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Childrens Books

    Children’s Books

    Roly-Poly Man (Braille/Large BS-CB1 This book is about a child making a Print) Roly-Poly Man with clay. It talks A Book by Suzette Wright about how they made the roly-poly

    24 pages man, and his disappearance. It is ?1991 illustrated with thermoforms

    The Blue Balloon (Braille/Large BS-CB2 A special balloon takes on Print) extraordinary shapes and performs A Book by Mick Inkpen amazing feats. Illustrated with 19 pages brightly colored, raised balloon ?1993 shapes.

    The Longest Noodle BS-CB3 A child finds that world’s longest (Braille/Large Print) noodle. Raised lines illustrate a A Book By Eleanor Pester shoelace, a jump rope, etc.

    10 pages


    Something Special (Braille/Large BS-CB4 David searches for a lost

    Print) possession. This book features A Book by Suzette Wright objects fixed to the book pages.

    10 pages


    Gobs of Gum (Braille/Large BS-CB5 A rhyming story about “big blobs, Print) small gobs, and sticky icky strings A Book by Suzette Wright of bubblegum.” It is illustrated with 12 pages thermoforms and scented stickers.


    Thingamajig (Braille/Large Print) BS-CB6 Jamie is a collector of

    A Book by Suzette Wright “thingamajigs” coins, marbles,

    30 pages buttons, and other common objects. ? 1996 His treasures introduce the concept

    of grouping items, and identifying

    missing items.

    There was an Old Woman Who BS-CB7 This is a favorite American poem Swallowed a Fly (Braille/Large that has been put into book form. It Print) is about an old lady who swallows A Book by Simms Taback just about every animal imaginable.

    28 pages


    The Very Hungry Caterpillar BS-CB8 In this book there is a very hungry (Braille/Large Print) little caterpillar. This book talks A Book By Eric Carle about all that this little guy eats and

    22 pages what a beautiful creature he turns

?1987 out to be.

    The Gingerbread Man BS-CB9 This is the traditional story of the (Braille/Large Print) gingerbread man.

    A Book by Jim Aylesworth (retold)

    29 pages


    That Terrible, Awful Day BS-CB11 A young child’s popsicle gets (Braille/Large Print) smaller as everyone shares a taste. A Book by Suzette Wright It is illustrated with raised-line

    10 pages drawings.


    The Gumdrop Tree BS-CB12 A tree which grows from a

    (Braille/Large Print) gumdrop! The raised-line drawings A Book by Elizabeth Spurr depict the growth of the tree. The 29 pages gumdrops are shown in a row, ?1998 circle, square, etc. The book

    contains scented stickers.

    Bumpy Rolls Away (Braille/Large BS-CB13 Bumpy the Ball rolls down a hill, Print) down steps, onto a sidewalk, along A Book by Josephine M. Stratton an alley, and into a box. It is 13 pages illustrated with raised-line

    ?1991 drawings.

    That’s Not My Bear BS-CB14 A well-loved teddy bear is lost and (Braille/Large Print) cannot be replaced. The special A Book by Suzette Wright bear and others offered by the 10 pages family are represented by furry ?1993 bear shapes.

    The Caterpillar (Braille/Large BS-CB15 A visually impaired child discovers

    Print) something in her backyard. The A Book by Josephine M. Straton book contains raised hand drawings 11 pages of a hand, foot, steps, and a fuzzy ?1991 fabric caterpillar.

    Giggly-Wiggly, Snickety-Snick BS-CB16 Words capture a range of tactile

    (Braille/Large Print) experiences bumpy, smooth,

    A Book by Robyn Supraner crunchy, etc. Envelopes on the 31 pages pages can be filled with real ?1996 objects.

    Book About Me (Braille/Large BS-CB17 A “Me Book” for children to create,

    Print) with fill-in-the blank sentences in A Book by the American Printing Braille and print, and space to add House for the Blind illustrations and text.

    7 pages


    Silly Squiggles (Braille/Large BS-CB18 A wormlike creature stretches, Print) squeezes, and squirms into various A Book by Suzette Wright shapes in this rhyming story. It is 14 pages illustrated by raised-line drawings.


    Jellybean Jungle (Braille/Large BS-CB19 In a counting rhyme about a magical Print) jungle filled with jellybeans. From A Book by Suzette Wright one to ten, the jellybeans appear in

    30 pages rows for easier counting. Scented ?1996 stickers are incorporated into this

    raised-line illustrated book.

    Jennifer’s Messes (Braille/Large BS-CB20 Thermoforms of familiar objects Print) such as breakfast cereal, pretzels,

    A Book by Suzette Wright and crayons illustrated the messes 23 pages made by Jennifer.


    Geraldine’s Blanket BS-CB21 A girl’s treasured blanket becomes (Braille/Large Print) worn and patched over time, but is A Book by Holly Keller never outgrown. Squares of fabric

    10 pages illustrate the fat of the blanket.


    Helen Keller’s Teacher (Print) BS-CB22 For twenty-year-old Annie

    A Book by Margaret Davidson Sullivan, life had been one hardship 153 pages after another. All alone and half ?1965 blind, she grew up in a poorhouse

    with only her pride and

    determination to sustain her. Even

    though the odds were against her,

    she would never allow her

    handicaps to defeat her.

