failed repeatedly, yet still


    People who did not need luck to succeed are worth listening to."

    - Roman Abramovich I claim to be one of the few gurus who has been successful at both methods. You could say I made my first fortune in direct mail, then took all the knowledge that I had learned and tried

    my hand at Internet marketing and did it again.

    I need to make a point here. I'm not bragging but you need some proof. Due to family

    circumstances I was unable to do any active marketing of any kind from January 2006 to the

    end of August. In that time I received residual income from Internet sources to the tune of

    ?60,000 a year. That means that if I sat on my backside doing nothing for the next 12 months

    I would earn about 60 grand. That's passive income. By the same token if I actively promote

    some of my products using off-line methods I can easily treble that. And I mean easily. I

    merely mention this to prove my credentials at being good at Internet marketing,

    independently of direct mail. I can tell you now, there are very few people who have done


    So, there are two opposite camps with regard to marketing - the online experts, and the offline

    experts. Internet verses direct mail.

When I attend or speak at seminars devoted to off-line marketing, the experts are invariably

    wearing suits, serious watches, and speak wisely of direct mail. But mention the Internet to

    these people and they'll give you 15 different reasons why you can't make money on the

    Internet. This is blatantly untrue, as Yanik Silver, for one, will tell you. When I attend or speak at seminars devoted to Internet marketing, the speakers are generally

    young, tend to wear T-shirts and jeans, wear swatches and drive new Aston Martins. Tell

    these guys about direct mail and they'll invariably say "hey, great idea. Must try it sometime".

    And there's the thing I spotted - the two camps don't know each other. It seems to me that

    most internet gurus only have a nodding acquaintance, if any, with direct mail, and direct-mail

    gurus don't think the internet exists at all. Very few have done both, and that gives me, and

    you, an edge, because the biggest problem in internet marketing is easy-peasy off-line. You

    just need to think outside the box.

    Your greatest problem - solved, virtually overnight "The only difference between a 'marketing expert' and an also-ran, is that the expert

    has a large personal mailing list he can call upon with the click of a mouse. The also-

    ran has not." Here's a problem I'm sure you've experienced.

    You have a product and you have a website. But you don't have a list of people you can tell

    about it.

    By having your home business on the Internet and creating an online product and associated

    website you have done the right thing, saved great deal of money, and opened up your

    product to a worldwide market . But you've no list. Most of your time from this point will be devoted to listed building. This is time-consuming.

    Indeed it is very time consuming, so much so that by the time you've started to get any kind of

    list, you're too cream-crackered to appreciate it. For a newcomer starting out for the first

    time it is vitally important to see results fast, otherwise enthusiasm wanes very quickly.

    When that happens you could fall prey to the next easy solution that is offered to you, and to

    be frank, most people do exactly that and end up getting nowhere. So the big problem when starting out on the internet is lists, and the time needed to create

    them. In order to succeed purely on the internet you need persistence, and not a little luck. I

    don't know about you but I think any business based on luck is OK for a part-time, no-risk

    punt but not for someone who needs to change their life fast, is it? And for this, I apologise. Honestly - I mean it. Over many years it has been my desire not only

    for you to join the ranks of the Centurion Club (those earning more than ?100K a year) but for

you to do this without risk or expense. So I have usually advocated cheap solutions. An

    eBook, for example, is almost no risk and if you hit upon a joint-venture partner you can make

    a lot of money very quickly. But the downside is still having to do the work needed to get a JV

    partner and that depends a fair bit on luck, can take time and all with no real indication of

     early success. It's a shot in the dark.

    I have to say with complete honesty that if I had no income and had to start again from

    scratch, needing to make money quickly, I wouldn't choose the eBook route because it relies

    too much on luck. To start again I'd need results and fast. That's what this is all about.

    How to get started in 24 hours

    "What most impressed me though was YOU. I can't remember ever having met

    someone in the "biz ops" world who gave me the impression of actually wanting

    their customer to make any money for themselves. Thank you.

    - R.D. (email Sep 2004)

As I write this is, I have in my email folder five documents sent to me by 'Barbara'. Each one

    contains thousands of people who are not only interested in Widgets but have actually spent money buying widget-related products in the recent past. It's not a list of enquirers, tyre-kickers, freebie hunters, dead-beats, spam-email lists or people with clickitis in their index

    finger. It's a list of people who actually BUY things.

