Childrens Books

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Childrens Books

    Children’s Books

    Roly-Poly Man (Braille/Large BS-CB1 This book is about a child making a Print) Roly-Poly Man with clay. It talks A Book by Suzette Wright about how they made the roly-poly

    24 pages man, and his disappearance. It is ?1991 illustrated with thermoforms

    The Blue Balloon (Braille/Large BS-CB2 A special balloon takes on Print) extraordinary shapes and performs A Book by Mick Inkpen amazing feats. Illustrated with 19 pages brightly colored, raised balloon ?1993 shapes.

    The Longest Noodle BS-CB3 A child finds that world’s longest (Braille/Large Print) noodle. Raised lines illustrate a A Book By Eleanor Pester shoelace, a jump rope, etc.

    10 pages


    Something Special (Braille/Large BS-CB4 David searches for a lost

    Print) possession. This book features A Book by Suzette Wright objects fixed to the book pages.

    10 pages


    Gobs of Gum (Braille/Large BS-CB5 A rhyming story about “big blobs, Print) small gobs, and sticky icky strings A Book by Suzette Wright of bubblegum.” It is illustrated with 12 pages thermoforms and scented stickers.


    Thingamajig (Braille/Large Print) BS-CB6 Jamie is a collector of

    A Book by Suzette Wright “thingamajigs” coins, marbles,

    30 pages buttons, and other common objects. ? 1996 His treasures introduce the concept

    of grouping items, and identifying

    missing items.

    There was an Old Woman Who BS-CB7 This is a favorite American poem Swallowed a Fly (Braille/Large that has been put into book form. It Print) is about an old lady who swallows A Book by Simms Taback just about every animal imaginable.

    28 pages


    The Very Hungry Caterpillar BS-CB8 In this book there is a very hungry (Braille/Large Print) little caterpillar. This book talks A Book By Eric Carle about all that this little guy eats and

    22 pages what a beautiful creature he turns

?1987 out to be.

    The Gingerbread Man BS-CB9 This is the traditional story of the (Braille/Large Print) gingerbread man.

    A Book by Jim Aylesworth (retold)

    29 pages


    That Terrible, Awful Day BS-CB11 A young child’s popsicle gets (Braille/Large Print) smaller as everyone shares a taste. A Book by Suzette Wright It is illustrated with raised-line

    10 pages drawings.


    The Gumdrop Tree BS-CB12 A tree which grows from a

    (Braille/Large Print) gumdrop! The raised-line drawings A Book by Elizabeth Spurr depict the growth of the tree. The 29 pages gumdrops are shown in a row, ?1998 circle, square, etc. The book

    contains scented stickers.

    Bumpy Rolls Away (Braille/Large BS-CB13 Bumpy the Ball rolls down a hill, Print) down steps, onto a sidewalk, along A Book by Josephine M. Stratton an alley, and into a box. It is 13 pages illustrated with raised-line

    ?1991 drawings.

    That’s Not My Bear BS-CB14 A well-loved teddy bear is lost and (Braille/Large Print) cannot be replaced. The special A Book by Suzette Wright bear and others offered by the 10 pages family are represented by furry ?1993 bear shapes.

    The Caterpillar (Braille/Large BS-CB15 A visually impaired child discovers

    Print) something in her backyard. The A Book by Josephine M. Straton book contains raised hand drawings 11 pages of a hand, foot, steps, and a fuzzy ?1991 fabric caterpillar.

    Giggly-Wiggly, Snickety-Snick BS-CB16 Words capture a range of tactile

    (Braille/Large Print) experiences bumpy, smooth,

    A Book by Robyn Supraner crunchy, etc. Envelopes on the 31 pages pages can be filled with real ?1996 objects.

    Book About Me (Braille/Large BS-CB17 A “Me Book” for children to create,

    Print) with fill-in-the blank sentences in A Book by the American Printing Braille and print, and space to add House for the Blind illustrations and text.

    7 pages


    Silly Squiggles (Braille/Large BS-CB18 A wormlike creature stretches, Print) squeezes, and squirms into various A Book by Suzette Wright shapes in this rhyming story. It is 14 pages illustrated by raised-line drawings.


    Jellybean Jungle (Braille/Large BS-CB19 In a counting rhyme about a magical Print) jungle filled with jellybeans. From A Book by Suzette Wright one to ten, the jellybeans appear in

    30 pages rows for easier counting. Scented ?1996 stickers are incorporated into this

    raised-line illustrated book.

    Jennifer’s Messes (Braille/Large BS-CB20 Thermoforms of familiar objects Print) such as breakfast cereal, pretzels,

    A Book by Suzette Wright and crayons illustrated the messes 23 pages made by Jennifer.


    Geraldine’s Blanket BS-CB21 A girl’s treasured blanket becomes (Braille/Large Print) worn and patched over time, but is A Book by Holly Keller never outgrown. Squares of fabric

    10 pages illustrate the fat of the blanket.


    Helen Keller’s Teacher (Print) BS-CB22 For twenty-year-old Annie

    A Book by Margaret Davidson Sullivan, life had been one hardship 153 pages after another. All alone and half ?1965 blind, she grew up in a poorhouse

    with only her pride and

    determination to sustain her. Even

    though the odds were against her,

    she would never allow her