     That is until she meets Helen

    Keller. The world is a dark and

    silent prison for little Helen. She

    cannot see or hear or speak. To

    Annie falls the incredible task or

    teaching Helen to read, to write to

    live a full life.

    Helen Keller (Print) BS-CB23 This book is Helen Keller’s A Book by Margaret Davidson biography.

    95 pages


    Sees Behind Trees (Print) BS-CB24 No matter how hard he tries, A Book by Michael Dorris nearsighted Walnut just can’t earn 104 pages his adult name the way other boys

    ?1996 do, by hitting a target with a bow

    and arrow. With his highly

    developed other senses, however,

    he shows he can “see what can’t be

    seen” and earns a new name: Sees

    Behind Trees. But his special skill

    proves to be more important than

    he’d ever imagined when he is

    invited to go on a journey to a

    mysterious land, a journey filled

    with unforeseen challenges and

    dangers. T

    Tangerine (Print) BS-CB25 Paul Fisher’s older brother is a high A Book by Edward Bloor school football star, but to Paul he’s 294 pages, no hero. Paul’s own game is soccer, ?1997 which he plays even though he has

    to wear thick glasses because of a

    mysterious eye injury. When the

    Fishers move to Tangerine, Florida,

    Paul tries to make sense of things.

    But it’s not easy. In Tangerine,

    underground fires burn for years

    and lightning strikes the same

    practice field every day. Strange

    things happen here all the time but

    nothing is stranger than the secrets

    Paul discovers about his brother, his

    new group of friends, and his own

    dangerous past.

    The Blind Men and the Elephant BS-CB26 Six blind men go to the palace

    (Print) because they have heard that the A Book by Karen Backstein prince has a new elephant. When 45 pages they finally get to the palace, they ?1992 each “see” the elephant differently.

    A Girl Named Helen Keller BS-CB27 A simple biography of Helen Keller. (Print) It is a Hello Reader book for grades A Book by Margo Lundell 1 and 2.

    45 pages


    Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog BS-CB28 The story of the first seeing eye dog, (Print) Buddy, and her master Morris A Book by Eva Moore Frank. It is a Hello Reader book for

    45 pages grades 2 and 3.


The Grape of Math: Mind-BS-CB29 The challenge is to find each sum

    Stretching Math Riddles (Print) Without counting one by one.

    A Book by Greg Tang Why not count? It’s much too slow.

    37 pages Adding is the way to go!

    ?2001 But Don’t Just add what you first see.

    A better way there’s sure to be.

    Make clever groups before you


    Then add them in a way that’s smart!

    Leo the Late Bloomer (Print) BS-CB30 Leo’s father keeps watching him, A Book by Robert Kraus but Leo still hasn’t bloomed. Will he 28 pages ever bloom like all his friends?


    The Way I Feel (Print) BS-CB31 Feelings come and feelings go. I A Book by Jana Cain never know what they’ll be. Silly or 27 pages angry, happy or sad They’re all

    ?2000 part of me!

    Humpty Dumpty and Other BS-CB32 Childhood's best-loved nursery

    Touching Rhymes (Braille/Print) rhymes pair with tactile illustrations A Book by Shirley Keller & Irma that portray each story element, Goldberg presented in print and braille. 16 pages Shapes, sequences and textures

    ?2000 cleverly depict elements and action,

    so that readers "see" what's going

    on: e.g., the action of the rain falling

    from the clouds and then puddling

    on the ground in "Rain, Rain, Go


    Looking Out for Sarah BS-CB33 Told from a guide dog's

    (Braille/Print) perspective, this is the story of the A Book by Glenna Lang friendship, loyalty, and trust 29 pages between guide dog Perry and his ?2001 human companion, Sarah. Perry

    helps Sarah go shopping, to the post

    office, and take the train to school.

    Sarah, a blind musician and teacher,

    entertains the children and tells

    them about the time she and Perry

    walked from Boston to New York to

    show the world what a blind person

    can accomplish with the help of a

    guide dog like Perry.

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go! BS-CB34 This joyous ode to personal (Braille/Print) fulfillment is Dr. Seuss at his best.

A Book by Dr. Seuss Parents and teachers will find Oh,

    44 pages the Places You’ll Go! the perfect

    ?1990 send-off for children starting out in

    the maze of life, whether they’re

    graduating from nursery school or

    medical school!

    Primary Phonics: BS-In large print, uncontracted & Set I (Braille and Large Print) CB35a-j contracted braille, all on the same All Books by Barbara W. Makar page. These 10 short story booklets

    a. Mac and Tab 12 pages introduce consonants various sight

    b. The Tin Man 16 pages words and short vowels as part of

    c. Al 16 pages the reading experience. Ages 4-7.

    d. Tim 16 pages

    e. The Jet 16 pages

    f. Ben Bug 16 pages

    g. Ed 16 pages

    h. Meg 16 pages

    i. Ted 16 pages

    j. The Wig 16 pages


    The Alphabet Book (Braille and BS-CB36

    Large Print)

    A Book by Tactile Vision Inc.

    ? Unknown

    Calendar 2004 (Braille) BS-CB37

    A Calendar by Tactile Vision Inc.

    ? 2004

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