    Hello - anybody out there? - Christmas has just arrived early. The ONE thing stopping

    your internet business from going through the roof is staring you in the mush - the ability to get hold of a genuine list of interested buyers before you've even got a product - people who have already bought related products in that area. It's a customer list. The one missing link for your business is out there for you to grasp.

    Product is King? Cobblers - The LIST is king. The list is everything. Ask any serious guru the

    secret of his or her success and they will tell you that the answer is in the list. It is nothing to

    do with products, affiliate programs, special marketing software or any of the other cobblers

    that you are sold every minute of every day. The secret of home business success is to have

    a large list of people who are all interested in the same subject. What you can't do on the

    Internet, unless you're lucky, is to generate a quick list. But that is precisely the thing you

    need to do in order to achieve success, in particular to achieve success quickly. So don't use the Internet! Why climb the north face of the Eiger when you can take the lift?

    How to make ?50,000 starting tomorrow

    "... I have surpassed the #150,000 mark in a little over 14 months - and it's still

    selling like hot cakes (and I'm still grinning from ear to ear!)

    - N.K. (email March 2006)

I'm going to tell you right now, no holds barred, how to be at least fifty grand better off

    by this time next year. It's only fifty grand because you're just starting out and need to create

    a 'framework of success' that will eventually make fifty grand seem like the petty cash tin.

    Here's what you should do. Here's what I do.

    Assuming I had no idea of a product, I can obtain very quickly a 'catalogue' of available lists

    such as the set I have from Barbara. I could look at each list and using my own system would

    create not one but several products, very quickly. These could be written products (that's a

    laugh, I'm talking into a microphone to write this. What's a keyboard?) or I can create an audio

    file or a video file, indeed I can create lots of things very quickly or even have them made for

    me. At a pinch I could easily offer someone else's product. I'm going to show you how to do

    this in detail on the day.

    Then I write a letter telling people who are already buyers of 'widget information' that this new information on their favorite subject is available. It's not a long letter, just enough to raise their

    appetite, and then tell them which website to go to for that information. The website does the


    The result is that within days hundreds if not thousands of highly targeted people visit the

    site I have created on the internet, a site which does the job of selling the product, taking the

    money, and delivering it. It's the perfect solution - I obtain an honest, spam-free list of

    thousands of people who are not only interested in Widgets but who have bought widget

    related products. I then offer them my widget product using a letter which sends them to my

    website. INSTANT RESULTS. No guesswork, no waiting. Anyone who enquires or buys, goes

    on my list. No spam. No hassle. And once that list gets going I use the internet to increase it.

    I regard the internet as a trickling stream of customers that will, in time, create a large lake.

    But because I haven't got time to wait for the stream to do its job, I just open the floodgates of

    the dam to fill the lake first.

    What's the alternative?

    You're probably doing the alternative right now. You've created a product (or been given one)

    you think will sell. You've created a website you think will sell it. Now it all stops. At this point most people rely on adwords. Very few take it to the next level by trying to get articles

published in widget-related online newsletters, and even fewer manage to get any JVs

    whatsoever. And so the whole project stalls. Then Jasper G Hosaphat, Internet Genius Inc.,

    sends you an email telling you his latest seminar to be held in Bullshit, Nevada contains his

    new guaranteed millionaire internet profits 'drive 'em to your website' software and you're


    It doesn't have to be like this! You can create a project you know will sell, or at least has a very high probability of selling. You can create this product from a list of people you know you can get hold of, so you know exactly who to offer it to and how to offer it. By doing it this way you could have a 3000, 4000, or even a 10,000 list of people on your database

    while most other people, using traditional Internet techniques, have driven themselves

    bonkers trying to get the project off the ground at all. And think of this. If you only had a

    list of 3000 people, and each one bought only ?50 worth of product off you in one year, just

    fifty quid, how much money would you make?

    You'd be on ?150,000 a year.

    HELLO! ARE YOU STILL THERE? I've just told you how to go from zilch to one hundred and

    fifty thousand smackers a year in, I'd guess, about 24 months. And all you've got to do is to

    add a little off-line marketing. Or do you prefer working for a living? Can you feel the sheer power of this? Next time someone offers you a product 'you can sell

    tomorrow' remember it's absolutely useless - complete c***p - unless you already have a list. That is the only reason why they are rich and you are not. They have a list, you don't. You can create or be offered all the products on earth to sell, have the best copy writing skills on

    the planet, but if no-one knows about them, if you have no-one to sell to, then you're barking

    up the wrong tree.

    Yet if you think outside the box, creating a list is a cinch. Furthermore - the list creates its own products or points you in the direction of ready-made products you can offer your

    to list starting tomorrow. If you're looking for home-business utopia, you've just found it. Risk? What risk?.

    You'll spend less money doing this than you will starting your internet business, get

    better results faster, and then have the internet give you the cream on the cake. How? I hate taking risks. I'm a real cowardly custard. Several years ago I was having dinner with a

    well-known UK marketing expert who is worth many millions. He said to me, " Phil, the only

    difference between you and me is that I'm prepared to write out big cheques". Actually

    there's a lot of differences between him and me but he is perfectly correct. He has made a huge amount of money by being bold, taking chances, and writing out a big cheques. I take

    my professional hat off to him. It's possibly because he had more money to start off with than

I did, and I had to be very careful with the risks I took. Or I'm just jealous. Either way, to be

     perfectly frank, there were many times when I simply couldn't afford to fail.

    And this has given me a whole new perspective. I deliberately look for ways of saving money

    and reducing risk. I do this all the time. I've reached the point where there is very little risk in

    everything I do. Every time I start a new project I'm doing exactly what I would do if I was

    starting again from scratch. I believe this qualifies me for giving advice to people who are

    also starting from scratch.

    When some of the big boys advertise the fact that they can make money in a few seconds (implying you can too), they conveniently forget the fact that the playing field isn't level. You

    haven't got a 100,000 mailing list. They have. They are selling their own product while you

    are being coerced into selling theirs. Every time I offer advice I ask myself whether this would

    have been of benefit to me when I first started. Would I offer this advice to my best friend.

    That's what I am, it's what I do.

    Some people think that direct mail - sending a letter - is very risky and very expensive. Those

    same people will happily spend ?5,000 attending just one Internet seminar on the basis of

    receiving some products "they can sell tomorrow", or picking up some technical tips which are

    of no use to them unless they already had a fully operating business. And yet for a fraction of

    that money they could use my system to create profits you cannot believe.

    Let me give you some figures that I think will impress you. Every time I invest ?1 in sending a letter, I get ?25 back in return. That's immediate results, not results based over time. Now think about this carefully, how rich would you be right now if you'd received

    ?25 in cash for every one pound that you've spent on some business opportunity

    software or the latest Internet fad? So who's taking the risks here? It's not me is it?

    Discover how to create a Framework of Success

    Did you know that the average business opportunity seeker will spend over ?15,000 chasing

    the holy Grail of financial independence? And most will make only a few hundred pounds in

    return. Yet, when I invest ?15,000, I expect, and usually receive, over a quarter of a million in

    return. That's because I have a framework of success, and if you create one, then from day one you are embedded in a system that produces rapid profits followed by an ever-

    increasing escalator of wealth that is inflation proof, government proof, age proof, and

    can create for you three to four times your present income working less than half the

    time from anywhere in the world.

    I'll say this plainly. You are already throwing away thousands of pounds trying to push your

    rocket off the launching pad when for comparatively little risk, you could use some of the cash

    you are currently spending on useless trash to light the blue touch paper and watch your

rocket take off into orbit. You're spending it anyway, only you're throwing most of it away.

     Let's change that shall we?

    February 9 2007

    Independence Day UK How to take your new home business into profit within 60 days -

    from scratch.

    Private One-Day Workshop On 9th February 2007 I will celebrate my 56th birthday by revealing to a specially selected

    audience exactly what I would do if I had 12 months to get a new home business off the

    ground and making good money very quickly. Indeed I would expect to make good money

    within 60 days, if not a few weeks. This is what I would do, starting tomorrow, if I had to start

    again from scratch but having in my head all the knowledge, experience and expertise gained

    very expensively over the last 20 years. For example, in no particular order ...

    ? One-off profit makers are no good. You want a framework of success that will give

    you continuous and ever increasing profits until the day you die. This is how it's


    ? How to make money quickly.

    ? The best of both worlds. How to combine online and offline marketing to produce a

    business that is fully automated.

    ? How to to create an unbeatable framework of success.

    ? The list-building secret. Get this wrong and it will cost you your future.

    ? How to create projects you know will sell.

    ? The three types of products and how to create them quickly.

    ? The very best product of all.

    ? How a recent time-shift makes this system particularly powerful today.

    ? How to turn your list into a guaranteed, regular, yearly income.

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